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Do you own a iPhone. Have you ever faced some issues which you think can damage your iPhone or you might loss your data. If you have ever faced the same situation in your life then you have landed on the best page for your correct answer of how you can recovery your data on IOS and all other best solutions and needs for a IOS based device. Today we’re going learn about the features, specifications and functions of Wondershare‘s Dr.Fone For IOS.

Supported Device By Wondershare Dr.Fone For IOS:

Wondershare  iPhone Data Recovery  supports mostly all the IOS based device from iPod’s to iPhone including iPad, iPad Mini, iPod 4 Gen and 5 Gen. It may be the type of data recovered which might differ from Device to Device. But, yes as always before you proceed to buy  it  for $99 you can use the trial version which you can get from their official website. Dr.Fone for IOS comes for both Mac and Windows.

How Does It Recovers Data From IOS?

First of all, To start with it you need put your iDevice on DFU mode. You can turn on DFU mode by pressing your power button + home button at the same time. Once you have successfully turned on DFU mode then you should connect it with your Windows PC or MAC and start the software. Once the software is successfully started it would start scanning your iDevice for either iTunes or iCloud backup files on your device. For a successful restore it is recommended not to either remove the USB from PC or should restart or shut down you MAC or PC.


Type Of The Data You Can Recover With It.

Once you’re done with the above steps it would show you all the files which you can recover on your iDevice(Remember : Its the data which has been backup on your iTunes or iCloud.) Mostly, its Your contacts, reminders, voice mail, photos, videos, voice memos, call history, calendar, whatsapp chat history and so on.

You’re Done.

Once you’re done with the above steps it means that you have successfully restored your saved data on backup files on your  iDevice. Now to start using your iDevice  you need to disconnect your  iDevice  from your PC or MAC and then restart it normally as you did earlier before it was damaged or loss your data and took the above steps. Once you’re completed with the successful restart you will see your  iDevice  restored with the data you saw last time on it.

Easy And Best Amongst Others.

Its very easy to use the software on your Windows PC as well as MAC. All you need to do is connect your iDevice to your computer’s USB and turn the software on, Rest all work is automatically done by it. You just need to follow the above guidelines for the best result for recovering your IOS device.

Before i have used Wondershare’s Dr.Fone i have been using a recovery software from Tenorshare. and according to my use its a far better software which is easy to use and understand, you all should try it out once if you have ever faced any loss of data on any of your iDevice.

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