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How many times has it been told to you that “Making money online from home” is a fairy tale? Or in other cases, you need to have a  Ph.D.  in SEO and marketing in order to do so?

What if I told you, those people who say so either don’t know anything for themselves, or well aren’t just capable enough.

It definitely isn’t a fairy tale and you don’t need a degree in anything either to make couple fast bucks off the internet.

Infact, what if I tell you,  you don’t even need a blog!  Well  that’s the beauty of, the URL shortening program I’m writing about in this piece of review.
Being honest, this is the one platform which let me make my first dollar online, couple years back and I’ve been in love with it  since,  so why is this review coming so late? Well pardon me, but I just didn’t want the world to go saturate it out. (Yeah, it’s the blunt truth!)
So yeah lend me your attention and pay heed to what I’m going to cover out, let’s start with the baby steps, right? Review Make money

What is is  an URL  shortening platform, (as I already said!)  but now the question arises, how good is it and why would it pay you, right?  Well, before you actually start trusting it I know you are keen to know why it works! Why would anyone on this planet  would  pay you for shortening your URL’s?

Well, they don’t do it for social service.  Yeah  I won’t lie about that. Let me tell you how it works and then probably you can understand the practicality of is a platform where advertisers approach for Website impressions. Meaning if some got a site, will give them  a certain number of impressions, for a certain price.

Now what it does is, whenever you shorten your URL’s with it, it creates an intermediary page for your URL’s. And everytime your link is clicked, those websites from the advertisers are displayed for 5 seconds.

See here’s an illustration of how it works:- Review Make money

So, because you used their service and created the short URL, they can display the ads/ website impressions, and hence you get paid a percentage of whatever they are making from their sponsors.

Why is Better?

A totally legit question, yeah I mean why would you go with and not any other platform out there? There certainly isn’t a shortage of URL shortening platforms, right?

Well  the feature I love most about is that it doesn’t spam your page! All the ads that are displayed are on the intermediary page!

For eg. you shortened ““, you’ll get a short  url  that will look something like “”  now, the destination is but the ads aren’t displayed on that.

Instead the are displayed on a third party Url, the Short URL which you created and hence no negative effect on your site!

Secondly, they have  insane  pay – out rates! They pay as high as around $10.80 /1000 impressions! (Or even higher in some cases!)  Ofcourse the payout isn’t fixed, but well this is what’s possible with!

Here’s a live payment proof for you just in case you’re pondering over it’s authenticity. Review Make money

(The above proof is not from my account, it’s the property of it’s rightful owner!)

And third, well they’ve some pretty advanced tools and options that make your monetization easy, and revenue hit the skies!

Features Offers you

First of all, you don’t need  a blog! Even a normal social media profile,  Twitter  account , or Google Plus can start making bucks for you!

And if you got a good enough social activity going on, on your accounts, well then you might as well pay off all your month’s rest in advance!

Just share  an URL  from wherever possible, it gets clicks= you make money as simple as that!

So yeah, let’s take a deeper look at’s features huh?

Mass Shrinker  :  This one comes  extremely  handy when I’m looking to shorten more  then  one  URL’s. It  let’s  me shrink as many as 20 URL’s in a go!

So yeah that’s like 20 different streams of money right there!

Affiliate Program  :  This one thing about is bound to make you fall in love with it! pays you 20%  for  each referral’s earnings to you, forever!

Meaning let me be honest, if I refer you, I’ll be paid 20% of whatever you make for the rest of my life! nope don’t worry, you’ll be getting 100% of what you’re making! So it’s like is paying 120% in total combined to you and me!

So if you’re more of the “Affiliate” kind of guy and don’t have a lot of URL’s to shorten out, this one is totally for you!

What’s the potential? Here’s something directly off to motivate you! Review Make money

Full Page Scripts  :  Got no links to shorten out? Don’t worry! The Full page Script from  will  monetize whole of your website!

Everytime  someone lands on your site you’ll be paid! So that’s like no. of hits=no. of dollars! Ain’t that amazing?

Statistics : This is like the Analytics Department of!
If gives you a totally detailed insight about everything you might want to know about your account! How many impressions you got, which stream got it (Website script/ Referrals or short links!)  and how much money you made.

You can use this info to double, or maybe even triple your revenue because then you’ll know what’s working and you can just improvise on it right? Review Make money 4

It’s not mine earning.  ;)

Sign Up Now!

Final Words

The features I discussed above, aren’t even the Icing on the cake! Trust me, got tons of other tiny little features to help you make money without even a blog or website!

And what’s more? The Signup is totally free! All you have to do is, get off your butts and Signup right now!

If you don’t trust me you’re leaving some serious money on the table!

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