OnePlus 3T Review : Another Flagship Competiter

​Ever since the Chinese company, One plus has launched its phones, other companies have started facing immense competition from these amazing and pocket friendly phones. These phones are not only good with specifications and features but also price. Since it’s a Chinese company, speculations were there about the quality of the products, but 4 models later, the company has come out with one another amazing piece and you cannot deny, they are worth having.  

The company’s motto, never settle has truly made its users never settle for any phone which offers less than the features offered by other companies. The phones by the Chinese Company ‘One Plus’ have been able to give good enough competition to even iPhones. Everyone knows that Apple users seldom change to some other company, but one plus has even been able to satisfy the users who actually shifted to One Plus after using an iPhone.
After four models, the company has now come up with a fifth model, which is actually an upgrade over its earlier model, one plus 3. The new model, one plus 3T is launched just five months after the model one plus 3 was launched and thus it goes without saying that it will be a lot much like and will a lot be compared to one plus 3.

Where can you buy it and at what price?

You can buy the phone directly from one plus, and is available sim free. The phone offers two colour  variants, gun-metal, which is slightly darker than graphite and soft golf. Soft gold, will however be offered in a few weeks time.
The memory capacity of the handset has two options, 64 GB and 128 GB. The lowest price of the handset available in India will be Rs. 29,999 and will be available for sale from 19th December 2016.

The difference from the one plus 3

Just like it’s said for apple phones that the s’ models that is the successors hardly have any differences, the same is being said for One Plus 3T. The only distinction that can be made is the new colour which is offered and no other major difference could be spotted. The company has however managed to make a lot of success with the design. It has managed to make a 5.5 inch screen phone which is slim, svelte and can be used with just one hand.

OnePlus 3T Design

OnePlus 3T Review


The phone is made of aluminium alloy and has measurements 153*75*7.4 mm and weighs 158 grams. The frame of this handset has a power and lock button, a USB-C port, a speaker, a mic and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The phone also has a front facing fingerprint scanner that responds on haptic feedback unlike responding to physical button. The phone is surely a piece that screams use me use me from the moment you take this piece out of the box.
The phone comes in a box which also consists a screen protector pre-applied, which is very handy if you want to immediately use the phone.

OnePlus 3T Camera

OnePlus 3T Review


The Oneplus 3T has a 16 mega pixel camera which is very clear and gives a lot of competition to other handsets with good camera. What about the front facing camera? Well the front camera is also a whopping 16 mega pixel camera and has amazing clarity.

What about the display?

Well the phone has exact the same kind of display one plus 3 has. It’s a 5.5 inch optic AMOLED with full high-definition resolution and 401 ppi. One plus continues to make screens that recreates vibrant colours a lot more vividly than most of the android phones and other handsets as well.

OnePlus 3T Software

OnePlus 3T Review

The phone runs on Oxygen OS skin of android and feels very right. The phone pops out colours and feels very vibrant and real.

Moreover, the phone also gives you an option to calibrate the colors according to your taste and becomes a lot more personal device than any other handsets available in the market. There is one thing about using a phone, it has to give you the feeling that you own it, with a lot of customization options that one plus 3T offers, you can make this phone work just the way want and thus it feels completely yours.

OnePlus 3T Processing  Package

Speaking about the processor, OnePlus 3T joins the club with google pixel and pixel XL and has Qualcomm’s top of the line Snapdragon 821 processor, which is the current high of the smartphone chips. The processor makes it possible for you play intensive games and have busy days with multitasking and thus the difference in processing of Oneplus 3 and 3T is noticeable in a very subtle way.

The phone doesn’t lag, or slows or overheat. It truly works like a desktop sometimes and has a RAM of 6 GB which is higher than most of the general laptops people are using these days.

OnePlus 3T Battery

OnePlus 3T Review
Keeping everything aside, does the phone has battery life? Of course this question needs to be addressed because what’s the use of a phone if it switches off every few hours? Well, that is not the case with OnePlus 3T.

The phone has a non-removable battery of a 3,400 mAh and is a step up from a 3,000 mAh battery which is in OnePlus 3. The internals of the phone has exactly the same dimensions as its successor but the battery is a denser and hence has an increased battery life.

The phone has a battery life which lasts the whole of the day, which we mean as an average full working day. This is possible even when you use apps such as slack, whatsapp, train time tables app and GPS battery drainers like google maps and several other apps through out the day. The battery falls at an expected rate and not suddenly thus doesn’t gives you a hinge all of a sudden to charge your cell phone.

Final verdict

All in all, this phone is worth having in the range. Amongst a lot of phones that are available in the market, this phone is worth buying.

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