Samsung Galaxy S6 Full Review : A Change That We Wanted

The new flagship from the Samsung changes much of the established design formula to create what might be their best device yet this time Samsung has really improved overall and it can be the change which most of the people wanted lets see in full review of the Samsung galaxy S6 review




samsung galaxy s6 design-3



a new material choice in the  design is perhaps the main change in the galaxy S6 as where its design was made with glossy plastic at the back and a chrome finished edges with the pebble design aesthetic was replaced by the a metal frame with glass at both the sides  but still some of the pebble design elements introduced in S3 still remain like in the button through which it can be easily said that it is  a Samsung device . the metal frame is a really good change with the button layout button also as this time the volume and power buttons are very good built and provides a clicky feel which is good  and the button upfront still comprises of the Samsung’s pressing home button and a back , recent apps  button which is still not changed . this time the speaker grill is at the bottom with the USB  charging port , 3.5mm audio jack . this time the front display is slightly curved at the edges by a 2.5D glass and this time the back is also a glass so some of the Samsung devices key elements are sacrificed . the camera optics is up top at the back accompanied by the  heart rate monitor that is now vertically placed in order to capture the finger pulse easily and this time the camera is an issue in the design because it protrudes out quite a bit making the lens to get scratches easily the main thing we liked was that it was light in weight making it easy to carry and handle also a screen size of around 5 inch also helped in making the phone usable with one hand . overall this phone was very comfortable to use .


Samsung galaxy s6 display


a 5.1 inch display keeps the phone easily accessible for majority of the users with one hand . this time the display  is a Samsung own  super AMOLED  screen  with a quad hd 2560 X 1440 display resolution with 577 of pixel density making it easier to read text with sharp details and rich color production with deep blacks too thanks to super AMOLED  display viewing the screen in daylight was easy so this time not any compromise with display and it can be easily said it is the best display you can get



this time Samsung did not make two different variants of the S6 that it had done with the previous line up devices due to the heating issues of the snapdragon 810 this time Samsung selected its own 64 bit octa core chipset the EXYNOS   7420 which is cloaked at 2.1 GHZ  and is backed up by 3 GB of ram , for the gaming department it comes with MALI T760 GPU . this time as the chipset is Samsung own made so it made easier foe them to optimise it for s6 software so in my view the processing package was great and justified for the Samsung flagship device as the performance great was very great there were no lag even the minor transition and effects from the Samsung own additions and from the lollipop were smooth and provided great experience . in both multitasking and jumping from one app to another it was a breeze , the gaming experience was great no lag was faced but when many of the apps were open in the background some of the stuttering was noticed but it is a normal thing


this time the hardware segment was a little less appealing because as mentioned that this time Samsung change in design also led to some sacrifices that are its key features the expandable storage and the removable battery life which are missing this time where  the main speaker was the best Samsung would have put on a device as the sound produced was loud and can listened in noisy areas too . in terms of sensor the heart rate sensor is positioned vertically making it easier to monitor heart rate through the finger but if you don’t use it often some of the features like taking selfies by placing finger on the sensor is also good . many people think about security and this time the finger print sensor found on the Samsung home button is more reliable and this time it is a press type scanner so it made easier to unlock the phone just by pressing terms of the battery life this time Samsung had not increased the battery capacity instead it has decreased it to 2550 mah capacity some people would think that it can be a deal breaker but that’s not the full thing as the Samsung new exynos 7420 processor is made up of 14 nm process so it’s power consumption is much less than the snapdragon 810 devices in terms of battery life it was remained even which i meant that same as before in the s5 which means a full day battery life for a normal users and about a half day for power user with power saving modes turned on also Samsung had made s6 wireless charging terms of storage the phone comes in three storage option 32/64/128 GB so in my view storage expansion may not be a big issue if you take the device with preferable internal storage.



Samsung is also known for  good camera in their flagship devices as of now Samsung had again proved it with a 16 MP rear camera in the S6 the picture from the camera came out to be very  nice and had good details also the pictures catched the colour well they came out to be vivid also  with the help of F 1.9 aperature low light images were also great and this time the software was also enhanced and pro controls were also available and also option like tracking focus did work well . in the video segment the phone can record up to 4k resolution of video but some options like HDR and the slow notion recording are not available for the 4K resolution but are available in full hd. coming to the front cam the phone comes with a 5 MP front cam with same f 1.9 aperature providing good low light selfies and also many features like panoramic selfies were also available so overall the camera performance was great but only issue was that the camera bump at the back had made it more vulnerable to scratches.




when it comes to the software we noticed the first thing that in this version of touch viz  we no longer have those sounds that we did not like before everything is now replaced by a simpler click sound . it always comes in people’s mind it is that whenever it comes to software department Samsung own software UI the TouchViz always tends to bring down the phone for what it should be as the software is a laggy interface with a lot stuttering in the animation but this time Samsung somehow enhanced the software quite a bit it had removed unwanted elements like the unwanted tutorials for their apps also the software is much more fluid than before and transitions are very neat . for the features many Samsung features like air gestures and pop up window , multi window are also available which is good . this time Samsung had introduced its own new theme store so customization is also available

final verdict and price

this time the Samsung new flagship device definitely brought some changes to the software as well as in the design sector which the most people wanted but due to this some of the key features of Samsung device like the micro sd and the removable battery are not available which could be a deal breaker for some people  the are not much official announcement till now but in my view the phone will be available for around 700$ for 32 GB model in the U.S which could be expected from a flagship level device


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