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Today, we will talk about advertising, how you can do advertising in an efficient manner with the help of an amazing service.

Every company or organization required proper advertisement for promoting their service and product. Not only companies, if you were an affiliate you also need proper advertising plans. Advertisement in the right slot and place.

It will help you to get the right amount of traffic on your sale page and it is important because if your sales page or landing page doesn’t have the traffic then how will you earn the profit?

Today every investor, marketer or promoter wants traffic on their platform because they knew traffic is the only source which will convert their investment in profit, so in the way they use advertisements.

There are many steps includes during promotion initial steps like picking right deals to attract the user, finding the right keyword with chasing competition and in the end, it sums up with the placing ads of that deals and if this step is not done properly, then my friend you can’t dream for profit.

And if you are an affiliate then you are very well aware of this thing that if you don’t get clicks on your sale’s landing page then no one will buy your affiliate product or service, so again advertisements are much necessary here.

But is they doing advertisement in the right way or in right place? Well, I don’t have the answer to this question but you will find the answer to this answer in this article. Review

If you are a newbie in this field then you know how you can do this task efficiently. This will become possible with the help of advertising network.

And, I am gonna review this service of promotion and networking based advertisement.

Before get started let me tell you little about push notification because this company works on push notifications on mobile and computer devices. So, push notifications are the messages which come out in a pop-up form on your device.

And push Notifications is a universal ad format that works with any type of products, services, and CPA offers.

So, let’s get started.


With a billion impressions and over 9 million clicks in an effective cost-per-click (eCPC) of just 2.7 cents are leading in this field.

Through network, promoters can reach out with a large number of audience in a very cost-effective manner and this opportunity is not only for the promoters, here affiliates, the marketer can also use this platform.

Every successful marketer sustains their audience for a longer period of time and this is possible if you send them proper notification of your service and product at the right time.

But the main question arises here is that who will deliver these things. So my friend thanks to, it is a new ad network with a very unique and original algorithm for it is the very first ad network that allows you to send ads with push notifications.

For affiliate marketers, they need a super tool to refresh their campaigns and also for strengthening the campaign, so in this context, boost your campaign in a new way. is only one centralised complete place. You don’t need to use any other software for some extra task.

It is based on push notifications.

An advertisement is all about how you uniquely present your ad to the people.

But here provides you Push notification advertising which is the new, unique and simple way of delivering visual and creative ads to the user through a popup message on the user’s device whether it is mobile and desktop.

How to get started with

  • Firstly, put some basic information i.e. the campaign name and target link.
  • Upload an image which will also be justifying your campaign.
  • Choose your targeted country.
  • Enter your CPC bid details and so on other few steps.

One more thing here is before investing in, please check and read their terms and conditions.

What makes notifications different:

Today we have so many options for advertisement, different forms of ads. Like video ads, banner ads, etc. But if I talk about Push notifications these are not those shippable ads.

Push notifications are shown to the user even when the app is closed or the website closed. These notifications are not limited to the app’s or website’s working.

Unlike other display advertisement types, the push notifications aren’t ignored when the page is scrolled down.

The Push notifications are placed in the front of the user display in the form of a small pop-up window.

This will help in grabbing the user’s attention in a very quick way.

Now if I talk about the money factor the cost of push notification advertisement is very much lower in comparison to another display advertisement.

The return of investment, CTR and conversion rate is higher, but in many times it mostly depends on the products and service.

So overall if you invest in push notifications through notifications network definitely you will see hikes in your business.

What makes network a strong network:

A network never created with users and not only with users, a immense power of users. So, see what have in this sector.

At present have

  • 106391641 Active users
  • 1428412101 Impressions
  • 19246670 Clicks
  • 3.1cents eCPC

So, with these numbers, they are leading in this market. Technology Behind Push Notifications

Basically, as I above said it is the first advertising Push notifications network. Its working is very simple and it presents the ad in a very unique and effective way, but what is the technology they are using behind or what algorithms they are using.

So, it is Native advertising (teaser) – which is delivered to the user by the device, by push notification. That excludes the receipt of low-quality traffic by the advertiser.

Demographics Area:

Analysation is the most important thing which every promoter, marketer or affiliate use after their investment. Basically to check whether they are getting traffic from the campaign or not. If yes then well and good, but if not then you need to do some changes.

And these all things are possible with the good and right representation of demographics and statics.

So, here in network demographics is a very important aspect which helps an affiliate marketer, investor, promoter to see out their research and promote relevant information and about offer/product.

Here, what you will find in the traffic category, let’s see:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests

At present they are serving with the audience in which 80% are male and rest are females. And in the age form the results are like this:

  • Under 18 years of age – 17.7%
  • 18 – 24 years – 10.1%
  • 35 – 44 years – 11.7%
  • 45 – 54 years – 32%
  • 55 years and older – 7.5%

According to interests:

  • Business – 18.7%
  • Cinema – 31.8%
  • Literature and teaching materials – 31.2%
  • Tourism – 22.4%
  • Software – 20.9%

With all these details you can easily plan your campaign. One more thing here these all are the major areas, it doesn’t mean you can’t get success in another field.


  • Traffic from all countries
  • Detailed settings of the target (OS/platform/country/browser/ISP)
  • The system works according to the CPC model
  • The minimum price is 0.001 $ per click
  • Full tracker (no need to use third-party trackers)
  • Support 24/7
  • Moderation 24/7
  • Daily free cases
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Referral program (3%)
  • More than 12 million clicks per day
  • Push notifications are also a great way to remind existing customers about your product or services.


So, its time to sums up on, by creating this presentation what I found about is that it is a unique system of work, no intermediary sources, only you and the user.

Simple and easy creation of campaigns, easy tracking of campaign’s statistics. And their embedded tracker will help you to find out all the necessary details about the current campaign.

That’s it guys from my side, I hope you like this presentation. Review - Push Notification Ad Network

Hey reader! Today, we will talk about advertising, how you can do advertising in an efficient manner with the help of an amazing service. Every company or

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