Sharp Aquos Crystal Review

A lot of handsets makers are making bezels slimmer and thinner this is because most of the phones are becoming larger and thinner bezels definitely help and because thick bezels are not attractive either but no one has created a truly bezel less smart phone but sharp a company that no one has really expected has gotten pretty close so let’s go head and take a closer look at the sharp aquos crystal


Sharp Aquos Crystal Design

 sharp aquos crystal

So this is the sharp aquos crystal in terms of design let’s get the normal stuff to be introduced on the right side of the phone you are going to find nothing it is completely blank on the left side there is a volume rocker up and down and at top there is a 3.5mm headphone jack with the power button and finally at the bottom there is a micro usb port and a microphone. Now sharp is not the company that you would think about when it comes to smartphones but the aquos crystal has something attractive that people would find on seeing this device   the reason behind that attraction is because the front of the phone has practically no bezel with the exception of the bottom chin which is the sacrifice that company had to make to achieve this most bezeless sharp-aquos-crystal-0581design so because there is no forehead or top bezel all the usual stuff you will find at the top of the phone are adjusted at the bottom which includes the front facing camera and your notification led light and because the front facing camera is at the bottom   so when you try to take a selfie the camera software tells you to  hold the phone upside down   making the camera to the top side and even with only bottom bump up the overall design actually looks pretty sharp its something that the person must notice and appreciate in terms of design . even with the 5 inch display the phone feels really small a compact because of the bezeless top and the sides so it makes easy to hold and run this device with one hand which is not easy on other phones having same screen size when holding the aquos crystal in your hand . The back of the phone is removable giving you access   to the sim card and micro sd slot but the battery is completely sealed so you won’t be able to swap batteries also on the back is the single speaker and its nothing impressive and sound level is low and quality isn’t that great because of the lack of the bezel there is no earpiece but phone calls are still possible and from the way sharp had explained it actually it uses a digital wave receiver which actually vibrates the entire front panel and those vibrations are interpreted as sound by the ears so when you are on a phone call you actually don’t have to put your ear in specific as if the ear is somewhere along the display you would actually going to hear the sound and it actually works surprisingly well the sound quality is actually not too bad either.

Sharp Aquos Crystal Display


Mentioned earlier the sharp aquos crystal has   a 5 inch display it’s a 720 p display and have 294 of ppi density so it’s a pretty average   mid range display because after all this is what the phone is a slightly pink tint to the display was noticed and is mostly noticeable on a white background but other wise it’s a decent looking panel with a good amount of saturation and contrast and the viewing angles are pretty good too because of those thin bezels watching videos and playing games on the aquos crystal .created for a much more immersive experience and even though the screen is of 5 inches the thin bezels make it very enjoyable to see media on

Sharp Aquos Crystal Performance and Hardware

 sharp aquos crystal

The performance of the aquos crystal is descent and at best it is being powered some typical mid range specs   it’s a snapdragon 400 cloaked up at 1.2 ghz backed up by adreno 305 and with 1.5 GB of ram for basic things like swiping scrolling   opening up apps   texting and browsing the web it performed ok   but it is very easy to slow this phone down if you are trying to do a lot of multi tasking or gaming which resolves a lot of silliness and drop of frames . touchscreen responsiveness can also be an issue at times especially when typing summing up the aspects the performance isn’t terrible but it’s not great either it’s somewhere in the middle . you get 8 gb of internal storage and further expansion upto 128 gb via micro sd card

Sharp Aquos Crystal Camera


On the back of the phone you are gonna find a 8 megapixel shooter with led flash and a 1.2 mega pixel front faxing camera .the software when you first fire up the camera appears very simple and clean until you open the option icon listing ton of settings and shooting modes like panorama   , HDR and a bunch of various scene modes filters the images came average details were soft and images were filled with a lot of noise even   in good lighting colours looks extremely washed out there was not much to talk about the camera

Sharp Aquos Crystal Battery life

The battery life has not been the greatest at least in my experience .its a 2040 mah battery so its pretty small battery and it was hard for the phone making it through the full day even when connected to wi-fi and even with light usage only 2 to 3:30 half hours of screen on time was experienced on this device

Sharp Aquos Crystal Software


With the software the aquos crystal is running a basically stock build of android 4.4 KITKAT but there is a few software edition from sharp some of them add to the overall experience then that don’t really change the way you use the phone but there are some cool features none the less some of them are

1 you have HARMANS KARDONS CLARI FI audio built-in but it does not work with the speakers it works only for earphones and Bluetooth devices

2 clip now – this basically makes easier to take a screenshot instead holding the hardware button you can easily take the screenshot by swiping the top of the phone

3 frame effect –the last feature id the frame effect   and this does not add a lot utility to the phone but it is cool effect to just play with in which the screen glows from the edges like a flash when an alarm goes on or plugged up your device like told before this is a cool feature but does not take any advantage of the bezeless device

Final Verdict

The sharp aquos crystal is available as a prepaid phone for 150$ it supports cdma network so it is available on carriers     like sprint and T-mobile and it is also compatible with sprints LTE network   For this price of 150$ this is a really solid smart phone   and if you are on a tight budget it is a great option to consider its running on stock android so there would be less bloatware but phone should be appreciated for its bezelless design but it’s not a good device if you are looking for a good camera phone .

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