Sharp Introduces 5.5 Inch 4K IGZO Display Panel

Since the starting of android smartphones the manufactures are bringing invotive technology to their devices so that they can sell their devices and gain profit more than before and this competition between manufacturers have made them to enhance some of the main components too.

On 2014 LG launched their flagship device with a 5.5 inch Quad HD (2k) panel supporting resolution of 1440  Ã— 2560 of resolution and 538 ppi which was a major enhancement in the display department and also this through this step LG G3 was sales were on major profitable margin and now you can see many flagship devices are being complemented with the Quad HD display.

Sharp Introduces 5.5 Inch 4K IGZO Display Panel

Now the display maker Sharp which recently came in the smartphone market with their AQUOS line of devices had touched reached another milestone in the Display department . They have recently announced a new display panel that comes with a 5.5 inch screen and supporting 3860 x 2160 of resolution in other words a 5.5 inch 4k display which comes with enormous  806ppi of density .

Sharp Introduces 5.5 Inch 4K IGZO Display Panel

The screen is comes with  IGZO display panel which utilizes the default RGB matrix which means that there would not be any sub-pixel rendering issues .

But this news comes with a bad part too . There are not any plans by Sharp for mass production of this display panel for now but will came soon in 2016 so if you want to use this display technology you would have to wait till 2016.

in our view this is a great milestone in the display aspects in the smartphones but the next thing that would be seen that how much battery it would utilize and how much battery a company would provide with this display panel having this large resolution . The smartphone making OEMs would have to do something to eliminate this problem also but the rest will be seen next year .


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