From the sources of the specifications of the upcoming Qualcomm snapdragon flagship chipset is leaked .

Qualcomm snapdragon


Qualcomm snapdragon 815 specification

According to the sources the next Qualcomm snapdragon chipset will be  815 and will be based on ARM Big.Little architecture consisting of 4 x A72 chip + 4 x A53 chip forming a octa core processor which are said to be tweaked by Qualcomm for better performance and it would consist of Qualcomm own made ADRENO GPU and  boosting graphics performance . the sources also says that the processor will be made on 16 nanometer  Finfet process through which the  Exynos 7420 is made which  will be less power consuming and more performance efficient than the 810 processor based on 20 nanometer  process.


Qualcomm snapdragon

As we know about the heating issues of the snapdragon 810 it would affect microchip giant directly and can give boost to other microchip makers like Mediatek so it would be right step for Qualcomm to release its new flagship Chipset as soon as possible and as for the snapdragon 815 the A72 cores are much cooler than the A53 or A57 so if the configuration is correct there are much chance that the chipset will not heat high as the snapdragon 810 while undergoing intensive tasks

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