Basically, affilorama is an online training community for affiliate marketing with written and video lessons, tools, and support. It was designed having newbies in mind. You don’t need to be an expert, you can learn everything here at Affilorama from making a website to affiliate marketing. It was started by Mark Ling, who’s an experienced affiliate marketer and successful Entrepreneur.

The main objective of Affilorama is to serve the user with a method which includes step by step process in order to set up a successful affiliate program for earning money online.

The signup on affilorama is free however you cannot access full features of the website. Free access allows you to some of its building website training material and some basic of web hosting etc. you can also signup for premium membership for advanced members area access.

Affilorama Review

Before we get started with Affilorama we must know the overview of Affiliate Program.

What is Affiliate Program?

It is associates program which makes an online merchant website pay affiliate website a commission in exchange of traffic. These affiliates website have a link to merchant site by which they send traffic and then get paid according to the agreement.

Agreement depends on the number of traffic the affiliate website sends to the merchant website and also the number of users who buy the product of merchant website.

Some arrangements pay according to the number of people who visit the page containing their merchant site’s banner advertisement. Basically, if a link on an affiliate site brings the merchant site traffic or money, the merchant site pays the affiliate site according to their agreement. Recruiting affiliates is an excellent way to sell products online, but it can also be a cheap and effective marketing strategy; it’s a good way to get the word out about your site.

Pros & Cons of Affilorama

Pros :

  • You can start with free membership and have a look around
  • You can learn basics of how you can make money online through affiliate marketing
  • You can get help and feedback of affiliate experts who are into affiliate marketing and making lot of money
  • You can have basic premium plan which is very affordable
  • Affilorama premium plan includes all the videos, tools, website builder and other.

Cons :

  • There are so many plans available; you will get confused which to start with
  • At times, you get to see training sections which are outdated

Affilorama Plans and Prices:

Free Membership Plan:

Everyone has a mindset that if it is the free plan of any product then it will not worth opting it because it has very limited features. However, Affilorama free plan has a lot to offer. You would be wonder when you actually sign up for it.

Affilorama Free Membership

In this free membership, you get approximately 20 hours of training videos, written materials, and the best part is that you will also be getting the interviews with other well-known and successful online marketers as well.

Free Affilorama Plan includes 20 hours of training videos, written materials, and you can also get the interviews with experts and successful online marketers as well.

You will definitely learn more of affiliate program by this free membership plan. However, you will also be asked to purchase premium plan. But, it is up to you as what is your requirement.

Affilorama Premium Plan:

Affilorama Prices

Premium plan of any program comes with lots of thing, so is Affilorama. It provides users with complete in-depth training. It includes hundreds of hours of videos which is very much as compare to free plan.

One who is really interested in affiliate marketing; must go for Affilorama premium membership.


It includes hundreds of videos, which will teach you how to build a website, writing content and marketing it as well.
By Affiloblueprint you can see exactly how Mark Ling built his own affiliate website completely. You then can also follow all the steps in the videos and can develop your own website.

Additionally, each video lesson will also have some homework which you have to do. If we talk about the videos; it is rather easy to understand.

Affiloblueprint is worth $197 and it is onetime payment. Affilo theme is included as free in Affilo blueprint plan. To be very honest, Affiloblueprint is for the users who are not interested in premium membership and just want to enjoy the education package.

Affilotheme  :

It might be just an accessory for you website which you can consider if you want. Otherwise, it is not so much of important. Affilo theme consists of several features like squeeze page, opt-in form templates, affiliate link cloaking, header creator and pop over generator as well.


It is for those people who hardly have time to watch videos, but they want to invest their small time to earn extra money through affiliate. Affilo jetpack does 80% of your work and then you just need to contribute 20% of your time.

It seems not worth opting because it will stop you from learning new things, exploring and implementing them.

As AffiloJetpack has to offer a lot so therefore it is worth $497. I would definitely not recommend this plan as it is costly and stop you from learning.

