Xiaomi Mi4 a Mid Range Device with Flagship Specs

Recently xiaomi increased its boundaries to launch its phones outside china and giving a fight to the other manufacturers by selling high-end specs phone at cheap prices and recently xiaomi introduces its flagship device the Xiaomi Mi4  lets see what its packs.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple of China

Xiaomi Mi4 Design

The Mi4 joins the growing   line of phones particularly out of the Chinese market that are starting to support   metal in their frames The Mi4  comes with an apparently elaborately constructed metal frame that not only helps with sturdiness but also helps with its looks even the buttons on the right side of the phone are metallic and this time it is easier to reach power buttons that is now beneath the volume rockers follow the line around you would see clean elements that include the headphone jack on the top the Micro USB  charging port on the bottom and the speaker that is also on the bottom the metal frame keeps the two elements together   that’s the obvious 5 inch screen and the glossy plastic back panel .Now speaking of the 5 inch screen we do have a pretty respectable thin bezel all around that really are not that big and gives the phone even better form factor of slenderness   underneath that screen there are the capacitive keys and an led light that is used primarily when charging the phone jump around to the back and the glossy plastic the phone comes in two colour variants the black one and the white one .The white colour back has simple outlook but it tends to make the phone slip from the hand a little now handling a 5 inch form factor is a breeze in Mi4  as compared to other phones especially the ones coming from the chinese market that have at least a half-inch more diagonally getting around with one hand is far from difficult due to the slim metal frame making it very easy to grip you would really feel the phone sturdy which is a common feel in the metal device sure it might look like couple of other phones out there but honestly when they happen the phone to look this good we are not going to complain.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple of China Xiaomi Mi4 (5) Xiaomi Mi4 (6)

Xiaomi Mi4 Display

While there are certainly   no problems with this 1080p display 5 inch display   that has 441 of ppi density these are numbers that we have grown a custom to see in phones having same screen size and caliber colours are quite vibrant and contrast allows some deep blacks making  the viewing or even the gaming experience as good as they should be on a flagship phone the viewing angles are also quite good too with the image losing feudality  only angles which are steeper than   what practicality dictates and if you closely around the screen you will notice a small black line that frames the image somewhat   adding to the overall bezel size.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple of China

Xiaomi Mi4 Processor

Under the hood Mi4 has also the same processor that we expect from a flagship device the Qualcomm snapdragon 801 cloaked at 2.5 GHZ with  Adreno 330 GPU and 3 gigabytes of ram it’s certainly the kind of that you would need in order to do   everything from working to playing. Playing in particular was pretty good fun   on this device there were no slowdowns while laying high-end games .the phone has limited storage option a 16 gb or 32 gb internal storage option available but there is not any micro sd support.in terms of battery it has   3080 mah battery   which would a last a day easily.

Xiaomi Mi4 Camera

Moving towards camera which is mostly a standard an affair   and another example of   xiaomi ticking all the right boxes for its Mi4  it has 13 megapixel is what you get in the rear and a 8 megapixel camera in the front   which is very great for selfie lovers the camera interface is very simplistic it can be changed from simple to advance which does add some settings but mostly removes the icon labels ultimately the functionality is like   with other   smartphones camera   offerings which offers burst mode   and even a   refocusing mode if you want to play with depth of field   camera quality is standard you can expect in broad daylight the images came out to be well detailed though might produce the occasion of photos which are too bright indoors the quality gets a little lower but it is common when there is less lights the  images get little grainy and sometimes the colour looks washed out the front facing camera does produce some nice photos but the colour reproduction is somehow less for selfie lovers they would enjoy the image in higher resolution on the front facing camera but it does not bring anything extra ordinary to the camera.

Xiaomi Mi4 - Apple of China

Xiaomi Mi4  Software

The software is where the difference between this and other   flagship devices appear we have MIUI os on android which is somehow a fashion in skinning the android phones much of the people expect in   android is an app drawer which is lacking in the MIUI   os based on Android Kitkat and also the lack of google services in the chinese build but it’s not hard to install it yourself but the PlayStore is already installed on this phone the installed apps icons are available on the home screen as I mentioned there is not any appdrawer  but   apps can also be arranged in folders   there are good transitions also a file manager with FM  radio built-in but there is quite a while of customisation available on this phone like a power theme engine which gives different themes to change the look of the phone the notification bar can also be customised to show icons in row and grids or   some other information like current bandwidth speed the capacitive keys can be further used for further long press functions as well there.

Xiaomi Mi4 Ui

Final Vedict

The MI 4 is currently available in some countries but it is available for around 350$ which is very cheap comparing with other flagship devices having same specs it is somehow priced at its best for these specs in my view this phone is a very good phone and worth buying if u r looking for such specs and great features

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