Sonim Xp7 The Ultra Rugged Smartphone

Now a days Most phones are designed to be thin and good-looking at the sacrifice of durability but  Sonim had a phone that deviate from all of that but a phone that manage to be very durable would worth the investment so sonim introduced its phone sonim XP7 lets find out

Sonim XP7 Review

Sonim Xp7 Design

At this time mobile manufacture try make their phone sleek thin stylish but it is not the case with sonim XP7 it is the opposite thick bulky and feels like a brick in the hand as well as in the pocket   but it’s a reason behind it this phone was designed for people who live a very rough lifestyle and needed a phone that can keep up with them this phone far away for users who use casual phones like iPhone are other android phones the phone is made sort off indescribable for rugged users   the hard rubberized casing not only protect the  phone against the   most brutal drops but also makes phone resistance to puncture it can   also withstand corrosive chemicals and oils and sudden shocks and vibrations it has also IP68 certified which makes it resistant to dust and water for up to two meters for 30 minutes and IP69 for protection against high pressure temperature pressure wash   by this certification it makes it hell of a lot indestructible u can keep it beating up but nothing would happen to in terms for physical overview u will find the volume rocker and the right side with a red button to contact sonim’s emergency support line for workers(the service isn’t available for now but it would launch this year on the left side there is camera key ,a push to talk button and a very awkwardly places power button in my view on the front there are three physical buttons for back,home,multitasking we can also wake the display from the home button so that would cut down the problem of reaching the power button   on top there is a bright and handy notification light   accompanied by 3.5mm headphone jack   and a sim card slot   which are both covered by flaps held in by screws   the headphone jack is accessable without removing the screws but for sim card u would need to remove the screw with tool given in the box the charging port is located in the bottom which is a magnetic port instead of mini usb charging port which is kind of unfortunate   how Micro USB  be easily available the speaker is on the front which is nice however   it is only one speaker and it gets extremely loud   the audio sounds are very hollow .

Under the hood

In terms off storage there is only 16 GB variant available with no option for expansion so u r somehow limited to 16GB with   and on web storage this somehow sounds like a drawback the majority of specs are of the midrange segment in terms of display it feels kind of bad its like we are 3 years back in terms of display the phone supports a   4 inch lcd panel with 800*480 resolution and 233 ppi which is very low and poor looking panel the colours seems to be washed out there is a lot of colour shifting while using the phone which makes it not good for gaming or media usage   the screen is also glove supported so it can be used by gloves . for the processing package the sonim XP7 support a Qualcomm snapdragon 400 quad-core processor cloaked at 1.2ghz and with 1 gb of ram as we know the devices running on snapdragon 400 have performance quite respectable as same with the case of sonimXP7  the phone runs on android os 4.4.2 kitkat.

Sonim XP7 Review Sonim XP7 Review

Sonim Xp7 Camera

The sonimXP7 supports a 8 mega pixel camera and as the phone is running on stock android   the phone have a stock camera ui   the picture quality came to ok at best the images were fairly sharp and with decent colour saturation the problem was that photos had a bluish tint and lacked dynamic range high dynamic range will help bring out more detail but it makes pictures more noisy

Sonim Xp7 Battery Life

It’s the only thing I like the most after   the build quality  the phone had a 4800 MAH gigantic battery life and with the snapdragon processing package it would not drain faster as well as the low resolution will also give advantage to battery life as more resolution there is more battery consumption it would last a week idle

Final Verdict

The sonim XP7 is designed for Canadian carriers like TELUS and bell but will work on t mobile and AT&T   LTE networks   it does goes for 650$ off contract which is very expensive for a mid range specked device so to really justify the price u have to won its rugged capability but it may  not be that price compelling so it’s a bit more pricey.

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