How to Set Preferred Domain Setting Using Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tools

Usually there are many sites in world but the site which is not redirecting the www to non www is creating a same copy of his own site. There are many ways by which you can tell Google to index the site. Mainly webmasters set 301 redirection to set  their approved domain. So now today I will share some ways by which you can tell to Google  which is your approved domain. If You are using WordPress then don’t worry much about it.

If you think that you have just done the same mistake with your site then just open your site with www. if it open same site on both the links then don’t worry about it. But if not showing same on both then just see below how to do it.

What is Preferred Domain Setting?

After suggesting the domain name you have to tell to Google that(www or non www) which Url you like to index.

You can use your domain like or but if you don’t do this then chances of penalize will be higher

Learn More from Here Google Official Page.

How to Setup your Preferred Domain using Google Webmaster Tool?

To arrange this settings you have to Verify your site first. There are many process by which you can verify your site like Upload an HTML File, Add Meta Tags in your Site,etc. Now Once you have fully verified your site you have Login into the Google Webmaster Tools after log in you will get a page like this.

Domain Settings

After that you will see a Gear Icon on right upper side of the page click on that Button then you will get some down menu like this.

Domain Settings1

Now click on Site Settings. Now from Here you can Set  Preferred Domain settings.

Domain Settings2

Now you have to add www or non www of your domain.

If you set proper 301 redirection, which manually WordPress blogs have 301 redirection by default. Once you configured webmaster tools for your blog you have to set it.

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