The Truth About Blog Audiences In 3 Little Words.

Don’t think much; just do it.

Believe me, it’s you. You’re the one who’d aspire, motivate and teach. And for so you’ve to be secure to teach others. To achieve success, don’t think up. The more you think, the more you get confused and initially – at the phrase – you’d end up doing nothing. True when it comes in regards of driving blog audiences; don’t think much – just provide ’em quality and the world is yours.

Truth About Blog Audiences

How fascinating it is to see the people achieving success in their blogs; haven’t you been, too? How charming it is to see the reports of ’em, and their blog’s growth. How mesmerizing its’ to see how well they perform.

But, it’s they. Ain’t you.

How well it could have been if it was you. You inspire, you earn, you motivate. It’s you. Getting blog audiences and influences wouldn’t be much to concern about if you’re in sake of your audiences. You’re in your path to succeed with, just you need to focus.

Let’s be brutally honest. You’re certainly doing well – probably great – but the only think that make you worry about is why aren’t you been able to get influences to promote, why aren’t you achieving what you’ve thought of, what aren’t you achieving by the articles you’ve written about.

If you’re worried about blog audiences, it’s for you.

#1- You’re not being brutally honest:

See, you’re the master to your sheep and your flocks would be with you when you care for them. They are going to be with you when you love them. And, they’re going to be with you – ONLY when you benefit them. Ever thought about: why should people read your blog particularly while they could have read any of those million of blogs?

You’re not alone in the race; it’s competition. Struggles, tactics, and patience is the key to succeed. Have a motive to share your thoughts, have the intention to serve the people – since they’re yours. Have an intention to influence – since they’re your flocks.

Either follow, else you’re not going to survive long – painfully true.

#2- You’re not passionate about:

Have you been told that “Hey! blogging is great, give it a try”? If yes, being really frank – it’s not for you.

Since blogging isn’t about being told, neither that you’d be following what crowds do. But blogging is a creativity where imagination is the biggest weapon to survive in the war. If you’ve good imagination, desire and passion – you’d succeed.

Take my words. Let me give a short example, since I’d love you to go deeper into it.

You’ve a crush, be it in school, college, blah, blah, you think of her/him, always. Your head is questioned with various questions like how you can get her/his phone number, how you can get her/him fall in love you. In short, you’re thinking just of her/him.

Same, if you’re passionate about something you think about it always.IF you’re passionate with blogging, you’d think about – always – how you can build a better blog, how you can stand apart, how you can grow, how you can survive, how you can learn more, how you can share, how you can inspire, and many many many questions would be coming up – and that’s what passion is about.

If you’re passionate about something, just do it.

#3- You’re loosing your desire:

At the beginning what was used to be is that you wanted to blog so you can build a successful site that would be praised by many. Before, what you used to think that you’d achieve success since it’s in your hand. Before, what you used to think was that you would reach great heights when you go for it.

But what actually happens is totally opposite to what you’ve thought of. You thought of being as an authority, you didn’t. You thought of building a successful site, you ended up with nothing. You thought of influencing thousands, but on contrary only a handful of visitor landed in your blog.

At that time what happens is – you lose your confidence, you lose your self-motivation, you loose your desire, for what you’ve thought about. It’s true that when we don’t achieve for what we’re struggling for – since days or months, or even year – and ultimately ended up with nothing. – we loose our self-esteem since it’s in our flesh.

But if you’re able to survive even though of the painful ways, the sorrowful path, and unsuccessful journey – you learn. You learn what and why it has happens and since then you can be prepared for the next challenge. Since you’re already aware about what would happen you try as much as possible in preventing it.

Failure is Success, if you’re able to learn from your mistake and continue growing. Although if you’re not being or getting what you’ve thought about, you should continue. Continue to grow, have confidence, be you.

Take it as a challenge, and face it; bravely. Whatever comes in your way, learn to tackle it since if you be able doing so you win.

Take my words, it’s nothing. Have focus, be confident, and blog with a desire to learn, more. You’d succeed in building up a successful site, very soon.


Aksshit Wadhwa

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  1. Raza says:

    Nice Article Akshit Keep it Up.

  2. Hey Akshit Bro really Amazing article I love the way you express your views and share your knowledge on your site and BTW you designed your blog very well :)

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    Good Post Akshit. :)

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