PageWiz VS GetResponse Landing Page Builder Review: Which is best?

The business world and its ways of branding have witnesses some huge changes with the passage of years. It has advanced a lot from the previous generations. In the world of today, for a business unit or a business firm to achieve huge success in the market, it needs to adopt the policy of online marketing at any cost. A large share of audience across the globe is available on the internet these days. And due to this, it has become a vulnerable destination for targeting a big population of the users. This is exactly where the concept of email marketing has risen up as a good medium of branding which is used by number companies globally.

PageWiz and Get Response – The Two Big Giants

PageWiz and GetResponse are popular landing page builders which are available in the market right now. Both of these tools are quite efficient and are successfully used by many business firms throughout the world. In both of these softwares we get a lot of features which are quite attractive, helpful and unique to say the least. These features help the clients in setting up and designing good looking, attractive and option-rich landing pages.
Both of these tools are considered to be the best for spreading the information over to a large population of the internet users. The tool does this by following a tactical and a planned approach for promoting a brand, its services or it’s a product. In the below mentioned stanzas, you will be provided with some analysis of that details which you can further use to decide which one tool from these two is better.

Some Important Details about the GetResponse Tool

GetResponse is one of the topmost and trustworthy tools present in the world of email marketing. GetResponse tool has around 350,000 happy customers in 182 countries across the world and it engages subscribers in excess of 1 billion every month. With the help of this popular and widely renowned landing page creator tool, you get to outsource your brand, its services and even its products to a large population of users on the internet quite easily.


With its help, you can also frame list of attractive landing page templates as much as you require. It also gives you an option to carry out campaigns for email marketing and promote your business.

Insight into PageWiz Landing Page Creator Tool

PageWiz is also a quite good landing page developer. It comes with an incredible starting price point and offers an engineered landing page builder for which no form of coding is required. PageWiz provides its users with an unparalleled use of the concept of the modern and matte design which is undeniably trending. It also has a feature which assists the users in their daunting task of selecting a perfect landing page.


Differentiating GetResponse with PageWiz

Mentioned below are some very interesting points. Through these points, the users will get a lot of details as well as a much clearer picture about the differences which are prevailing between these tools.

Design & TemplatesHas more than 100 landing page templates. These are customizableOffers highly customizable and optimized templates
Interface & UsabilityInterface & Usability Is a simplified tool and can be used by small & large scale companiesIt has basic functions. Can be used by anyone. Is mostly automated.
PricingIs cheap and basic plan starts at $15/month with subscription of up to 1000 customersIt is comparatively costly. Minimum standard plan starts at $29/month.

Notable and Best Features of GetResponse Tool

GetResponse is a smart and made for the modern world landing page creator tool. It has a lot of helpful features, out of which some important ones are mentioned below.

  • Design & Usability: GetResponse gives you 100 plus highly customizable landing page templates which can be easily accessed by clients.
  • Integration: This feature allows you to link your social media platforms which may include Facebook and Twitter to your landing page and hence popularize your marketing strategy besides enhancing your business.
  • Auto-Responder: The Auto Responder is a great system. Through this, you can give a welcome message to the new customers on subscribing to your landing page information.
  • Spam Filter: GetResponse comes with a feature known as SpamCop which is the filter option through which you can spot spam words in the content.
  • Performance: GetResponse tool tracks the performance of landing pages based upon the response of the viewers. It also allows linking Google Analytics with your landing pages.

Notable and Best Features of PageWiz Tool

  • Design & Usability: PageWiz comes with a professional landing page design tool through which you can build landing pages with just three steps. Point, click, hit the publish button and your page is ready.
  • High Converting Templates: In PageWiz, the templates are designed, tested as well as optimized beforehand for maximum conversion by the user.
  • Real-Time Statistics: The main page of the PageWiz tool will always display to its users up-to-the-minute stats. Besides, it also shows conversion rates of each of its landing page’s variants.

GetResponse vs PageWiz: Price Details (A Huge Difference)

The minimum plans of the GetResponse tool starts at $15 for one month. It offers accessibility for 1000 subscribers at one go. On the other hand, PageWiz charges its customers a minimum price of $29 for one month for its standard package and up to $199 for its pro package for one month. Hence we can see the huge price difference between both these tools.

GetResponse Pagewiz


After taking a look at all the features as well as the functions of both of these tools, we can easily reach a conclusion that GetResponse is a more efficient landing page software tool than PageWiz. It is very cheap, has features like the Auto-Responder and the integration with Google Analytics which you cannot find in PageWiz. Besides this, you also get a spam detection feature in the GetResponse tool which is again not available in PageWiz. Hence, we can say that if you are looking for a perfect tool to create landing pages which gives you more features at cheap prices, then GetResponse is the perfect tool for you. It will surely prove more effective in framing out the perfect plans for marketing of your business.

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    An email marketing tool with landing page creator? GetResponse can’t possibly be any cooler!

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