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I have been constantly telling that when you think of earning through displaying advertisements on your website, Google Adsense is not the only option you have. Google Adsense is undoubtedly the most popular and has the biggest words library, but is it the most paying Ad network? Well I surely do not think so. In fact when you look up when you are beginner blogger, you can actually be rejected by Google Adsense because your website is not trusted. Also, Google Adsense pays according to the system of CPC which means cost per click and it might not be great with your new website.

PwrAds Network

I have brought up a lot of different Ad networks for you so that you can be aware of various other ad networks and can make your choices judiciously. There are a lot of minor differences in the offers that these websites makes, but when you look at it carefully, you will realise that these minor differences have a major impact on your income which you earn through displaying ads on your website. For an example, a difference of CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per miller) can impact your income because the kind of visitors you have. Also, if your visitors are just random, a lot of ads might drive them away and thus it is important you select your ad network in an informed manner.

Moving on, the ad network which we are going to talk about is PwrAds.

PwrAds is a popular ad network which accepts both adult and non-adults sites to display advertisements on. These advertisements could be served for both desktop and mobile traffic.

The revenue of this ad network is CPM, which is cost per miller. CPM is a marketing term which means the cost that you will get for 1000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. An impression here means when an ad is fetched from its source, and is countable. It does not matter whether that ad is clicked or not, every time that particular advertisement is fetched, it is counted as one impression. So if the cost is set at $2 CPM, which means that, you will be given $2 for every 1000 advertisement impressions.

The PwrAd Ad Network is a good alternative to Popclick ad network. This network also reviews a site before approving it for being an advertisement publisher. Generally, it takes maximum 24 hours for the approval process to get completed.

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There are certain requirements that you must meet when you sign up for this ad network

  • The sites must have not broken copyright lawsThere are a lot of people who will copy stuff and post it out on your website without giving out any credits to the original writer, this is violation of the copyrights rule and thus your website is banned from a lot of networks. So be careful with your blog and don’t steal others work. Plagiarism is a crime and do not commit to it. IF you have ever broken one, do not waste your time with ad networks.
  • The sites with excessive advertising will not be allowed.There are people who will set up a website just for the purpose of earning through advertisements without any real purpose. This is easily detectable. Curate content or provide services if you do want to have some stream of income through some advertisements. Thus, the requirement here is that your website should not have been set up for the purpose of advertising.
  • Have good content and well-designed sitesThis is more like the earlier requirement, but you need to have good quality content on the website. Content over the internet is available in plenty, but quality content not so easily and thus if you can create quality content, do that. This will not only make your website more likeable but will also make your website high revenue generating through advertisements. Also, have a decent design. Ill managed website does not earn much.
  • The sites must not host any objectionable content nor have link to illegal sitesIf your site provides links to hacking, malware, gambling, warez and pirated material, it will not be accepted as a publisher. These content is highly illegal and thus will not help you generate revenue through this ad network.
  • If you site is an adult website, you must comply with the guidelinesWith adult websites, there will be specific guidelines you will have to follow. This is important and you have to adhere to these guidelines.

Note  : This ad network monitors all its publishing websites manually and if you do not adhere to their guidelines, your website may get banned.


The payment is fairly simple. You get paid on request basis and the minimum pay-out is $5. However, payal is the only payment option that is available.

Referral Program

This ad network is pretty generous with its referral program and pays at a commission rate of 15%. Thus, refer friends to use this network and earn even more.

Best Features

I will in short list down the best features of this ad network:

  • 75% revenue share
  • You can use this ad network along with other ad networks such as AdSense.
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • As a publisher you can track the traffic stats and revenue in real time.
  • The high paying referral system
  • As a publisher you will get payment on time and as and when you want.

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Final Verdict

This ad network, PwrAds works well for all the types of website, adult and non adult. However the conversions are high for Tier 1 traffic. The tier 1 traffic includes traffic from US, UK, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe.
The only thing I would suggest here again is make an informed decision. It wouldn’t do much harm if you take time to settle on some Ad network, however when you will settle for the ad network which isn’t actually appropriate for your site, you will only meet regret.

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