Swagbucks Review : Legit Paid Survey Site or Spam?

You have probably heard or read a lot about whether swagbucks review is genuine or not, or is even worth spending your time at, but if you are actually wondering what it is, don’t worry you are not the only one. Since it’s getting popular and possibly some of your friends are using it, it would be advisable what it is and also if it is really genuine or not.

swagbucks review

What Swagbucks is?

Swagbucks is essentially just another search engine like google and yahoo, but the main catch here is, it pays you to use it. Yes, you have read it right. How do you earn using swagbucks? Simple, you use swagbucks to search things up on internet or simply use it to surf up the internet like you would use any other search engine.

All you have got to do is simply download the swagbucks search engine toolbar and use it, no costs involved. Now there a few extra things you can do to earn a little extra, like fill up the survey forms, play some games or cut few coupons, but yes basically it’s just a search engine.

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Does it pay you actual money?

Well the answer here is both yes and no. This search engine pays you in the form of swag bucks. Now what are swag bucks? Putting it simply, swag bucks are basically the points you earn using this site. Now these bucks can be used to get a $5 or $10 amazon gift card, which can be used while you are shopping from Amazon.

swagbucks review

Now why would I say the answer to the question is both yes and no is because, yes you can get the free gift card and save while shopping, so yes it does pay you. No, because when you go for higher denominations, say $50 gift card, you actually need a lot of swag bucks for that, also, you cannot convert them to actual dollars or other currencies and use them offline.

The main question: Is Swagbucks worth your time?

The main thing you have to understand is that you can use this website in two different manners. The first manner is pretty simple, you use this site for surfing the internet, play a few games or fill up some survey forms and when you earn 450 swag bucks, you can convert them into $5 amazon gift card. So when you mathematically calculate it, one swag buck is actually worth 1.11 pennies or $0.1.

Now talking about the second manner you use this website, you can obsessively use this website, spend hours and hours in order to earn more swag bucks but end up with practically nothing. Why do I call it practically nothing is because the easiest and the worst way to earn swag bucks, is filling up the short survey form.

swagbucks review paid amount

Now when you fill up a 10 minute survey form, which by the way is the shortest one, you earn 10 swag bucks. This is equivalent to 1 penny a minute, or 60 cents an hour. The math is simple, so is the question: are you happy with this kind of pay? Again, to be completely fair, the maximum you can earn with this website is $3 per hour by filling up some different survey which pays more.

So, it actually is a scam?

It may seem like it is, but no it’s actually not. What one has got to understand is that you have to be nonchalant about this site; you cannot quit your job or not do anything else and rely on this website for your daily finances.

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You can use this website as a normal search engine, and earn some amazon gift cards and spend it while shopping. The key is to not obsess over it and not spend any extra time on this site, than you would do on any other search engine.

swagbucks giftcards

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