How to Start Business as a Freelance Writer?

It is known that freelancers make up to 35% of U.S workforce today, and the number of people who choose freelance work instead of office is growing rapidly. It is quite clear why people prefer such kind of work: the Internet allows working at home in comfortable conditions sitting in front of your computer, on the one hand. On the other hand, even a keen traveler has an opportunity to earn enough money because everything you need for work is Internet connection, which is available almost everywhere today.

Start Business as a Freelance Writer

Where to Find a Job if You Want to Become an Online Writer?

If you took a decision to start a freelancing career, the very first thing for you to do is to define what your skills can help you to earn money. Although it is possible to be a freelancer without any special education, it doesn’t mean that the absence of education is a plus. However, if you are good enough in writing, consider starting your own business in this sphere. Writing is a very popular kind of freelance work today; it includes many particular niches to work in, such as:

Custom academic writing

Although one may think that it is very difficult to create different academic assignments instead of students, but, in general, it is not so because custom academic writing is very popular among freelancers today. You can find many essay examples online and many different sites in the Internet providing custom writing services for students from all over the world. Therefore, if you have an appropriate degree and possess a good command of English, you may earn some money by writing custom papers in your professional field.


Another popular market for online writers is the translation field. Although the English language is considered a language of international communication, it doesn’t mean that there is no necessity to translate texts and films to other languages. Therefore, if you know two or more languages, have a degree or knowledge in some specific fields, start working as a translator as well! However, keep in mind that this kind of work implies a lot of information to analyze. Therefore, be ready to a professional burnout!

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a relatively new sphere of writing aimed at promotion of different products and services in the Internet with the help of social networks. It is considered a very effective tool for promotion because there is hardly a person without an account in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram now. Therefore, a web page in a social network is able to attract many new potential customers to your product if you can find a good SMM manager knowing how to communicate with a great number of people in different social networks. Thus, if you want to promote something in the Internet, you may try to start with social media marketing.

Content writing

Social media marketing is considered a part of content writing in general. Content writing itself implies the creation of texts for different sites, articles devoted to companies, etc. Each company wants to have its own site in the Internet. Therefore, content writing is a gold seam where you can earn money for many years to come. To work in this niche, you should learn different approaches to creation of texts for sites, but it is not as difficult as it may seem.


If you have a higher education degree and you are a highly-qualified specialist in your particular field, start promoting yourself in the Internet with the help of your personal site and blog. A blog is a kind of writing resource where you can share your professional experience with other people by creating different articles about a range of issues from your professional sphere. If you are a true professional and have good writing skills, it will be easy for you to attract an audience. A personal blog is a good way to turn your readers into your customers by lapse of time. Therefore, try to think about it as an opportunity to restart your career with the help of the Internet.


If you are good with words, you can also work as a newsmaker in different online agencies. Moreover, you may even work as a contributor in big online papers and magazines like Forbes, etc. Make your dream of being a famous journalist come true; it is up to you to decide whether you want such a job or not. In addition, you should understand that it is necessary to be a well-educated person to write articles for big online magazines. If you are exactly such a person, you may always try to start.

Although it is not a full list of ideas on how to start your business as an online writer, these spheres are considered the most popular ones today. Choose what you like and become a freelancer – it is a great chance to skip office routines and start your free life!

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