SEMrush Review 2020 : Grab Free SEMrush Pro Account for 7 Days

Are you a blogger?

Oh! great, it’s sound wonderful that you are a blogger.

Then you have also planned a lot of things for managing your blog.

Your planning list has many items, that may be of content writing, sharing on different platforms, keyword planning, competitor research, create backlinks,  gaining traffic to your blog.

For all these things you must have some tools in your toolbox. If we want something good, then it has some cost.

There may be some difficulty occurs if we have to buy tools for all research and analyzation because we don’t have much money in starting.

But don’t worry, in this article, I am going to tell you about an all-in-one tool which helps you to see domain’s overview, keyword research, backlinks analyzation.

The name of this tool is SEMrush and a surprise you can get 7-day free trial of SEMrush.

Bloggers are the craftsman of the internet, they must need tools like SEMrush which covers the space of many tools by performing many tasks and job for your crafting.

SEMrush Free Trial

Before starting a new article, do its complete analyzation, create a complete roadmap what you have to do in your new article.

And don’t worry, I will tell you more about SEMrush in this SEMrush Review article ahead.

So sit back relax and follow me down below.

How to get SEMrush Free Trial ?

Let me explain you in detail, don’t worry, see these steps:

SEMrush Free Trial
  • Now, you will be redirected to the billing page.
SEMrush Free Trial
  • Fill your payment details.
  • After that enter your address detail and in last click on the “place the order”. 
SEMrush Free Trial
  • Now you can use your SEMrush account.

Start your Free Trial Now

About SEMrush: SEMrush Review

A group of SEO analyst and IT specialist has set  the base of SEMrush. The journey of SEMrush has started in 2008 with a small group of members.

The aim behind SEMrush is to create the opportunity for all the online greeks who wants to build their career through blogging.

When they start their company at that time they are limited, but now they followed the modern trend of business and become global for all the people.

It offers a platform where you will found all the things which let you explore your online business and plenty of other things for your business.

For the online marketer’s analyzation, SEMrush is theirs.  The SEMrush is designed for the marketers and by the marketers.

If you ask me about SEMrush, I’ll check my blog’s static daily on the SEMrush, to know where my blog is going. It gives information about organic traffic of every country where my keywords are ranked, backlinks, paid search, organic keyword.

When I am going to start a new article, firstly I’ll go to SEMrush and enter the keyword in the keyword research section, then I’ll get an idea about volume, CPC, keyword competition and competitors.

You can add your blog in SEMrush and it will create a dashboard of your blog where you will see your site’s health and you will be knowing where your blog is lacking behind and where you need to work.

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Services Offers by SEMrush: SEMrush Review

Domain Analytics:

SEMrush Free Trial

Here just put the name of domain or sub-domain and the overview of a domain will be in your front.

You can also see domain overview according to the country and after pressing enter the organic search, paid search, backlinks, display advertising and a lot of other stats will be shown on your system screen.

The other subsection available under domain analytics are:

Organic Research:

The organic search deals with your organic search. How many times google display your content when someone search related to your relevant keyword.

The organic search of your blog shows you daily. What more you will see in the organic research is:

  • Positions: Your traffic’s daily positions. How your graph is fluctuating day by day, Is you gaining traffic or not? This feature will help you to do these things.
  • Position Changes: Are you gaining new keyword or losing keyword?  here you find the answer.
  • Competitors.
  • Pages.
  • Subdomain.
  • URL.


SEMrush Free Trial

Here, the data of your backlinks are shown i.e. your total backlinks, referring domains, referring domains, domain score. The data of new and lost links are also shown. Other sections are:

  • Your anchor text.
  • Indexed Pages.
  • Competitors.
  • Quick Batch.

Advertising Research:

The position of your paid search is shown in this section.

Traffic Analytics:

SEMrush Free Trial

The complete showcase of your traffic which include your organic search paid search, rank and positions. Here you will see the total visits, unique visitors, per page visits, average page visit duration, bounce rate, traffic rank. More you will find here are:

  • Traffic Sources.
  • Geo Distribution.
  • Destination Sites.
  • Traffic of Subdomain.

Now, in this SEMrush review, we will shift to the keywords part.

Keyword Analytics:

If you are going to write an article on a new keyword. Then be a professional, do its complete analyzation i.e. it’s volume, CPC, competition and other factors. For all these things just open your SEMrush account and start hunting.

If you enter a keyword in Keyword Analytics, then the overview of your keyword will be shown which includes keyword’s organic search(volume and number of result), CPC distribution, Trend, Paid Search(CPC, Competitions). More sections are:


Try this analytics feature in 7-day free trial offer.


This feature is great if you want to monitor your website. It acts as an auditor of your site. This section has so many other tools. It will show your sites the weak points where your site is lacking behind. Eventually, this will helps you to optimize your site according to its loopholes.

The other project tools are:

  • Site Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • Backlink Audit Tool
  • On Page SEO Checker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Poster
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Link Building Tool
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Ad Builder
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Content Analyzer

Have a doubt! try it for free as a trial pack.

