Penguin SEO for eCommerce Site Tactics in 2015

Penguin SEO for eCommerce Site Tactics in 2015

Everything is changing around with aspect of relevancy in the search results. Google’s self-esteem tells “No Spam”, their motivation “to remove the spammers”, and their tactic cask the web log.

Everything Google is applying something new to their programme, making over 600+ changes every year. Competition around, with eCommerce sites struggling to achieve their mark to lay down their market with aspect of either generating higher sales, generating more traffic, or to build up readership.

Penguin SEO for eCommerce sites may have been easier before; build tons of link, Boom! You’re at the first page of Google. On contrary its pathetic now. Google doesn’t gave quantity a factor, but relevancy and the source to the site belong. SEO’s being impatience applies ton of unethical techniques while nodding their heads in-front of their clients.

Things changed. It’s no more what it was years back. Google’s struggle to beat spammers while spammers struggle to overhaul Google’s very own algorithms led to a battle. A battle where ONLY relevancy and quality wins.

Whatever has been, is having, and would be, there would be few strategies which would stay common. And to make things happen, in this article, at my  blog, I’ve broken down SEO optimisation for e-commerce sites that would stay evergreen and is major when you’re struggling to be at the first page of Google.

How is SEO for eCommerce Sites Beneficial?

As a respective product owner, or a sales manager either, your main focus would be gaining more exposure to gain more branding to gain more subscribers that would help you gaining more sales. There you may likely think alternative, and start advertising either.

But the question is – How much would you like to spare before earning none? Maybe a few thousand bucks, or slightly more (or even less). If you’re continuing to invest with no profit why should you?

Here comes SEO Search Engine Optimization is a process through which you are able to make your site more crawlable, accessible, and more usable for the search engine crawlers which crawl your site to determine what kind of items you’re serving your audiences and through following some aspects of SEO you could rank to the top of the search engine results page.

Apart from those other factor that determine the potential of a site to grow their online success, SEO is a crucial part which as a webmaster is essential to perform in order to rank to the top of Google to drive thousands of potential customers to your eCommerce site.

Things to consider while doing SEO for eCommerce in 2015:

Over hundred of companies with intention of growing their business is being online. And those who’re smart, are gaining over 56% higher sales than it was which led to a huge growth for a startup, business, or a company either.

As the number is increasing, the level of competition is higher. And the scale is increasing day by day which led to a kick-butt effort to be made before achieving the goal. However everyone doesn’t wins. Some do.

To make things happen, here’s some eCommerce SEO techniques to follow in 2015 to improve your website’s search engine result placement and gain more sales and online exposure:

Long Tail Keywords Win Over short:

Let’s assume your eCommerce site sells bicycle, so basically you would love to see your eCommerce site at the top of Google with search term “Buy Bicycle”. Yeah, everyone would love to. But, can you, in real?

On contrary to your new eCommerce site, a new one, there’s thousands of eCommerce sites struggling and investing ten of thousand dollars online to get the stable position with those term. So do you actually think, a new site could stand there?

It won’t. Always start working with long tail keyword, like: Buy Affordable Bicycles, these are terms that makes a direct impact to you and your buyers. In the next point I’d say why.

Informational v/s Paying Key Essential word:

You need to be smart. Smarter enough to know what your visitors want who’re coming from the search engine results page. And you really don’t require to jump into the mind of your visitor (one-by-one), rather there’s a quick way.

Terms like – Buy, Cheap, Discounts, are used when the visitors is already confirmed of what they are about to, and would make a purchase.

On contrary, terms like – How, Uses, Top, are used when the visitor is thinking – not sure whether they would make the purchase or not. A quick example:

John is thinking to purchase a new watch, so he uses term like “Top Watches”, since he want to know what are the best watches around. But when John is confirmed of what he want to buy, he would be more likely to search term like “Buy Valuable Reebok Watches“, see the difference?
Or it can be also like “Buy Watches under $100“, “Best Watch Under $50“, these are terms when a user is having a specified amount to be spent and is sure of what they’re doing.
Top Watches is informational keyword, whereas buy Reebok watches is a paying keyword.

Use Tags to gain higher CTR:

Schema tags helps search engine crawlers to identify more about what the content you’ve written all about. It doesn’t just help the search engine to distinguish more about the content but also helps you improving your search engine click-through rates (CTR) since it shows some shiny stars beside your search results, that exposes your eCommerce site more.

Relevancy Matters:

Google’s mission is to deliver the best possible search results out of the search query and to achieve this goal. They’re firing off the sites that have used unethical tactics to alter the search engine and rank.

Google strictly believes that a site’s ranking should be achieved through hard work and dedication and those who don’t and is pleasure seeker doing some fishy stuffs ultimately goes down.

In In The Next Box Google implemented the information box to deliver the information as soon as the search has been down. In this efforts Google is making is believed that Google would show only the searches that matters to them and for so you’ve to write topics that aren’t just relevant to your niche, but also relevant to the user’s query.

The End:

Penguin SEO for eCommerce in 2015 would be going to be more competitive and more harsh if you turn to the unethical techniques.

Recently an eCommerce site selling beauty products got smashed in the search engine, it took me almost 3 months to recover the site from the Google penalty, so if you’re using any unethical tactics don’t. Play safe.

What’s your planning for 2015’s SEO?

Aksshit Wadhwa

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