Want to Increase Blog Traffic? $$$$

You want to Shoot Google? Many of you guys work a lot on your blogs but not able to get traffic or sales. WHY? WHY? WHY?

Actually the thing is that there is always a new algorithm  by which your Hard work get  F**cked again and again. So to maintain your blog you have to be friendly with Google and it’s terms. Today I’m gonna tell you how you can increase blog traffic and maintain it properly by SEO (But SEO is not the Only Thing).

Increase your Blog Traffic

Every blogger want to make money with his/her blog so for that you should have 2 main things:

1. Blog Audience

2. Great Content

Blog Audience +  Great Content = $$$$

I got 10k on my blog by night but is it REAL or Fake? Real, but by this type of titles many bloggers get confused they find a trick to get 10k or 20k traffic by the night but that is not possible. No one get this much traffic by night only the Niche Blogs because they are of only 1 or 2 days. So don’t get interrupted by this type of titles because they are not for the main blog they are only for the niche blogs.

Now here I come with the TRAFFIC.

How to  Increase Blog Traffic?

Your blog is getting traffic but you are not maintaining your traffic. Every blog gets traffic to their blogs but some of them are low, some of them are having medium level and some are at high level traffic but to increase the traffic of your blog you have to maintain it not only blog you have to maintain traffic also. HOW?

As I told that every blog gets traffic according to their audience but you have to also target your audience that what they actually want from you. They comment on your blog but as lack of time you just approve the comment but not reply or answer their query.

Do you know why QuickSprout, Moz Blog, Backlinko like blogs have more shares because they only target the audience according to their blog. ( Target audience – by analysis)

You can also get targeted traffic by sharing your article in Facebook Groups according to their audience.  Although you build backlinks, you forget to build links on the site belonging to your blog category, and I’m pretty sure you can enrich your blog audience.

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Keep your Content Updated

The more you update the more you get because everyone wants the things updated. You write article daily then the volume of loyal readers of your blog will increase. Daily you write the new and your readers are also interested to read like everyone wants the fresh food not the 2-3 days old food.

You have to do it to maintain your readers and visitors. HOW?

People go through your latest post and they liked it then he/she will definitely re-visiting your blog. By this you got a new visitor to your blog but if you don’t update and that same visitor came to your blog and didn’t got anything new then he will not be returning again to your blog. So Always Update your Blog.

Note: If you are working Super Charge with your blog then you will get the results in traffic.

Always be Unique

It means your article should be unique don’t think to  get  uniqueness in your body….hehehe. If you want to be successful just think more and more. Remember never copy anyone, be unique and you can easily be viral you and your content.

You can’t build a plot out of jokes. You need tragic relief. And you need to let people know that when a lot of frightened people are running around with edged weaponry, there are deaths. Stupid deaths, usually. I’m not writing ‘The A-Team’ – if there’s a fight going on, people will get hurt. Not letting this happen would be a betrayal.

Last Words

To increase blog traffic, there’s nothing a trick increase blog traffic by the night.

Just remember that always be unique and confident – the whole world is yours. Never ever think over the people’s who negative you by their bad thoughts. They themselves never get succeeded. Everything will be fine if you follow yourself and listen to your heart.

PS: I am a learner, keep teaching me lessons for life

Aksshit Wadhwa

Hi I'm Aksshit Wadhwa, pursuing BCA, and a proficient Website Designer, Blogger, Marketer who manages several sites including Bloghaul.com to help newbies understanding the concept about blogging and being an expert in the industry. Now in 2018, I've also started my own Fashion Blog - aksshitwadhwa.com and I'm now a Fashion Influencer too. (Read More...)

3 Responses to “Want to Increase Blog Traffic? $$$$”

  1. Nikhil singh says:

    Hello Akshit !

    Just producing unique content wont work . Its very important to understand that it is more important to create unique value to the visitors rather than unique content .

    One should provide that content on his/her blog which no one else provides . This is key . Blogs like backlinko etc are successful only because of one reason and that is their high quality differentiated content . Getting traffic is easy but retaining those visitors is a tough task .

    I personally believe that if i run a website that get mere 100 visitors per day and if i am able to capture those visitors then i am the most successful blogger .

    Yeah ! Updating is also an important aspect of driving traffic . The most clear example is mashable . Mashable updates regularly and this is the reason it gets multiple hits from every single visitors in a day. People need updated and advanced information . If you are able to give them what they want , then traffic will come automatically without much effort .

    I loved this article and this article was a rock !
    Keep Producing such wonderful content and continue to enhance the knowledge of your fellow bloggers !

    happy blogging !

  2. Nishant Kumar says:

    Awesome post bro , it helped me to clear my doubts . Keep writing these type of articles.

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