The Future: SEO, Ranking and More

Since I started blogging and learning seo, the most fascinating thing was ranking on Google. Being a beginner, what I learned from the blogging sphere is that backlinking is the major work we need to focus on, to rank our blog and it works perfectly fine.

The Future SEO, Ranking and More

All SEOs have been devoted maximum of their time in building backlinks but the question which came into my mind is, will this trend continue?

Will the backlinks building SEOs strategies continue to rule Google?

I decided to explore more about it, devoted time and analyzed what experts have to say about the same question and strangely so many big names have showed interest in exploring how would the trend work. I kept my research on and what I end up finding is truly wonderful and worth sharing.

I found that what (although I knew it already) google want is serving its users with best results; to google matters is quality of search and users experience. Further did the search, what I found is google has already started giving preference to sites with better content and user experience. So, where all this is taking us to? It’s actually the future of ranking- your quality of content and users experience at your site will decide your ranking.

So what should we be gearing up for? We should be more focused on producing content which is not only loved, liked or shared by user but also bookmarked, in easy words we have to produce quality content and great user experience for users at our site.

BacklinksNow the question in your minds would be, about the backlinking; backlinking will remain a part and parcel of life  of SEOs but they should start devoting more time in making great content and awesome users experience at their site rather than working day and night making backlinks.

PS:- I am a learner, keep teaching me lessons for life.

Aksshit Wadhwa

Hi I'm Aksshit Wadhwa, pursuing BCA, and a proficient Website Designer, Blogger, Marketer who manages several sites including to help newbies understanding the concept about blogging and being an expert in the industry. Now in 2018, I've also started my own Fashion Blog - and I'm now a Fashion Influencer too. (Read More...)

2 Responses to “The Future: SEO, Ranking and More”

  1. Nikhil singh says:

    Hello Akshat !

    This question also popped up in my mind ! Recently neil patel also published an article related to this . If search engine really want to give best results to its readers then it has to remove backlink factor from its ranking factors .

    I have seen people ranking high up in the google just by building some quick backlinks. Backlinks doesnt shows that the content is worth reading ! Thus link building acts as a way to destroy the search engines aim to render best results to its users !

    I predict that link building technique will fail in future . Though it will always remain a great way to get referral traffic but ranking high using links wont be possible .

    Since starting , i have heard that content is king ! So this line will prove true in future ! This is the future of blogging !

    A well known tip for all the bloggers – Blog for readers , not for search engine.

    Thanks for writing down this post !
    Loved commenting here !

    Happy Blogging !

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