Snovio Review : The Booster for your Business’s Growth

Snovio is a lead generation tool for your business. If you want to know deeply about Snovio, you must have an idea about what is lead generation actually. Lead generation means to make a strategy or a roadmap to boost up your business, your website which offers some kind of service or maybe products to the user. To some extent, you can say that lead generation is kind of advertising. From lead generation, we can mark up our area, where our products, services can advertise. In lead generation, we collect data of our users and also about the public which may be interested in our products.

So now, I am wrapping up the lead generation again in simple words lead generation is just doing some activities for getting lead in our business.

Snovio Review

About Snovio:

To get a bump in the lead for your business, so sit back relax and read this article about Snovio.

As I told in the beginning that Snovio is a lead generation tool and I also cleared you about what is a lead generation in the beginning. Now, you probably thinking about how Snovio leading the business or you may also be thinking What Snovio offers us so that we get some sought of a boost in our business. So in the following, I am going to tell you about the features of Snovio:

Linker(Boolean strings builder for various sources):

Boolean search is a technique to manage the search using a combination of keywords to produce more accurate and more relevant results for your candidate searches on LinkedIn and much more.

If you are finding the easiest way to build sources you are at right place. With Snovio recruiting became so easy. This will find all your wanting sourcing sites. What you have to do is just enter some information and it will find your perfect match for your vision.So, build your sources with Snovio.

Company Finder:

A lead generation not only include being connected with the public but in some businesses, we need to find some other companies to run our B2B marketing plans.So to fill this gap Snovio helps you to find the companies profiles. Just tell Snovio about the industry, city or country and see the magic.

So, your B2B hunt will be done with the Snovio.

Prospect Search:

The fundraisers, development teams and management teams use the prospect to collect information or details of the potential donors. By knowing about the potential donors we come to know about their history of how much they spend, their background and about their wealth.Prospect search includes:

  1. Prospect Screening
  2. Health Screening
  3. Donor Research
  4. Bulk ScreeningFor all these things you need a tool, so don’t worry, Snovio helps to find the prospect with no time.So explore your database with Snovio.

Email Verification: 

E-mail verification is so much important. A verified email shows your reality. When you verify your email it shows that:

  1. It’s a genuine person.
  2. It’s a genuine user’s genuine e-mail address.
  3. A verified e-mail is much safer to send private and confidential messages.So, all these things are ticked if you verify’s your e-mail. Snovio offers you this feature of e-mail verification and this feature is top listed on the Snovio’s website.Things included in the Snovio’s E-mail verifier:
  • They will clean all the dumbed emails from your email list.
  • Accuracy is maintained during the e-mail verification.
  • Quick in processing: Cleans thousand of email in a very small time period.
  • Offers best free plans also.

Bulk Domain Search: 

With the feature of bulk domain search which Snovio offers, you can enter the list of many domains, so that you can find information regarding their availability, price and some other details. This feature is a time time-saving feature. By bulk domain search you will be able to sort out your domain list and well, of course, Snovio offers this feature also.

Chrome Extension also Available: 

You can enable Snovio extension in the google chrome which helps you to find right things at right time.

Cryptocurrency Payment: 

For the people who want to pay through cryptocurrency, they can pay with NOV tokens.

Snovio Features

An advantage of Using Snovio:

  1. Its extension helps you to search emails and explore you’re searching on a web browser.
  2. They update their database on a regular basis so that there should be accuracy maintain in their every service.
  3. They also give notification to the user about their prospect’s info.
  4. Snovio uses the marketplace tool which helps to find the best prospect.
  5. Snovio offers you the cheap pricing offers as be compared with others. For example, They offer 100 credit trails and the cheapest package costs now only $19 for 1000 prospects.
  6. They offer you best search filters for finding suitable candidates and this feature is valuable for HRs.

About Snovio Past :

In May 2017, they launched their project and along with project they start the chrome extension and in next month they boost their own working and starts verifying and updating data.

Why trust on Snovio:

Why Trust Snovio

It’s genuine for us to be more insecure when we are going to try new things and we always try to find a trusted connector so that we will get the confidence to use that particular thing. So don’t worry Snovio is trusted by big brands and company also and these brands are

  • Sound Cloud
  • Uber
  • Oracle
  • Lenovo etc

What’s Snovio’s Roadmap for 2018:

  • They will shift their database to the next level with 1000000 profiles.
  • Marketplace Launch: Platform will connect businesses and Data Research Analysts. Powered by smart contacts and SNOV tokens
  • Email Tracking: In this, they will notify you in regard to every activity which is done after sending a message.


If you were a businessman or any kind of service provider who works in offline mode or online mode you need some sort of strategy for your leadership in business and in creating strategy there are many boxes which you have to tick. So, all these boxes can be easily fulfilled with the help of Snovio. Go for Snovio and use for your business’s growth and share with your other colleagues.

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