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There are a huge number of websites on the Web that fill some kind of requirements: data, productivity, communication, and so on. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about those websites that appear to have positively, yet we’re attracted to them over and over? These are the useless websites that have made their own way or trend onto the Internet, it seems that with no kind of valuable ability, but then – we can’t refuse to accept the advice to visit them. Is there a shared issue over these websites that make us powerless to oppose their siren call? Maybe it’s not really that confused; maybe they are only a relaxed escape from the daily routine.

Useless Websites

Whatever the reason these websites exist, we can most likely all agree that they fill no need other than to manipulate us to smile, scratch our heads in confusion, or just services as a quick anxiety. Find out top useless websites on the internet given below:

Top Useless Websites on the Internet :

Find the Invisible Cow

Click around on the screen to discover the Invisible Cow. You’ll need to alter your sound in consequently for clue. When you discover a cow, you can find different animals. Think about the great Marco Polo game aside from cows and other farm animals, and you’ll get the idea of what is happening here.

Chicken on a raft

Tap on the Chicken on a Raft  website, and you’ll get a moving chicken on a raft with a clock that explains  you precisely that how long  you’ve been looking at this moving    chicken on a raft. You’ll also get treated to an old-style pirate shanty singing about the present understanding of being a chicken on a raft.


In case you’re a fan of the hit animated show Futurama, you will understand the character of Hypnotoad, a frog that has strange hypnotic powers with psychedelic eyes and a noisy, hypnotic call. More about the Hypnotoad: “The two scenes where the Niblonians are included are extraordinary. Similarly, the Hypnotoad while an extremely minor player is intelligent.”

Cat Bounce

Cats are agile animals, and you can influence them “bounce everywhere on your screen essentially by moving your mouse. Ensure you look at the “make it to rain” choice on the Cat Bounce site.

Puppy licking your screen

If you need a puppy to lick your screen without cleaning it up, at that point this site is for you. An adorable pug puppy is imagined licking your PC screen, making somewhat of a wreck, yet fortunately yes – it’s all virtual.

Corn Dog

There’s very little to say in regards to this site; it’s a photo of two corn puppies with appealing music and that is it. Truly, look at the Corn Dog on Corn Dog site.

Ducks are the best

Ducks are the Best is a perceptive site where the client essentially drags their mouse around the screen and makes an ever-increasing number of ducks, joined by alternating colors and evolving backgrounds. Note: this is most likely not a site you need to visit if quickly changing colors trouble you in any way.

Eel Slap

If you have ever needed to slap somebody in the face with an eel, here’s your possibility. The Eel Slap website includes a picture of a man who you can over and over slap in the face with yes, an eel. Incredible for getting frustration out without hurting anybody.

The salmon of Capistrano

As per a few sources, the expression “salmon of Capistrano” is from the movie Dumb and Dumber, used to reference somewhere famous that many people tend to collect to. This website demonstrates you salmon populated by your mouse moving over the screen.

Corgi Party

Do you like Corgis? What about moving Corgi puppies? You’ll need to look at Corgi Party, a website that is both useless and attractive. This website is completely magnetic. Several modest Corgi puppies are moving on the screen to irritating music, at that point greater Corgis come and begin moving over those pictures. You will see you have spent twenty minutes here without significance to.

Emotional Penguins

These Little penguins are truly passionate and they adore the cursor. They just can’t survive without it. Simply drag a penguin to some other piece of the website page and they begin shadowing them, which looks truly lovable. Is there some other thing you can do here? No, that is the reason it’s in the list of useless website.

Bacon Sizzling

We most likely couldn’t have discovered a better starter than the Bacon Sizzling website. The implicit truth of “bacon improves everything” is genuine, and now you can bring it with you wherever you go. Appreciate the justifying hints of bacon and an impeccable visual picture that is sizzling bacon over it. There’s one catch however: now you need some genuine bacon.

Watching Grass Grow

Your experience with Watching Grass Grow can go one of the two ways. The website even has an extraordinary logo, saying, and most exhausting/energizing website on the planet”. You’ll be observing live updates of the developing grass from just a single edge. In the case of nothing else, this present website’s history is captivating. It was made back in the mid-year of 2002 when Colorado had a genuine dry spell, which prompted water rationing, and it is as yet on the web server.


This site is most brave donation page on earth asking for a donation without looking after what reason it’s required. No about us message, no pics from third world and no passionate climaxes. Only a plain basic donation now button. Think about what number of the general population coming here donated in grief.

Sometimes you may ask yourself: What’s the point of doing this or that thing? This website won’t give you an answer; however it will discover a photograph with a man pointing precisely at your cursor. It is totally useless, it’s, well, it is just useless.

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