Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Finally revealed

After a dozen of leaks of existence of the Samsung Galaxy S6 active there comes a good news that the Samsung Galaxy S6 had been finally revealed but is still limited to AT&T carrier .

Probably from the Active tagline is going to be known that the device is mostly made for users that wants   their device to long-lasting and rugged and the Samsung active series is purely made for this concern for these people .

The Samsung galaxy S6 Active have been teased by AT&T on their official twitter page also listing some of the features of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Overview

Samsung Galaxy S6  Specifications

In terms of the internal specifications the device is pretty similar to the Samsung flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S6 the device comes with a screen size of 5.1 inch with display resolution of Quad HD as for the display panel it is Samsung own Super AMOLED   display. In terms of the processing package the device comes with Samsung Own manufactured Octa-Core 64-bit chipset the Exynos 7420 which we have known to do equal or say easily surpass the snapdragon 820 without any obligations of any heating issues . For the internal storage it is available in 32 Gb of internal storage and there  be  seen some increase in battery capacity of 3500 mah but still the battery is non removable and the wireless charging is still being supported   . In the camera department the Galaxy S6 Active comes with the same 16 MP rear camera module as in the S6 and a 5 MP front camera with wide-angle lens . In the software department the device runs on android version 5.0.2 .

Galaxy S6 Active Form Reason

Well the Galaxy S6 active will  made for such people who are adventurous or say want a flagship device but also does not care   about caring the device so the form factor to say very rugged it will  made the device has metal chassis all around and with dust and water proofing and with military proof standard offering shock resistance and much more. Also the device had navigation buttons which are of   press type . For much it has button on the left to switch on Samsung active feature .

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