MissGroup Hosting Review : A Neutral Hosting Review

As I have previously said like a thousand times, choosing web hosting for your website is very important. I cannot stress enough on that. Why is it very important?

Now, since you are looking for a paid hosting, you might have definitely paid for the domain as well. Paying for two things, and going through all of the pain surely suggests that the reason why you are starting a website is pretty important to you.

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For some, this is a new business or a way to expand their existing business. For others, this is like a way to express themselves, like blogs and put their opinions out there. For some it’s more for others, to spread the information they have. Whatever the reason may be, this website is pretty important to you. So why take a risk? I from personal experience know that managing a website is no child’s play and it takes up a lot of time and energy already. If on top of that you also have to worry about technicalities regarding web hosting, you are not making your task easier.

Also, you don’t want to work very hard on your website and find out that the next day it is vanished because of some technical glitches with the web hosting provider. Thus, choose the provider wisely. Again, in this blog I am going to review one another website hosting provider for you.

MissGroup Hosting

Know all about MissGroup

MissGroup is hosting service provider company which provides various kinds of hosting services to its customers. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco and a lot of other branches across the globe. The company says that’s it three pillars are positive energy, trust and being yourself. The company claims to be very true on its ethics and values and considers those as the foundation of a successful business.

MissGroup is one such company which understands how important reliability is, especially when you are concerned with things like web hosting. Thus, this company is constantly working towards getting better technology and services and customer support for its customers. It also provide SEO  hosting solutions.

Miss group offers four different kinds of services and thus caters to a huge base of customers. The four arenas this company is involved in are:

Miss Hosting :  The first one, miss hosting, as apparent from the name is a service which caters to hosting services required by people who are building up or running a website. You can get your requirements catered by this company whether you have brought a domain from this group or from someone else. It doesn’t not matter.

Miss Domain  : It is the second service offered by this group and very clearly it provides you Domain at a yearly cost. One thing you should remember is you should select a domain name which you are very sure of because in the online business, your domain name is your brand and you wouldn’t want to change your brand frequently or ever.

Miss Site : Designing is website is not only the most difficult job, but it’s very expensive as well. If you are looking for a professional web designer be sure to spend a lot of money paying them. Since you are starting out something new you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money over it and thus this is very MissGroup beats all the other services because this provider also helps you design your website the very way you want without charging you a lot of money. Most of designs are templates or options are in fact free and thus you can save a lot. You can actually spend this saved money on other better things.

Miss Affiliate :  If you are looking for monetizing your website, an affiliate program is something you should surely know about. What is an affiliate program?

So in very simple terms an affiliate program is where you get paid in terms of commission for displaying something on your website. Now the catch is you get paid only when that thing is bought by the customer by reaching the seller website by clicking through your website.

Note that this may seem very difficult and only for big publishers but you have realise that this may not be very regular but this is something which pays you big with even one click. For example you get $2 for 1000 clicks, and you get 10% commission for one product sold. Now assuming that you sell something not very expensive, say a book for $20. You earn its 10% which is $2. Now this is earned with one click, but where as with ads you have to make 1000 people click one thing.

Thus, once you understand affiliate marketing, it is surely going to help you with earning more. This service is also provided by MissGroup. Now both services are provided, you can be someone who wants products to be advertised or you can be someone who is a publisher of this advertisement, both of these customers will be satisfied with the service provided by MissGroup.

MissGroup Hosting Plans

Talking about web hosting, MissGroup provides its users with three different kinds of plans which can be used according to the needs and requirements of the consumer:

missgroup hosting plans

The  Basic Plan :  This plan is the cheapest one. This costs you $1.25 per month and lets you run one website for the web hosting. The purchaser gets 100GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. This plan is perfect for the people who are running small companies or people who are trying to set up those personal blogs.

The Special Offer : This one costs you $2.50 per month and lets you install up to 10 websites. The purchaser gets 250 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Ultimate : This one costs you $3.50 per month and lets you install unlimited websites and unlimited storage is provided along with the unlimited bandwidth.

So choose a plan accordingly and enjoy their super easy and smooth services. You can also give a try to Cloud VPS. The hosting provides different types of Shared, Dedicated and VPS Hosting.

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