Propeller Ads Review – Why You Should Choose This Ad Network?

Earning through ads is one of the biggest sources of income for bloggers. However, this biggest source does not give a very big income when not properly used or used through a platform which does not give the best revenues. Google AdSense is the biggest and the most popular network because of the Google’s huge AdWords ad inventory, but is it the best way to monetize your website?

There are many other ad networks that are willing to pay you a higher CPM for your traffic. One of them is Propeller Ads.

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For those who are not aware, CPM stands for cost per mille, or cost per 1000 impressions. CPM networks pay for every 1,000 impressions you generate. If a CPM network will be paying you $1 CPM then it means that the network will pay you one dollar for every 1000 page views you generate.

For years AdSense has made the top of the list of best Ad networks because of the ad inventory the platform has which has been unmatched by any other ad network. However, there are other networks which can help you monetize better.

The major problem with AdSense is that you cannot predict your income. Its different with Propeller Ads.
Propeller Ads is an ad network based in United Kingdom which promises 100% of your international traffic and highest cost per mile possible. Traffic from countries that generate the maximum returns are US, Canada, UK and Australia.

So unlike other ad networks, Propeller Ads is a CPM ad network which will pay you for every 1000 ad impressions you generate. It does not matter whether the users are clicking your ads or not, you will get paid. This is the major reason why Propeller Ads is preferred over other CPC ad networks by large publishers. For those unaware, CPC here means cost per click.

If your website or blog has a stable traffic and quality content, CPM ads can generate guaranteed income every day and every month. If you notice properly, you will see that high traffic websites will display content as 10-50 slides and not directly on one page, this is because the slide way, the number of pages viewed per visit will increase. This will eventually increase ones revenue from CPM.

The different types of ad products offered by Propeller ads are as under:

  • OnClick PopUnder Ads – OnClick PopUnder Ads is undoubtedly the most effective ad product by this network as this one offers the maximum CPM rate, the rate goes up to $10. This is because you get paid for each ad impression and it works on mobile devices too.

According to the network statistics, the entertainment websites, such as music, movie, photo, download, games, viral content etc, gets the best cost per miller for these pop-under ads.

Mobile Ads

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Propeller Ads offers you two different types of mobile ads, mobile dialog ads and mobile interstitial ads. These two are offered apart from the regular mobile banner ads.

Classic Banner Ads

These classic banner ads are still very popular the reason being that these are the easiest way to reach put to a massive audience at minimum costs. The best performing banner ads by this ad network are the ads of unit sizes 300 by 250 and 728 by 90. The other available ad units are 468 by 60, 160 by 600, 800 by 600, 800 by 440 and 320 by 50.

You can check out the best performances of these banner ad placements on the network website. According to Propeller Ads, entertainment blogs and download sites have a better performance from these ads compared to other niche.

Layer Ads

Layer ad is a banner ad on steroid as it loads banner ads over the website content. One can choose any of the available banner ad units. However bigger ad unit such as 800 * 600 or 800*400 is recommended.

Slider Ads

Slider Ad is one kind of banner ad that fades to the bottom of the web page. Unless the user decides otherwise, this one is always visible even if he or she is scrolling up or down.

Direct Ads

This one is a unique ad product in which the publishers are given a link which needs to be promoted. One can promote it by creating an own banner ads, text link ads, buttons or even redirects.

For example, you can monetize your 404 pages with a direct ad without even hurting the user experience. According to Propeller Ads, this one works best with download websites for ebooks, music, apps, wallpapers, movies etc.

Video Ads

If you are looking to monetize your video content, you can try out these video ads. The ad network offers three video ad positions, pre-roll. Post-roll and pre-game.


It is important for the user to realise that AdSense and Propeller Ads are not exactly alternatives. AdSense is a pay-per click ad network and propeller ads is a cost per miller ad network. There is a wide difference between clicks and impressions and it is important you know this before you settle for any option.

Google Adsense works best when your website is in a competitive niche or where the traffic drivers for your website is the search engines. If you have a website which is in a non-competitive niche, you will end up earning really less with Adsense and that is when you should look for other options such as propeller ads.

If you are a new publisher there are high chances where Google Adsense might not accept your request to join the network, whereas Propeller Ads works great for new publishers as well.

Also, remember you can also use both of these networks together but you have to be very careful. One way you can use both together is you can supplement your Google Adsense income with pop-under ads offered by Propeller Ads. The thing to be cautious here about is that your users should not get annoyed.

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