What to Expect From Upcoming Apple iPhone 6s ?

Apple sent out invites for its next iPhone most probably the iPhone 6s which would be anounced on September 9th and the is really near so we made of list of improvements in the next iPhone  based on the strong rumors and must say if the rumors are so true then the  next iPhone will be the next blockbuster Apple.

Apple iPhone 6s

1 Increase in Battery Life

Well iPhone are not well praised and also not suggested if you not want a device with long lasting of battery backup and is one of the biggest problem due to which  I prefer a android device .The last years iPhone 6 did not receive any big but a smaller upgrade in terms of battery life which was of 1810 Mah capacity but its bigger brother the iPhone 6 plus still got a big battery of 2915 Mah of capacity due to which it could easily last for 2 days . We have rumors that Apple would upgrade the Battery capacity in the iPhone 6s but it is still a question whether they would increase upto the requirement of nearly 2500 or still a little increse of around 2000 Mah and that would seen on Official Release.

2 Improvement in Siri

Well as the invite sent out by Apple it include a tag line  Hey Siri, give us a hint  which can be misdirection but probably another hint from Apple about some new features that Siri could be getting . As we know that Siri was a personal assistant introduced by Apple in 2011 and must say throughout the next release Siri has became much more smarter and intuitive and by the release of IOS 9 Siri proactive was also introduced but it seems Apple still had some new plans for Siri so that she could give a tough competition to Google Now and newly introduced Microsoft Cortana

3 Sturdy Building design

The previous iPhone 6 plus  got a lot of bad attention from  people  due to its bend gate issue and the latest rumors states that Apple had chosen 7000 series aluminum for the next generation iPhone 6s . well the 7000 series aluminum is 60% more stronger then previous aluminum and also one third of the density of stainless which means less weight better sturdiness.

4 Force Touch

The force touch technology was frst introduced in the apple watch and then in the latest mackbook air . Well force touch is a technology in which your device screen can sense levels of touch or say the force by which you are pressing the device screen or touchpad and we must say this technology can have many applications like accesing different features through different pressing ways like tap , press or hard press . The next iPhone 6s has long been rumord to have this technology.

5 Camera improvements

As this is the much known upgrade we know that every next iPhone gets is the upgrade in the camera department and this time their are strong rumors that the next iPhone 6s is going to have an increamantal upgrade in the camera departing jumping from 8 MP sensor to 12 MP sensor.

6 Performance Improvements

Well the next iPhone 6s would have a A9 processor with motion M9 co-processor which can be easialy said Apple always upgrades their processor for less battery consumption and more performance and now their are many chances that apple could use the 14nm finfet process to manufacture A9 chip from samsung.

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  1. Santosh Satya says:

    The new iPhone 6S might look similar to its previous version iPhone’s from outside but from inside it’s the game changer with a lot of new features. New iPhone 6S is minutely thicker and slightly heavier than iPhone 6. The camera departments of the iPhone 6S has been upgraded a lot more. With the new 12-megapixel, it became the beast in camera departments. Apple has upgraded their fingerprint scanner and it’s now more quicker and more accurate than before. The only drawback is the expensive price of iPhone 6S, which is comparatively much higher than other devices with such specification.

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