XNSPY Review: Spy Mobile App Is What You Need

No we aren’t going to talk about the importance of antivirus or anti-malware. Rather, we are going to talk about how a spy mobile app could make the cyberspace of your loved ones more secure. Or more precisely, we will be reviewing XNSPY mobile app that can secretly spy on others’ Android and iOS electronic devices. But before you hold prejudices about this article, this is what you should know about mobile spying.

XNSPY Review

  • Cell phone spying is legal and used by parents, employers and couples to watch over their kids, employees and spouses, respectively.
  • To legally spy on someone, you need to have the consent of the person whose electronic device are you going to spy on.
  • You should be the legal owner of the device you will be spying on.

Mobile spying is real and legal and there are thousands of people who are using spying apps already. Today, we will be reviewing this much-hyped app XNSPY. So this is what you need to know.

XNSPY Review

XNSPY—Giving People What They Want

We live in a world where eavesdropping and spying are normalities. Having a mobile spy app in this time and age means taking care of consumers’ needs in a wider spectrum. In an interview with xnspy’s team head, Rebecca Joe, we got to know the intuition behind this app. We are giving people what they want, but we are making sure they are not transgressing the legal boundaries while doing so , Rebecca said. We want people to spy on others but with taking each other’s’ consent. We encourage parents and employers to use this app, because this is our intuition behind the app , Rebecca added.

XNSPY Review

First impression

A spy mobile app needs to be non-intrusive and powerful enough to be used remotely. XNSPY takes a few minutes to download and install on the target device. This gives ample opportunities for people who want to secretly spy on others to use this app without their discretion. To put it more precisely, the app has a lot to offer to its spy users.

Features—A selective walkthrough of the best

Let’s take a look at what you can do with XNSPY:

XNSPY Review 3

  • It can track phone logs

Starting off with the basics, XNSPY can track phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries, contacts, etc. No matter how eclectic a mobile device may turn out to be, there isn’t a possibility that people will stop using carrier calls and SMS. For some, spying on other person’s contacts is also a great deal. Well, XNSPY does know a thing or two about its customers’ needs

  • You can tread through others’ social media and dating apps

Using xnspy, you can track the social media activity of your targets, like reading their chats, viewing calls history, photos, videos and even listening to the audio recordings. People are curious these days to know what’s going behind their backs. Couples want to know if their counterparts are swiping behind them (referred to the Tinder app). This app has really made it easy for people to spy on others.

  • You can remotely control the target device

Spying apps have gone a step ahead and turn themselves into a remote control. Xnspy can be used to remotely wipe off the monitored device’s storage, or block/unblock access to it. Monitored users would be required to take permission from the app users to unlock the device, if it’s remotely locked using Xnspy. We have added some additional monitoring features that could be used by parents. Remote locking and data wipe are some essential features that spy our users want from XNSPY , Rebecca said.

  • You can record call and surroundings

People who use spy mobile app for spouse monitoring especially look for this feature, because call recording gives a more authentic prove of a partner’s infidelity. Xnspy can also record the surroundings by activating the inbuilt microphone on a smartphone.

  • It can track target person’s location

Though aforementioned isn’t an exhaustive list of the app’s features, but I would like to mention GPS tracking capabilities of this app. You can track where a person is in real-time, and even geo-fence them which is kind of great for a mobile app.

How much you need to pay for the subscription?

XnSpy isn’t an expensive mobile spying app. In fact, it’s quite affordable due to its competitive prices. The basic version of this app is available at a starting price of $8.33/month, while you can get the premium one for $12.49/month.

Which devices are compatible?

Any Android and iOS device is compatible with xnspy. Make sure you aren’t using a very groggy smartphone or tablet, because your device needs to be running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher on Android and iOS 6.0 on iOS.

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