Next Gen Zenfone To Support A Fingerprint Sensor

Zenfone 2 which is the new flagship device of ASUS comes with some good specs specialy to mention about 4GB ram has been started selling in china , taiwan,europe and is one of the best for buck phone but After Apple implementation of a  fingerprint sensor on its iphone 5S and also   manufactures that  started bringing this feature to their flagships like samsung and other chineese OEMs  would zenfone 2 stand to compete with them in security aspect ? but their is  news for the zenfone.

Asus Zenfone 2 Review


During the press event of zenfone 2 launch in china jerry shin the commander in chief of the Taiwanese electronics said that the future zenfone probably the zenfone 3 will be equipped with Asus own made finger print sensor it was also said that there may be a launch of another zenfone 2 variant that would support fingerprint detection . as these days security specialy in smartphones is becoming more of a needed feature for the device implementation of fingerprint sensor can be a good solution but it is yet to be seen hoe other manufacturers would use this feature and also the new payment system introduced like apple pay and samsung pay it would be more prominent and may be must feature for a smart phone in the upcoming years

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