MilesWeb Hosting Review : Best for Speed and Reliability

The world of the Internet has grown manifolds. With many websites being developed each day and the fast pace in which domains are being bought, the Internet is booming with an anticipated 5 Billion plus users who will be logged on each day across the world in the next year.

Now, it’s not about creating just an attractive website but it’s vital to have a promising web hosting solution. This is where MilesWeb Hosting services can make a huge difference as it offers the primary most important necessities for a website’s functionality which are Speed and Reliability.

Without these, a potential website is just a website but not a show stopper and that difference comes in with ability from the best in the Industry.

Your Online Business marks your Reputation and Your Web Worth. Your services Brand Your Identity. Thus, if you are not using a smart Web Hosting Services then you are ideally wasting the potential of your Business Idea and its purpose is defeated.

A Website’s Page Load time, Analytics, Back-linking to other sites and servers, Keywords relevant for your web content and various other factors contribute to the growth and popularity of your website.

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It’s absolutely important to mention that the Internet has become the primary source of revenue generation and earning gateway for millions of people around the world. People rely on the Internet for a background check and verification or collecting references of their business partners, vendors, associate, personal interest and much more.

All these are courtesy of effective web hosting services where websites are hosted and easily accessed by users worldwide. Certain restrictions can also be implied for maintaining secrecy or avoid unauthorized access to users and thus strengthening the overall security of your web server and valuable data.

Milesweb Hosting Review


Such is the service of MilesWeb which is a web hosting service that offers technology along with services. A blend of Technology and Services is required to run a Website or Webpage on the Internet.

MilesWeb is one of the most distinguished companies that offer high quality web hosting services.   Offered at extremely affordable rates while guaranteeing great uptime services, it also offers a guaranteed uptime of about 99.9% and a robust customer support service.

Support service is available through phone, e-mail, live chat and can be easily reached with the help of a toll free number.

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The services are based on the latest hardware of SSD that is extremely fast. WordPress hosting comprises of WP version, themes, plugins, dedicated IP, WordPress support at all times, automated backups, money-back guarantee and a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

MilesWeb readily offers 3 distinct hosting packages which are WP Classic, WP Enterprise; along with WP Infinite and depends on the website’s use and the tentative bandwidth allocation necessary.

MilesWeb offers a wide array of features with the shared hosting. All of these hosting packages have been preconfigured with PHP, LiteSpeed, MYSQL to guarantee most uptime along with the smooth functionality of the Website.

Following are the varied hosting services offered by MilesWeb hosting:


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Business Hosting

cPanel is a popular and extensively used panel on the Linux servers. This is why all of the shared hosting plans have been equipped with cPanel for the ease of account management and website.

This panel enables the users to manage the website files, databases, folders, creation of email accounts and manage subdomains and domains effectively.

WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb offers Docker based WordPress hosting that has been built on the latest hardware. This hosting comprises of plugins, WP version, WordPress support, themes and so on.

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Reseller Hosting

This hosting service offers the individuals opportunities to set up own hosting options.

MilesWeb offers reseller hosting comprises of great benefits like Free Migrations, Custom Branding, and Reselling of White Label and so on. You can make packages of your own choice in order to resell at your preferred prices.

Affordable Hosting

Along with the above-mentioned services, MilesWeb also offers affordable services that comprise of a wide array of distinguished features. Such features are 1-Click installer, servers of high specification, daily backup and restore, instant account set up and so on. While some of these services are free, some of them are extremely affordable in nature that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is the most ideal service that is beneficial for users who seek to integrate any Microsoft applications like ASP, ASP. NET, MS Access, and others.

The Windows hosting includes everything that you need like unlimited emails, 24/7 support, multiple databases and so on.

Hence, if you are on the search of a hosting provider which has the power to adjust to the expanding needs while does not cost that much, then MilesWeb serve as the ultimate choice.

One can host WordPress blogs, Image Galleries, CMS Solutions along with e-commerce websites. It is managed effectively and hence, you do not need to tweak or configure anything.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting

Image result for milesweb

Increase of traffic means a high expansion in the hosting of infrastructures. This can get extremely costly but with MilesWeb, you can avail a greater flexibility of private server along with the cost of subsidized VPS.

Cloud Hosting Features and Plans

Cloud hosting is an extremely powerful option for distinct businesses and companies who wish for higher speeds along with strong customer experience.

It also comprises of a bandwidth which has the ability to support a lot of traffic. Participation based on Cloud makes way for dedicated services and speeds without any need to put excess amount of load on the server.

This in a way boosts the level of performance.

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MilesWeb Features  


  • Self Healing

This feature is performed through the help of backup servers. When one node present in the server fails, it takes the place of one standby mode.

  • Innovative Plans

Innovative plans like pay as you go help you to scale up easily.

  • RAID-10 Storage, Accelerated by SSD

This is powered by varied processors that engage in enhance performance.

  • Full RDP/Root access

This offers its users a complete control on the cloud infrastructure

MilesWeb Hosting : Pros  

  • Datacenter is Located Globally

The presence of multiple locations of server is one of the most integral reasons for web sites to load fast. MilesWeb has literally gone overboard with international servers that enable your site to be up and run efficiently.

  • Hosts Diverse Sites

When you think about starting one blog or website, you probably would start with one eventually.

However, when again you need to start new site, then you do not need to create new host account. MilesWeb offers innovative shared hosting plans allowing customers to add diverse sites under one single plan.

  • Hosting support 24/7

To choose an effective hosting provider goes much beyond just searching for affordable rates. It is a lot about providing superior support. Disaster can strike any moment and hence a steady customer support like MilesWeb’s provides useful service.

  • Affordable pricing plans

Miles Web offers hosting plans that are extremely low and goes easy on your budget.

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Thus, with the available above mentioned features along with a comprehensive review, one can be sure of its high quality hosting services.

It’s economical pricing, data security, 99.9 % uptime and an effective customer support makes way for the most sorted out hosting provider.

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miles web hosting review

4 Responses to “MilesWeb Hosting Review : Best for Speed and Reliability”

  1. Vinay says:

    I was searching for any india based web hosting company, which can provide me 24*7 support, and more importantly the up-time should be good enough. I came across milesweb, I found every minor thing I needed for my business. I would say milesweb is best web hosting in India.

  2. sofia says:

    I belong to technical background and I always try new things just to get a knowledge. Few days back, I was trying to migrate my MediaWiki website, but I was not able to get last step for completion. After an hour I contact to the MilesWeb support team, they listen my problem carefully and after 15mintues they come up with a solution and help me get right to steps which I did wrong. Next time I won’t be so stubborn and will ask for expert help first. Great Job MilesWeb!!! HIghly Impress!!!

  3. Prithvi Rathod says:

    Milesweb are best hosting provider having best tech support. Always recommended.

  4. Stanley Poter says:

    Choosing reliable web host has become a hard task nowadays. Because there is immense competition between web host
    that every provider wants to take over each other. But above blog explains much detailed information about MilesWeb hosting services, They have much more affordable hosting packages than others for every hosting solutions.

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