Wedding services businesses, such as wedding planners, wedding social content creators, photographers, bakers and other related services often have content rich social media accounts with many followers. Some businesses have grown exclusively through social media. A website is an important complement to a dynamic social media presence. Here are four reasons why it is important for wedding service businesses to have a website.

1. Own Your Handles

Have you ever had the experience of creating a social media account and the first username you enter was already taken? It can be annoying to have to add a number or underscore to your username, especially if you are creating a business account and want to use the same handle across multiple platforms. A URL for a website is similar in importance and brand recognition as a handle on social media. If you have a robust social media account for your business, but no website, it means that someone else can buy the website URL that is most closely related to your business name. The reason this is an issue is because if someone sees your business on social media, then uses a search engine to look for your website, they will either find another business or they will find nothing. This is why the owner of the @denverdiybride account on TikTok made sure to also create a website at

2. Market Share

It is possible to build a business using only a social media account, like TikTok. Social media allows you to post examples of your work, share reviews, and give tips about your area of expertise. Potential customers can send you a direct message to ask for a quote or ask questions. If you only use social media to build your business, and you choose not to have a website, then you limit the number of customers you can potentially reach. Potential customers who do not have an account on the same social media app as your business, will not be exposed to your business and content. Having a website and a social media account greatly increases your customer reach. 

3. Brand Reputation & Recognition

Google is still the most used search engine by internet users. Google search results, along with other Google services such as Google My Business, Reviews and Maps, work together to convey a businesses’ reputation and legitimacy in the eye of the potential customer. Websites are still the most prolific result type returned in a Google search. Having a website is vital to showing up in search results and being found by customers. 

4. Booking & Payments

Social media apps like Instagram have built in store features for businesses that sell products. If you have a wedding services business, you can only transact business on social media through direct messages. Direct messages do not allow for automated booking or payments for services businesses. A website with booking and payment capabilities can automate related processes such as emailing confirmations and invoices, processing payments, and even scheduling. For a great example of a website that can process payments,  take a look at custom wedding veil company, One Blushing Bride

Hire A Professional To Build Your Website

Of course, you can build your own website. It takes time and experience to use even the simplest of platforms, which often frustrates business owners. Save yourself the time and frustration by hiring a professional to build your website. A company like AssetLab has a variety of options for small and large websites. They have helped many other small businesses reach a greater audience and build their reputation and they can help you too.