SEO Tips 2020: A New Trend of SEO

Find out what are the essential SEO trends in 2020 then guide yourself to optimizing your website. Today, if you do not understand how to optimize your website, then you lose the chance to make your business known and attract potential customers to your site.

That’s why in 2020 the internet will play an essential role in attracting potential customers to the site. Besides that, more and more people will use smartphones to search for online information. So it would help if you had a mobile site that offers a pleasant user experience when accessed from mobile devices.

However, it does not matter if you have a website if you can not rank it on the first page of Google search results. Naturally, if people search for the product/service you offer, and on the first page will not find your website then people will not know about it.

For that, you need to be aware of the trends in SEO in 2020. Find out more info provided by the #1 SEO agency. Any successful SEO campaign needs to be tailored to the latest optimization trends.

Optimization #1 : For Intent User

To understand what people want to see on your site, you need to find keywords/phrases to bring them to your site. That’s why it’s important to do good quality research for keywords and phrases to be used in SEO strategy.

Here we focus on finding out the intent behind these searches and adding the right keywords to the site. When a person searches Google, he wants to give him the best search results.

Optimization for USER INTENT will be a strong trend in 2020 and not just this year but in the future.

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Optimization Trend #2 – First Mobile

As you probably already know, more and more people are using a smartphone to search online. That’s why Google will put a lot of emphasis on how well optimized your mobile device site is.

In addition to user experience, Google has first indexed the mobile version of a website for the first time. So you need to give your site a more enjoyable user experience for mobile users.

Optimization Trend #3 – Local Target of Searches

These local searches have become more and more relevant for both search and online businesses. Thus, Google has put great emphasis on providing local search results as close as possible to the location where a search will be made. The proximity of sites and businesses to where a search is done will play an essential role in 2020.

SEO Trend #4 – Background Content

The most important factor in ranking a site in search engines is quality content. That’s why if you want to have a well-ranked website in search results you must have original, quality content that answers the questions in the minds of the users. Also, you need to create content, not around a keyword/phrase, but an entire subject.

Content developed around a critical topic will be more useful because it will cover more information and you will be able to integrate various key keywords/phrases that you can classify your website. See more.

Optimization Trend #5 – Optimization of Loading Speed

It is essential to understand that Google has added as a ranking factor to a site – the speed of running websites. That’s why in 2020 we need to reduce how long we can go before the site loads. Learn how to reduce the upload speed of your site in 2020 by reading the link on our blog.

A website must be fully loaded within 3-5 seconds. The higher the speed of loading, the more people will leave your site.

SEO Trend #6 – Quality Backlinks

In addition to quality content, we need to attract quality links to our site on authoritative sites. So if we have links to our site on authoritative domains and well seen by Google, we’ll better rank the site in search results.

Direct traffic is the visits that arrived at your site by typing the URL (site address) directly into your browser. These visits are most likely to come from people who have been interacting with your business in the past. As mentioned earlier, time spent on the site is a significant indicator that suggests that Google offers quality content and gives you more authority (domain authority).

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