Unique iPhone 6 Cases in the Market

The iPhone 6 craze has taken all over the country. iPhone’s are the coolest, smartest and equipped with the latest and incredible technology. With the latest accessories and iPhone 6 cases give a bit of a touch of your personality. The most useful and the most important of all are the iPhone 6 cases that help you to protect and save your technological wonder from any damage, scratches or knocks. iPhone 6 is one of the coolest phones available in the market today. You must always keep in mind that while buying an iPhone 6 you must always buy a cover case to protect you precious phone.

Unique iPhone 6 Cases

There are a number of catchy iPhone 6 cases that are available in the market, which could make the classy look mobile into a royal one. These cover cases are manufactured not only to make the smart phone look more adorable but also to keep it safe and secure from the dirt, scratches and impacts. The cover case fits the iPhone 6’s outer body and also functions well. In general the case covers are slim and sleek which are easy to fit on the iPhone’s body. There are a number of iPhone 6 cases from which you can choose from, let’s take a look on the top and unique case covers in the market:

Slider case

If you are a frequent traveler and you want to carry your iPhone safely then you need to purchase the best for it. The slider case is the first recommendation for all the travelers in the world who carries the iPhone with them. The slider case intact the iPhone 6 carefully and lets you to be free from the worries that it may lose or it may fall somewhere during the journey. Also it protects your iPhone 6 from dust and scratches.

Actual Labyrinth case

The Actual Labyrinth case is inspired from a simple and a fun maze game for all those who were born in the late 80’s or the 90’s. It makes you remember about the old days. Its design is very creative and unique.

The Pink Drink iPhone 6 case

The Pink Drink has now become the very first choice of the females around the world. The Pink Drinks was a very cute microcosm in the late 80’s, inspired from that theme the cover also looks very cute. Equally matching with the Black and White case, the Pink Case Covers has gradually gained equal popularity and also it makes the classy look of the iPhone 6 into a CUTE pink iPhone.

The Denture Case cover

The Denture is a quiet strange and unique case cover mostly the first choice of a dentist. But strangely like the case cover the stats show that it has gained popularity in the past few months with its uniqueness.

LAB.C. case cover for the iPhone 6

It is truly an out of the league case cover, as it has been inspired from a wireless mouse. The LAB.C. Case cover looks actually like a mouse and on top of it, it is equipped with a charging cable inside the cover case making it more convenient for you to charge your iPhone. The case cover frees you from the burden of carrying the USB cable everywhere for charging as it itself provides one.

Hana iPhone 6 cases

The Hana cover case are really made to make the iPhone 6 look more funky and colorful. The new fun loving generation loves this category of case covers. It has a very childish and colorful design yet its frame body id solid and durable for use.

Boom Box case covers

The Boom Box case cover for iPhone 6 is truly inspired from the old 1980’s radio cum music tape player. These old music players are lost in this high tech world of gadgets, the Boom Box has able to keep or memories fresh about them. Its crafted design perfectly resembles as the old music player of late 80’s. It’s a valuable cover case for iPhone 6.

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