11 Ways To Optimize Your Backlinks

Link building work is very tough for each person. In order to effectively implement plans, it requires specialized insight and SEO knowledge. Adhere to the following nine  effective link building methods and put into practice, will optimize your backlinks :

optimize your backlinks

How to Optimize Backlinks ?

Change your Anchor text

The highly relevant anchor text links to your web page, anchor text should always be able to reflect the content of the page. Change your anchor text to make your website highly relevant, improve website ranking .

Deep links

Combine your link building strategy across the entire site, not a simple twelve. Let your website like a spider web, no matter from which direction, you can find your page.

Indirect link

Successful link building can also be supported through the use of an indirect link strategy. Rather than just a link to the page, which is useful, we must first improve the quality and ranking of your website.

Create a nofollow link tracking

No follow a link attribute has been designed for a specific link to tell the search engine linked sites should not give any credit. Even if there is no follow links do not pass any weight, it is important to establish a balance of backlinks to your site structure.

The link is established high, medium and low PR sites

The same concept applies to a range of public relations website link building. Authority links are great, but the mix of high and low PR site is the way to go.

Straighten your chain growth

Effective link building should be a marathon, not a race. It is important to balance the amount of links you get every day.

Diversify your link

Strategic link building is not all or nothing proposition. So why do you put all your eggs in one basket known?

Using a Variety of tactics

Link Building strategic plan to ensure that your goals are realistic. Consider long-tail keyword combinations highest ranking. This may be a more profitable way.

Engage in dialogue

In order to get a good ranking, industry relevance is the key to success. Make sure you and your website to be heard. Participate in interactive and discussion.

Avoid overstuffed Pages

You Must have to avoid for getting backlinks on the pages with too many links (Page with more than 100 outbound link is too many)

High Aim

Always target to high page rank websites to make good relation with high ranked websites. If your backlink is from high page rank websites than it helps increase your website ranking.

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  1. Pankaj Gupta says:

    Diversify your links and keywords you use as anchor text is the key to success.

  2. Salman says:

    Hello mate, Your blog looks very nice.
    Do you have skype? I run my own blog and maybe we can share some thoughts?

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