One Plus One the Flagship Killer

One plus is a new chinese smart phone manufacturer rising from the shadows with the  Moto of never settle there is a lot of buzz about its first device the one plus one also named as the flagship killer as the supports high-end flagship specs without any argument for its cheap price. Lets see :-

One Plus One the Flagship Killer

One Plus One Design

Coming at the phone one plus one supports a 5.5 inch screen upfront is the screen with thin bezels all around that  not only covers a front facing camera up top but also a row of capacitive touch buttons which are not much illuminated much at all . around the sides you would see the button layout that consist of easily accessable buttons on the left and on the right the power button is just low enough so that it would be easy for you to reach it with your thumb to make the phone sleep ar wake hand pressing the buttons gives a tactile feedback the buttons are thin the top of the phone houses the headphone jack while the bottom of the phone has the dual speaker grill and a primary microphone with a micro USB port for charging and data syncing at the back you would feel the build quality of the phone the 13 megapixel camera the one plus logo and the cyanogen logo all are on a smooth plastic created by a company called cashew .the back cover is removable but there’s one issue with it the sim to should be removes first to remove the back cover .also many back covers offerings like wood and denim design is provided for the back by the company to completely change the look of the phone and when its come to handling you see that we are dealing with a phone that has a 5.5 inch screen which are quite  similar to Samsung galaxy note three and oppo find 7 in dimensions but its one of the best looking and is easy to handle from the similar screen size devices.

One Plus One Display

Coming to screen a 5.5 inch 1080p IPS display with 401 PPI of density   bringing great quality to the display with this price point   as we know large screen has advantages as well like for watching movies even if there are issues trying to easily handle this large device media consumption is   undoubtedly fun with this display doing anything from watching movies to playing games is enjoyable on this device with good colours all around and the signature IPS brightness also allowed to increase further brightness for better viewing even in broad daylight 401ppi allowed sharpness in the text that could be expected with screen this good and on the screen that is large enough it is easy to read webpage and browsing is fun so the one plus one gets a plus point for its display.

One Plus One the Flagship Killer One Plus One the Flagship Killer One Plus One the Flagship Killer

One Plus One Performance

At the one plus one never settle campaign it was said that its devices would have the best processing package available at a great price and the one plus one did so. Under the hood the device supports the snapdragon 801 cloaked at 2.5 GHZ backed by the adreno 330 GPU and 3 gigabytes of ram which is a great surprise because even some of the flagships still use 2 gb of ram with same processing package   and not considering the price the company really stands on its saying for giving a flagship processing package available at that time.


One Plus One Software

we are conditioned to belief that affordable phones would not be the fastest one available but one plus is hoping to remove that trend and it certainly did so not just the processing package but also providing cyanogens os for this device getting around cyanogens mod 11s is a breeze and multitasking is easy jumping in and out from the recent app screen web browsing was also very good with no real rendering issues while scrolling deep through pages and off course the gaming experience was very well I have tested playing games like riptide gp2, asphalt 8 and other games but there was no lag as I just mentioned cyanogens mod is at the top of the android software experience but the software was also able to take advantage of the processor features as well for example the quick boot availability in the developer options allows you to turn of the phone like a hibernate mode yes the device will not full shutdown but it would help at the times of battery saving as it would wake up the os in seconds not like other devices taking time to boot also some app for audio settings providing presents and other features too and there is an option for getting software keys or capacitive buttons on the device but the most important thing is that many developers all around the world are working on cyanogen mod so their would be frequent updates for the device as for now the phone runs on android kitkat with cyanogens mod 11s on top specially made for one plus one(as for jan 2015 lollipop update for one plus one was announced and available to the developers)

One Plus One Hardware

we have talked about the processing package and the software and now there comes the storage the phone is available in two storage variants 16 GB   which is silk white in colour and 64 GB  which is sandstone black . the phone supports LTE bands for higher bandwidth speed.the call quality was good in my liking the call speaker grill produced low sound but the company said that it was working on it as it was a software issue and loudspeaker grill produced good sound. in terms of battery the phone supports a 3100 Mah battery which enough for a last a day for medium usage.

 One Plus One Hardware

One Plus One Camera

as move to camera one plus one has 13 megapixel camera backed up by sony exmor IMX214 cmos sensor and with cyanogens  own camera software which comes with a lot of features built-in google camera interface many live filters and camera options like iso and auto exposure were given also the option to change video codec is also provided picture quality was good the colours were not saturated the pictures were well detailed and in the low light the camera worked good as much it could do the focus speed was good and in capturing there was not any shutter lag also 4k video capturing was available slomo is also available at 720 at 60 or 120 frames   per second the phone support a 5 megapixel front facing camera which worked nice and is good for selfie lovers.

One Plus One Camera

Final Verdict

one plus one stands out in each aspect to give a hard competition to other mobile manufacturers also due to its mid range price of 350 dollars but with the flagship specs the phone would   give a tough completion to other high-end phones and would be a mistake if other manufacturers does not do anything to compete with this device in my view the one plus one is one of the best affordable smart phone available and I would consider it for a best buy

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