Gap Analysis:

SEMrush Free Trial

If you will steal your competitor’s traffic, then it is not a wrong thing. But the condition is, do it in a proper manner. Find where your competitor has created his links and what he/she doing for gaining more traffic. After knowing these things follow it properly. In gap analysis, you can analyze your domain with up to 5 other domain and there are two options available in gap analysis:

  • Keyword Gap: Here, the keyword difference will be shown between your domain and your competitor’s domain. Along with keyword their volume, CPC, competition are also shown.
  • Backlink Gap: In the backlink gap, you will find all the places where you missed to create links but your competitors have created there, so use this feature for building more links.

These are some main features of SEMrush, now we will move to the plan and pricing part of this SEMrush review.

Pricing and Plans: SEMrush Review

SEMrush Free Trial

If you just signup as a free account, then you will just only get:

  • 10 searches per day.
  • 10 results per search.
  • You will be allowed to create only one project.
  • 10 keyword to track.
  • 100 pages to crawl.

So, I hope that you will get an idea of a free account. 

It’s better to check SEMrush by getting a pro account and you can available 7 days free trial by using this Special SEMrush Link.

In SEMrush there, are 4 paid plans are available with different services.

Pro $99.95/month:

  • This plan is for a single user. But here is another option i.e. if you want to add more user in your plan than you have to pay $70/month more and only one additional user can be added.
  • This plan is valuable for the beginners in this field.
  • Here, you can create 5 projects.
  • 10000 results per a report, 500 keywords can be tracked, 10000 pages can be crawled.
  • Site audits, keyword research, organic search, advertising research, gap analysis all these are available here.

Features not available in this feature are:

  • Historical data.
  • Product Listing Ads.
  • API access.

Note: You can avail this for 7 days at free of cost as a trial using this Special SEMrush Link.

Guru $199.95/monthly:

  • This is also for a single user and if you want to add other users than you have to pay $140 more and only 2 additional users can be added.
  • Here, the number of projects increased from 5 to 50. Yes, you will be able to create 50 projects.
  • Here, 30000 results are available per report.
  • 1500 keywords can be tracked.
  • You can crawl 300,000 pages,
  • Historical Data is available in GURU plan.

Feature not available in GURU plan:

  • Product Listing Ads.
  • API access.

Business $399.95/monthly:

  • This is the complete plan of a SEMrush for a month, every single feature available in this feature. In this plan, if you want to add the additional user, then pay $140 more and the maximum additional user can be added up to 9.
  • 200 projects can be created.

Enterprise Plan:

As the name suggests, this plan is made for the big companies and enterprises. Here, they can directly contact the SEMrush team and create their own plan by specifying what the need and how much.

Annual Plans are:

SEMrush Free Trial

The main motive of this SEMrush review is not only to share its features, pros, and plan but also to show you that how efficiently you can use this tool.

Now, in this SEMrush review, we will discuss some of its features deeply.

Grab SEMrush Free Trial Now

How to compete with your competitor by using SEMrush: SEMrush Free Trial

In the world of blogging, you are not a single player. You are in a race and competing with many other bloggers, who work in the same genre in which you are working. By this SEMrush review, I want to overcome your race pressure. So, to be a front dictator, you must have to give importance to your competitor. There are two main things by which you can beat your competitors and these things are:

  1. Analysis competitor’s keywords.
  2. Steal his links.

And the main show has gone be starts now, as I am going to tell you how you can perform these two activities by using SEMrush. Go in gap analysis section and first we started with the keyword, so click on ” KEYWORD GAP SEMrush Feature

Keyword Gap:

  • You will be seen five option of entering domains, this means that you can compare a maximum of five domains at a time and minimum domains.
  • Let us suppose, in the first option, I’ll put my competitor’s domain and in the second, I’ll enter my competitor’s domain.
  • The second step is to select keyword’s type and the available keyword options are Organic keyword, Paid keyword, PLA keyword.
  • The third step is to select the intersection type and the options are All Keywords, Unique to the first domain’s keywords, Common Keywords, Unique Keyword.
  • In the last, press GO and left the remaining work on SEMrush. After pressing GO, list of keyword will appear on your screen.

Backlink Gap:

  • Same here, there are five options for comparing domains and you can also compare sub-domains and page URL’s also. Just select the option available on the top of domain entering the box.
  • Enter your domain and your competitor’s domain and click enter.
  • After clicking enter list of domains where you and your competitor has created links.

Grab SEMrush Free Trial Now

Where the SEMrush stands :

  • SEMrush stands with a 9-year experience.
  • 4 countries where SEMrush has their setup has 400 employees.
  • They have created their 4 offices on two continents.


It is an amazing tool with amazing feature and worked as a complete tool for your all analyzation. If you compare it with its other competitors, SEMrush offers you best plan with best features. In SEMrush, you will find the answer to all the aspects of Internet Marketing.

So, if you are serious about blogging, then go and check this tool.

With this note, I am done with the SEMrush Review, it’s time to leave, stay tuned for more existing articles.

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