Every smartphone manufacture launches its flagship device with the best chipset  they can pack within the device for instance the example of HTC One M9 powered by snapdragon 810 and probably LG G4 will also come with same processor but this time Samsung did something different they launched only one variant of the S6 not two by that it mean that whenever Samsung launched its flagship device there were two variant one with Snapdragon processor and other with Exynos processor but this time Samsung made only Exynos variant not Qualcomm may be due to the high heating issues or to boost its profit as it is their own chipset.


For now the S6 comes with Exynos 7420 octa core chipset based on ARM Big.Little architecture made on the 16 nm manufacturing process but in terms of performance the Exynos easily surpassed the Snapdragon 810 in the benchmarking scores as 16 nm process had some part in it but due to 16 nm process the chipset uses less energy that 810 and provide better performance so the Exynos chipset was a good step and now a new rumor arrives

samsung exynos processor

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according to the latest reports Samsung is going to make their own custom A72 cores for their next Exynos chipset which would cloaked at 2.3 GHZ and the reports also says the benchmarking score of the single core is way more than the Exynos 7420 single core and said that it will be around 2200 which is 45% better than Exynos 7420 single core benchmark score. Now this SOC had been codenamed as “MONGOOSE” and this SOC will be packed with Galaxy Note 5 which is probably coming around September as per their yearly launch schedule.

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if this new is really news than making custom cores by Samsung for their Exynos chipset can help them to optimize performance better than it can do with snapdragon also if this project is really in the works.

Source Baidu  via Gsmarena

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