OnePlus Teases Launch Of Something New on 20th April


After the launch of  the OnePlus One in the mobile world and which  had proved itself by standing out tag of the flagship killer which was seriously accepted by us but now nearly a year had passed since the launch other tier one comapnies like Samsung , HTC as well as OnePlus Chinese market competitor which is the Xiaomi had announced their 2015 flagship . OnePlus show some indications of launching their next prdouct.


Many people are waiting for the OnePlus Two launch or the OnePlus Mini or both which was expected to be launched this year and After the OnePlus half April fool joke the company had posted on their official Facebook page about announcement of something coming On April 20 which could indicate a official realease of any one or both of the expected device or a new smart watch which is still a secret and nothing can be said tilll the official announcement  .

For now the OnePlus is working at their best with their OnePlus one and many of the people are not still getting their hands on  this awesome device but OnePlus is taking some steps like making the device available in many countries as well as removing their default Invite system with without invite pre-ordering the device once in a week.

OnePlus had also recently launched their custom Oxygen OS based on Android 5.0 which was very fluid and have many good customization options and also the cyanogen 12S update had also been started rolling out after the delay which was to be released on the 27 March but still Now the update is available and thats a good thing that made the OnePlus users happy and with the stock like experience and customizable abilities of the Cyanogen OS the OnePlus One is still one of the best you can buy and may the same plan is taken to next level if the OnePlus Mini or OnePlus Two are launched .

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