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Samsung Note series device are one of the most loved and the best that Samsung provides to its consumers and we must say that it was one of the pioneer of the mobile industry due to which the phablet series of devices started.We must consider that at the first launch of the note 1 apple criticised that no one will use a phablet sized (5 inch and above) and i must say apple would may have regret it as seen with launch of plus models of the iPhone.

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As we that Samsung Note 7 had finally been announced and many people would have thought why no Note 6 well , Samsung thought that the note and Galaxy S series of devices should run together so With Galaxy S7 being the latest Galaxy Note 7 should be more prominant. Today  we are going to discuss whats new in the next generation Note device and some of the special features that Samsung had introduced.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Design

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starting with the design it’s essentially the same as the previous design language ,a  metal frame sandwiched between glass on moth sides ,but some minor design changes like this time the screen is curved from both sides not that like the edge variant has but still its curved . With curve edges we also  do get the edge UX features special introduced with edge series of devices so it’s a plus point for Galaxy Note 7 . The one thing that did not happen this time is that there is only no more than one note variant so note edge this time.

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A notable change is that the device also curves edges from the back and so the front and back curve makes the device slimmer from the edges and makes it more easy to hold.Also due to tighter curves which I mean to say that they are more seamless it has also helped to pack a 5.7 inch body into smaller form factor and we must say the device does not feel big at all it can easily be aerated with a single hand so in design segment we think there is nothing to complain.Another change is that the S-PEN does not fit into the from the wrong side so problem solved by Samsung and it was the right thing to do.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is available in wide range of color options gold,silver,black and addition of special coral blue color.This time the metal frame is anodised to match with color options so a simple design change that would make the device look more cooler . According to us we think the minimal design change is still enough and why not we don’t need to change the design if it still one of the best .

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Processing Power

Coming to the processing package working beneath the Samsung Galaxy note 7 which is the Samsung in-house made Exynos 8890 octa which is a acta core cpu that works on big.little archtexture having four big cores made by Samsung called Mongoose clocked at 2.3 Ghz and four small Arm Cortex 53 cores cloaked at 1.6 Ghz . This is the same processor as seen working in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and many would have know that this is one of the best processing package you can get ans so there is no compromise in terms of performance . Also taking a look gaming we have to say that the Mali-T880 Gpu works great while using graphics intensive task . Also the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also supports vulkan api so it means that gaming user will get high graphics gaming at the cost of low power consumption so it is a plus point.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera

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In terms of camera we are getting the same camera setup as we have seen in the Samsung  Galaxy s7 (A 12 MP camera with f 1.7 aperture with 1/2.5 sensor size and 1.4 µm pixel size )and we must say that this camera setup is a good or rather the best for now as according to DxoMark mobile camera scores it easily beats the iPhone 6s camera.I n the front we are getting a 5 MP selfie cam .

Samsung Galaxy Note 7  Security features


We are doing this special column of security features because of the new Iris scanner that Samsung had used a new iiriis scanner and god it works great but just a simple let down it still had issues reading eyes for those who wear specs and contact lens. Another new introduction of Samsung in-house industry level security which you will get for your phone to protect your data. The fingerprint sensor is still there if you think that it is more reliable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hardware


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with as said comes with Samsung in-house exynos 8990 octa processor. I terms of the base storage this time Samsung had chosen to go with one storage option which is 64 Gb and Micro SD card expansion storage id back with up to 256 GB of expansion via Micro SD card available.For multitasking 4 Gb ram is also available.For china users Samsung had said that they will get a 128 GB option with 6 GB ram.also a new audio dac that gives you 24-Bit audio output so no cornors cut in multimedia.


also how can we forget the extra functionality that we get with the S-pen .This time both the phone and s-pen is water proof well that’s gimmicky but still a great plus point more features with S-pen are provided also the air gesture is more optimised than ever so we are eagerly to check out that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Software

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Many people did not like the way that Samsung used their touchwiz built on top of android as due to its sluggish and cluttered experience , but Samsung realised it and so with launch of the Samsung  Galaxy S6 we have seen Samsung improving their software bit by bit and seeing the software in note 7 we feel happy that Samsung had somehow able to optimise its software providing ton of features without on the terms of losing its performance. This time the same we have always on display and we can also see oor note or memo with this . Due to curved edges Samsung had also given us the edge UX features so we fun with edge special functionality also.This time the theme support had also update now icon packs can also be used which can be downloaded from the playstore. The only small thing that will pinch some users is that the Samsung Galaxy note 7 will come with android Marshmallow Not nought but Samsung had still committed to give that update within 2-3 months.

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