Review of 9 Online Advertising Courses

Online Advertising Courses

When you are building your career or brand, online marketing is an integral part of it. As individuals have progressively moved online, marketing via digital channels has turned into the true way for companies to advance the sale of their goods or services, also to connect with their target audience. Here are a few of the best online advertising courses.

Digital Marketing Masterclass – Udemy

This masterclass consists of 23 online courses, which covers everything right from email to social media advertising. The masterclass centers on the main techniques and the most proficient methods to use different online advertising approaches to enhance brand awareness, increase sales etc. It has more than 30 hours of guides, video, articles, and to-do lists that you can download. You can use computers, TV, and smartphones to get access to the courses and you will receive a certificate once you complete all the necessary modules.

Content Marketing – Hubspot

This online course also gives you a certificate on completion. You have to finish the curriculum that consists of 12 courses with a few video tutorials. The course was created to teach people how to build up a decent strategy for inbound advertising to entice new clients and convert visitors on websites into leads. The final exam comprises of 60 questions.

Digital Marketing Specialization – Coursera

Coursera platform has over 2 thousand courses. This course is a specialization that is part of the Master’s degree program in Business Administration (iMBA) offered by the University of Illinois. It’s partitioned into 6 courses that cover a variety of current advertising i.e. SEO, digital tools, online marketing, and data analytics. This course includes a 6-week Capstone Project in which learners apply everything they learned to solve a genuine business issue.

Digital Marketing Training – Skillshare

Skillshare is a platform that offers different advanced marketing courses to sharpen your skills in content and online marketing. There are courses that will take you 15 minutes to complete as well as those that will take a few hours. The common topics include Pinterest marketing strategy, social media marketing, SEO and so on. Once you register, you get 2 months free access to courses. Then you pay a subscription fee every month if you want to continue having access to different training materials and instructional videos.

online advertising courses

E-Business Diploma – Alison

The diploma was created to help entrepreneurs get skills in online advertising and learn how to apply them to business issues. Users are trained on how to develop a marketing plan, advance their business and boost online sales. To finish the 10-hour course, you have to get 80% or more in every test. It is free to complete the course, however, you need to pay to get the certificate that confirms that you learned the skills.

Inbound Digital Marketing Course – HubSpot Academy

Free classes are available on the most proficient method to pull in clients by creating contents. The lessons start with the essentials, before progressing to promotion, lead nurturing, content, and marketing. Video tutorials will guide you through the topics while providing genuine models and tell the best way to use them in your business. The course additionally incorporates practical activities and tests to keep tabs on your progress. You will receive a certificate once you complete the course, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile or CV.

online advertising courses

Academy for Ads – Google

Google provides short and free courses on their products for online marketing such as DoubleClick, Programmatic, and AdWords. These classes include the majority of Google’s prescribed procedures on digital strategy and ads. It can be accessed wherever from computers or cell phones. The learners will go through learning materials involving interactive tests, texts, and video tutorials prior to the final assessment to test their knowledge. They would then be able to get certificates on scope of various subjects, such as AdWords Mobile, AdWords Fundamentals, AdWords Video, AdWords Search, Google Shopping and AdWords Display.

Marketing Training – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning was previously known as There are an immense amount of materials available to show you how to create, actualize and measure the advertising strategies. The course consolidates the most recent online tools and methods with old advertising techniques. Students can choose subjects, for example, SEO and Instagram marketing by picking from a library of several instructional videos created by gurus for beginners, intermediate or expert learners.

Content Marketing – Ahrefs Academy

This course covers all the most essential basic parts of content marketing, for example, competitor research, keyword research, SEO, link building and acquisition. Each exercise incorporates strong guides to back up the marketing tips. Furthermore, they add new videos regularly.  This isn’t just a course promoting only Ahrefs tools, it also shows you the basics and the best strategy for advertising online utilising the tools by Ahrefs.

So no more reasons not to start learning today. This article has given you the best digital marketing courses. Presently, it’s a great opportunity to make a move. What abilities would you like to enhance sooner rather than later?

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