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You tube known as the best source of entertainment and quickly became the platform for learning and sharing ideas of any field. It let user to communicate ideas, share knowledge and gaining information and act as an interface to connect with one another through the videos. But it is pretty surprising that access to YouTube has been banned at several places (Unblock Youtube), as according to distinctive people of different idea they see it likewise as time waster and an approach of distracted and a productive kill at few places like school, colleges or at office work place so to restrict the students, employees they block the access to the you tube for their convenience.

Unblock Youtube

But we are lucky enough because there are many ways and tools introduced to unblock YouTube, and you can easily get instant access to YouTube. We can unblock YouTube using VPN  proxies, browser extension and much more.

Unblock YouTube using VPN

What is VPN and Why to use VPN: – VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it’s a private network used to connect the computer to send and receive data.  After connected to this network your VPN following associate will switch your IP address with one of its server and furthermore makes it look like that you’re gaining the entrance of the web with the new IP. It let user to securely access to the internet and helps unblocking the YouTube and there is no limit to the amount of YouTube videos that you can unblock with your VPN.

Hotspot Shield to Unblock YouTube

Hotspot shield is one of the top VPN service and is an ultimate YouTube Unblocker. You can easily Bypass filters set by your network administrator using Hotspot Shield VPN and unblock YouTube from anywhere in the world.

  • Hotspot shield creates an untraceable connection between Internet and your device and give you access to browse website privately and anonymously and thus you can watch the YouTube videos and browse the web.
  • When utilizing hotspot shield VPN, your web sessions are made  encrypted toward Overall unencrypted public Wi-Fi associations, which means your system information including transactions, moment messages, passwords Furthermore downloads are encrypted.
  • So if you are using hotspot field network then feel free to use it because this prevents anyone to spy on your web services on the particular unprotected Wi-Fi connection.
  • Some of the other best VPN sites are:-  Private tunnel, Express VPN,  Air VPN.

YouTube unblocker by  ZenMate

Using VPN such as ZenMate is safer and provides extra protection against the cyber threats. Here no one can steal your personal information or track your online behaviour, here all our data that is available is encrypted so no one could recognise the original one.

Some extra benefits of using ZenMate is we can not only unblock the YouTube videos only but the websites too. ZenMate is a perfect piece of software to unblock the YouTube or any one looking to improve the privacy  and security online ZenMate is the best then.

But if you are unable to install the VPN or don’t have the enough rights then you can go with web proxy sites.

Using a simple online proxy site (YouTube proxies)

Using proxy site we can access to the blocked sites like you tube, facebook, etc. instead of directly connecting to the website we first connect it to the proxy site then to the YouTube via proxy server, this is how  proxy server work and let us to access to the blocked YouTube site. But using a online proxy site to unblock YouTube can become a quite risky because proxy site has low term security and the personal data can be easily hacked by the hackers. Using  a proxy site is quieter easier there is one input box available where we  enter the web address of the site like we want to  of YouTube then we enter the YouTube web address in the box and after hitting enter the particular YouTube  site will let us to access.

How to use it?

The web based proxy sites lets the user to browse anonymously but sometimes in few proxy sites the speed become slower but few of them are free fast and secure too. It provides seamless support to unblock the YouTube videos without any limitation.

Somehow these proxy sites also work as an VPN, instead of connecting directly to the YouTube it cloak your IP address and connects to their server to give you proper access to the YouTube, it will act as a middleman.

Given below are some of the free web proxy sites which you can use without any fear

  • Vimow.com
  • youproxytube.com
  • youtubeunblocker.org
  • Unblockvideos.com
  • proxfree.com/youtube-proxy.php
  • proxify.com/r/?s=1831
  • kproxy.com

Use Browser Addons to Unblock YouTube Videos

Using the browser Addons to unblock the YouTube you need the administrator rights to add browser extension.

  1. Ultrasurf  – PC software & Chrome AddonThis free YouTube proxy application can be used by simply installing the VPN by our browser. It will receive all the request related to the HTTP on our port and redirect it.  Here the connection is SSL-encrypted, so it will hide all your identity information and bypasses the restriction on the web. It only runs on the windows explorer system and only gives default support to the INTERNET EXPLORER.
  2. Proxy Tube – Firefox Addon – It is another type of Addon which also bypasses the geographical restriction to the YouTube. You can simply add this feature on your browser and access to the blocked YouTube videos in just one click. Very simple to use just click on the proxy tube icon appearing inside the toolbar then it will activate your Addon and unblock your desired YouTube site. The best thing about it after leaving the site it will automatically remove your proxy and all your web surfing data too.

You can also use the HTTPS tricks to unblock the you tube this may sound like untrained but sometimes it works well. In school or colleges the administrator block the sites starting from the https:/ but just adding the s in https like(https:/) and if you are lucky it will open but if it fails you can change the adopter setting and try it again.

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