PCKeeper Review : Full Product Overview

PCKeeper is a top-notch solution for the users, who are facing problems in their PC. Problems could be such as viruses, system problems, security issue and other.

PCKeeper is a personal computer repair tool for all Windows like vista, 7, 8, and 10. Using this software, a user can scan the computer for viruses and errors. The user can also clean the computer for junk files.


PCKeeper is introduced as system care. Using PCKeeper is like hiring a personal certified specialist taking care of your PC. PCKeeper tool works in the same manner.

PCKeeper is set of software utilities. It contains two products for Windows, which are given below

  1. PCKeeper Live
  2. PCKeeper Antivirus

PCKeeper Live

PCKeeper Live is a program created by Kromtech. After installation, it needs an auto-start registry entry which lets the program run on each boot for the user.  When the user installs PCKeeper Live, it will add a context menu handler to the Windows shell intended to provide instant access to the program. The version is 2.2.453 is most used so far. 98% users are using this version as of now. Upon installation, it adds a background controller service that is put to automatically execute. User can also launch the program at several scheduled times through Windows Task Scheduler.

PCKeeper Live

It has developed to protect your PC from system problems. It removes all junk files from your system and cleans your computer completely. It can fix any level of system problems be it small and big.

It is a new approach to take care of PC. The software collects all the information of your Computer if it has dangerous system problem and then sends all the information to a technical experts. He and she will analyze all the information and will figure out the problems.

Experts can explain all the problems of your PC detected at the time of scanning.

PCKeeper works in 3 phases as following:

  • Computer problems are broken into three simple categories.
  • Explain the consequences of these problems
  • Problems is demonstrated in general term that can be understood by even nontechnical person


PCKeeper Antivirus

It is designed with the intention to keep your Computer system safe from threats, virus, and malware. It is automated protection which aims to provide complete online security.

It is set of programs which provide complete endpoint protection for Windows personal computers (PCs) from viruses, malware, and security threats.

PCKeeper Antivirus

It includes Avira’s Secure Anti-Virus API (SAVAPI), the official interface for Avira’s anti-malware scanning engine. It does not scan for malware-hosting urls.

The antivirus application updates the virus around up to five times daily to get alerted for the latest threats.It checks for incoming and outgoing files automatically and allows users to create customized scans for specific files or a targeted scan that checks common hiding spots for malware and viruses thus offering flawless integration with Windows Security Center and 24/7 support.

PCKeeper Antivirus PRO has achieved 96.1% in RAP tests and placed at stable level.


Need of Protection:

Computer system with no antivirus installed on it is at high risk because they might be damage, slow down and hacked by hackers.  Malware such as spyware, Trojan horses, and worms, can make PC systems vulnerable to nasty misbehavior and outright data theft.

Malware generally finds its way onto a PC without the user’s concern. It finds the way through attachments or web surfing. Malware can let the PC to perform in a particular manner that could be unwanted tasks such as opening PCs to hacking or other damages. So, therefore it is necessary to protect PCs utilizing PCKeeper Antivirus.

How PCKeeper Antivirus Works:

Consistently, PCKeeper Antivirus audits its infection signature database, refreshing changes to any marks. The program will consequently send upwards of five updates each day. Clients can likewise refresh instantly by clicking a solitary connection to check for updates. Since the program naturally moves suspicious records to “Isolate,” PCKeeper Antivirus helps clients stay away from infection managed document or program erasures.

PCKeeper Antivirus Works

Users can tweak scans to address concerns about a specific file or recent downloads, run a full-system scan, or choose a “Silent Scan, which coordinates PCKeeper Antivirus to check for infections and malware in their standard concealing spots, in this manner taking less time than the full sweep. The check comes about give a reasonable estimation of the PC’s status from “Your framework is in peril” to “Your framework is astounding. It enables users to perceive the requirement for next strides.

Clients can continue on ahead while PCKeeper Antivirus naturally checks for infections and malware as they tap on sites, download projects, and open connections and documents. The product likewise works flawlessly with Window’s Security Center as antivirus and antispyware.

To ensure against false positives, PCKeeper Antivirus does not naturally erase possibly risky documents. Rather, suspicious documents are moved to an “Isolate list” where clients can erase the record, isolate it, or disregard the notice. The organization’s different security benefit, PCKeeper Live, goes about as the as-an administration model to this antivirus programming by allowing certified specialized pros to spot issues on your PC and settle them, for example, Windows Optimization, spyware, malware, and adware evacuation, PC cleanup, and diminishing boot time.

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Final Verdict

Earlier computer security is not important until a problem arises. However, as of now, a breach of security can result in harmful problems to your business or your data.

So, therefore at this point, when it comes to the security of your computer and data, you want the best protection available. But you might be confused by all the options available online.

This is why you are recommended to have PCKeeper, an emergency plan that is developed to take care of your system in case of an attack or breach.

Now, when you get to know all the benefits of having PCKeeper; you cannot wait to have it on your PC as to give the best security to the computer system you are running. It is designed in such a manner that it can be installed and understood by even a nontechnical person.

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