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There are endless times when you need to transfer crucial data from one server to another quickly and efficiently, without compromising sensitive data. Owing to the growing number of incidents of identity theft and loss of information, users generally tend to avoid making use of any services over the internet for the same. This leads to loss of valuable time and lack of efficiency.



Features of RapidSeedBox

Simple and efficient

RapidSeedBox has a simple and efficient solution to all your data transferring issues. RapisSeedBox is a Seedbox, a dedicated server that provides focused delivery of peer to peer Bit Torrent protocol based file and data transfer services on remote devices and high end servers.

Fastest and reliable

RapidSeedbox is practically the fastest and most reliable protocol based file transfer platform that offers complete anonymity and fast peer to peer experience. RapidSeedbox can simply be understood as a private and remote sever that is used for uploading and downloading digital files. It makes use of Bit Torrent protocol transfer that is hosted on a storage system.

Layers of security

The extra layers of security and anonymity allows user activity to remain hidden without being detected by another server. RapidSeedbox has deployed more than five thousand seedboxes as of today. These seedboxes have then helped in the transfer of a dozen petabytes worth data between dedicated servers.

Unlimited Traffic and Full time availability

The efficiency of RapidSeedbox can be measured by the services which are provided by it. It hosts unlimited traffic, allowing rapid sharing of multiple files, literally, as many as you want. The dedicated team at RapidSeedbox is present at the disposal of its users, to provide assistance, as and when required. One of the major advantages of using RapidSeedbox includes full time availability of Seedbox, that is, once the Seedbox has been deployed, it is guaranteed to remain available for use ninety nine percent of the times.


Joining RapidSeedbox has many user advantages, which offer an unbeatable user experience. Membership with RapidSeedbox comes with many loyalty bonuses for the users. The platform offers a discount for quarterly, semi-annual and annual memberships. Further, the user gets the benefit of using the Seedbox with complete satisfaction and flexibility. A fourteen day money back guarantee accompanies every Seedbox and a complete refund is initiated once a user feels dissatisfied with any of our services, without raising any questions.

RapidSeedbox is the ultimate way to speed up your upload and download experience without any hassle. At RapidSeed, a strong belief persists over constant and never ending improvement in our services, which is why we constantly bring upgrades to our templates, customer support mechanism, speed, hardware and our infrastructure. We believe in offering value to our clients, which they cannot find elsewhere. The ultimate efficient experience at RapidSeedbox is unmatchable with any other platform. Our assured and timely services will keep you fully satisfied. Our special customer support team is available at your disposal for solving all your queries and making your user experience satisfactory. Choose RapidSeedbox today to experience a file sharing experience like never before.

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