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If you read my blogs regularly you will see that in almost every hosting site review I write, I clearly warn the readers that they should be very very careful which choosing a hosting service provider. The reason is that for whatever purpose you want to host a website that purpose is pretty important to you and you do not want to lose your website or have a lot of technical issues with it. What I personally I see while choosing a hosting website is that it should be very user friendly. I don’t understand a lot of technical issues and neither am I patient enough to understand them and that is why I select a service provider which is simple to use and doesn’t take up a lot of my time in setting things up.


Moving on, the company I am covering for hosting today is Miss Group.

Miss Group is an international online white-label company. It has four different segments, namely Miss Hosting, Miss Domain, Miss Site and Miss Affiliate. The company has its headquarters in Stockhom and has its partners and customers worldwide, in over 13 different countries.

Well, before moving on, one tip, it is better to buy the domain and hosting from the same company because not only do you save a lot but also you don’t have to maintain two accounts or learn technicalities of two different companies. Again, with that you have to do well research before selecting the company because, well you cannot afford to have trouble with both, hosting and domain name at once.

Coming back to Miss Group, the company’s vision is to become the fastest growing shared web hosting company in the world and vision is to allow major brands to enter the world of domaning, hosting and web building. The group thrives on three values, positive energy, trust and being yourself. The company believes that these three values are important for success and for the company and people associated with the company to be happy and thrive for progress. The group has big names like VM ware, BK basekit, Dell, cPanel and nameisp as it’s partner.

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Since we know the group, let’s move to Miss Hosting. Miss Hosting provides you with six different options to choose from, share hosting, Cloud VPS (virtual private server) solutions, dedicated server, reseller hosting, SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate and magneto hosting. The company also provides special SEO hosting for its customers. For anyone who is an existing blogger or has newly started and has done some decent amount of research regarding blogging, knows how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. These SEO hosting plans provides extra services namely, manager server option, proactive monitoring, dedicated support staff and stellar customer service. What basically is meant by SEO hosting is that you get a unique and dedicated IPs from country of your choosing, all routed to one server.

Now if you are wondering of ditching your old hosting service provider and move to this new one, the people at Miss Group are ready to help you with that as well.

The company offers you three different plans, basic, professional and ultimate. The best part? You get the domain name for free with these plans. Well, you might be thinking no company gives anything for free and they must be charging more than normal for their hosting plans, well not really. The pricing plans are very competitive and turn out to be quite economical.

miss group hosting

  1. The pricing for basic model is $5.59 per month if you take the yearly package, $4.75 per month if you take the 2 year package and $4.10 per month if you take the 3 year package.
  2. The pricing for professional model is $11.59 per month if you take the yearly package, $10.62 per month if you take the 2 year package and $9.99 per month if you take the 3 year package.
  3. The pricing for ultimate model is $18.59 per month if you take the yearly package, $16.62 per month if you take the 2 year package and $14.99 per month if you take the 3 year package.

The basic plan lets you host one website, the professional plan 10 websites and the ultimate plan lets you host unlimited websites.

You get 100 GB of disk space with basic plan, 250 GB with professional plan and unlimited disk space with the ultimate plan. The monthly bandwidth is unlimited in all the plans whereas the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) users are limited to one for the basic plan, two for the professional plan and ten for the ultimate plan. The SQL (standardized query language) databases are limited one for the basic plan, two for the professional plan and twenty for the ultimate plan.

Four things which you get equally for all the three plans are DNS management, access without www , unlimited external domains and Alias domains. The number of sub domains stands unlimited for both professional and unlimited plan, but stays limited to 25 for the basic plan.

The number of email addresses you get in all the three plans is unlimited, while the total email storage for basic plan is 100 GB, for professional plan is 250 GB and for the professional plan is unlimited.

The common email features for all the three plans are:

  • Webmail
  • POP 3 Accounts
  • SMTP
  • IMAP
  • Forwarding
  • Auto-Responder
  • Catch-All Email Address
  • Fraud, Virus & Spam Protection
  • Email privacy & protection with 256-Bit Encryption

The hosting provider supports cPanel 11.40.1 version for all the three hosting plans and supports two languages, PHP 5.3 and PERL.

The general features that the hosting provider offers equally for all the three plans are:

  • Easy Application Installer
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Password Protected Directories
  • FTP over SSL (FTPS)
  • Raw Access Logs
  • Site Statistics
  • 24/7 Phone/Email Support
  • Cron Jobs
  • File Manager
  • ImageMagick
  • 150+ Free Applications
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Phpbb

So as you can see there is not a lot of difference between these sites and you can definitely change them when needed, but it is always advisable to keep you requirements in mind and do not choose plans just to cut cost. You can also try their affiliate hosting program and can earn commissions from it.

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