Mediatek’s new Chipset Helix X20 The First One to Have Deca-cores

Mediateks the SOC maker for smartphones is giving a hard competition to other silicon chip manufacturers like the Qualcomm snapdragon . Since mediatek made quite an importance in this buisness they are now a part of the best chip making competition and are making recently launched some new chipsets to get their first startup with the flagship level chipset that can compete with snapdragon 800 series of chips and here’s the news making the competition for another manufacturers more stiffer.Mediatek'S next Chipset Could be The First One to Have Deca(10)-cores

As to start Mediatek’s flagship level chipset series is known as the helio series and since the anouncement of the Helios there were not any anouncement about the configuration of the first chipset from this series but now recently the details of the first chipset the Helio X20 which is quite impressicve as for the first thing to start hat the chipset had got a deca -core configuration meaning the SOC comes with 10 cores running in its vein and would be the first one to have that number of cores if the information is true so.

Coming to the configuration of the SOC  the deca core Helix X20 comes with a new tri cluster Big.Little configuration in which a Quad core A53 chipset cloaked at 1.4 Ghz  and similar A53 Quad core cloaked at 2Ghz both of them will work as a octa core processor for power saving work and a dual core A72 core cloaked at 2.4 Ghz for  graphics intensive tasks. The Helix X20 chipset is made o directly compete with Snapdragon 810.On the other The chipset supports the 2k resolution display panel as well as 4K recording option as well. In terms of camera the chip supports up to 25 Megapixel. This chipset willl be made on a 20 nm process which will give good power reduction while performing tasks and also in the ram department the chip still supports the ddr3 ram where it was a bit letdown as now chip manufacturers like smasung and Qualcomm have started enabling ddr4 ram.

Mediatek'S next Chipset Could be The First One to Have Deca(10)-cores

The chipset had got a pretty damm goood configuration and must say Mediatek is going to make the competition tough for othe silicon chipmakers starting from this new series. The thing that would be seen that how the Tri cluster configuration works with Android software .If their are no issue in performance that Qualcomm had a chance to lost their shares as for the good option with Helix X20 processor instead of high heating Snapdragon 810.

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