Samsung Galaxy A5 a Mid Range Device with Metalic Frame

Samsung galaxy series was made for the flagship line of devices but there was always a complain about its plastic build which made it feel cheap and Samsung new addition to its design the metallic aluminium in its galaxy a series of devices.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features with Flagship Specs

Samsung Galaxy A5 Design                                      

The galaxy A5 light sleek and more stylish than Samsung plastic build devices and feels more premium due to aluminum body   . still after the addition of aluminum the device feels light about   4.34 ounces. on the front you will find the classic Samsung layout with the front facing camera and sensor and leds near the top speaker grill at the bottom the back and multitasking capacitive buttons with the home button Samsung likes its layout there are still sticking with it too . on the back u have 13 megapixel camera which is located towards the middle which is accompanied by led flash on the left and loudspeaker grill the camera protrudes at the bak which make it unstable on the surface . On the right which is an awkward location as it get covered when keeping it on table or holding it in hand it gets covered which also makes the sound depth less on the right we have a power button and dual sim card slot with a micro sd slot  and at the left there is only the volume rocker and at the bottom we have the usb charging port with the primary microphone and the 3.5mm headset jack . the phone has   is a super amoled  5 inches of screen size with 71% screen to body ratio and 720*1080 resolution with 294 ppi of density .the super amoled display is a great addition as it makes the display more crisp and vibrant colours were very good with very high saturation levels.

Samsung Galaxy A5Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5Samsung Galaxy A5 Hardware

The Samsung galaxy A5 packs a snapdragon 410 64-bit quad-core processor   that runs at 1.2 ghz   the gpu provided is adreno 306 with 2 gb of ram and 16 gb of internal storage   and option of expansion via micro sd is also available which can be expanded up to 64 gb the snapdragon 410 absolutely flies opening and closing applications works effortlessly and as far as the UI is concerned the touchwiz provide a good functionality and provide fluid experience as compared in snapdragon 805 devices .handling the UI is pretty simple task for this phone which is really a big surprise as everyone know about touchwiz lagging issues in terms of gaming heavy games tends to lag a little and there is a lag between switching between applications   as touchwiz   is a heavy UI but the 64 bit snapdragon 410 processor had handled it well out of the box the phone is running 4.4.4 kit kat with touchwiz UI a highly modified skin on top of android . shockingly seeing on other samsung devices the phone did not have any of the  bloatware yes there are some Samsung applications like my files flipboared and other but less than the other Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Camera

For some people the camera is the most important features to have samsung realises that and provides one of the best   cameras as well as camera features on the smartphone the A5 13 megapixel camera is a good shooter there is no shutter lag and provides cleaner images with good detailing   the depth of field images came out to be very good   the images came out to be bright and vivid and were well saturated   and in low light the camera also worked descently the images in lowlight came out to be very good but their was bit of a grain in the images   and sometimes they lack colour but beyond that its one of the better low light cameras on the feature side it has many features but less than the galaxy s5 their many shooting modes available in the camera and more can be also be downloaded from the store the front facing camera is 5 mega pixel ones just like the S5 the camera lacks details due to the camera lens   also beautify mode is on by default which somehow did not work very well in my view   there are many camera setting available to manually control the camera like ISO ,voice activated capture  and also hand gestures are supported in the camera.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Finally  Verdict

In my view this device is good it is is a midrange device and running on a new 64 bit snapdragon chipset which is working effortlessly the camera quality is good and most of the times the the aluminium bezels which is somehow a appreciatable work of samsung taking step further towards a new design . if you don’t need high end specs   and a high resolution display   and at somehow right price the galaxy A5 is really considerable.

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