Affilorama Review

Is Affilorama for Newbie or Experts?

Ever since, Affilorama comes in existence; people are curious to know if it is for beginner or expert.

I would say it is for anyone who wants to make some extra money online. There are so many level are there to choose. So one can choose the level according to his/her expertise. Training module starts from basic to the most technical.

So, therefore everyone including beginners, mediocre and experts can join Affilorama in order to run an affiliate to earn money.

Affilorama Support:

Affilorama has a community where you can ask any question. Experts will answer your query. At times Mark may come and will answer your question. However, it is not necessary for Mark to be available always online in the community as he has other endeavors going on his way.

But, don’t need to worry as experts are very helpful. They had a great experience running Affiliates and making lots of money. They can tell you each ups and down happening in affiliate program.

Have a positive mindset to get succeed with Affilorama

People most often seem to ask “Would I be able to truly profit with Affilorama?” and It is really annoying. Affilorama is not a money machine for you. It is very easy to sign up for any program. And then sit and doing nothing. Eventully start blaming to the service you have taken.

The Affilorama plan of action is entirely easy to get it. Initially, they let you agree to accept a free record with a wide range of marvelous recordings and devices for you to utilize. They don’t charge you anything since they simply need to get you “in the entryway”. The expectation is, the point at which you perceive how wonderful their free stuff is, you’ll have no issue purchasing their more premium administrations. However, regardless of the possibility that you buy the most costly administration Affilorama brings to the table, that still won’t make you rich.

Some of their paid administrations will spare you time, some of them will help you compose data, some of it will give you premium preparing, and their most costly administration really outsources site innovative work. At last, be that as it may, you will never prevail with Affilorama on the off chance that you don’t invest exertion yourself. Affilorama gives the instruments, at the end of the day you should utilize them to succeed.

Affilorama Premium Membership is not good for:

Affillorama is great but there are some trainings that might cause negative impact to your online business.

Private Label Rights

Articles and ebooks written by author who has quitted the intellectual property rights is called Private Label Rights. It is used by anyone for their website which thereafter called duplicate contents.

As we know search engine bot does not like duplicate content so it will derank those website. After Google updates come into existence, PLR contents strategy has stopped completely.


Google Panda and Google Penguin, creating back links for your website have turned out to be obsolete deception that will lead you to lose your rankings on Google.

As you know most around 80% of traffic to your site originates from Google search engine. One out of four of the Premium Membership Affiliate bootcamp course is committed to instructing backlinking, that is 25% of the whole course.

Paying for a course that gives enormous accentuation on obsolete data simply doesn’t appear to bode well for me.

Delay in Support

Support is critical in all that we do. Of course,Affilorama by Mark ling Review-bolster we needn’t bother with support from anyone yet from some individual. Now and again, you may approach somebody for bolster just to understand that they were sub-par compared to you as far as information. One needs to get expert support.

Well, support in Affilorama is all way good; better than other counterparts. As soon as you register for Premium Membership, you will be able to take support Affilorama’s Members and staff. However, It takes few days to get a reply from stall members.

In this fast and online market we need instant help and resolution so it can be consider another flaw of the Affilorama.

Several Upsells

As you probably are aware, there are such a variety of services inside Affilorama itself. As a beginner, I would get confused which item to pick. Every one of them appears to be engaging yet the fundamental reason for every item is never certain.

Actually, when I pay for a service, I might want to access it to the fully, in any case, the Internet is loaded with money-making organizations who don’t put your enthusiasm as its core interest.


Final Verdict :

Affilorama is an extraordinary place for you to figure out how to earn money online through affiliate Marketing. Be it Beginner or an Experienced Affiliate Marketer, you will increase some significant knowledge which will help you on your online business.

At present there are several websites out there that will promise people the “Ultimate Formula” which will assure you good results in order to make money online. Affilorama is not into that. It offers all the particular training in free. A person needs to register to be able to discover them, although that’s free of charge.

So my final conclusion of Affilorama is it is a very amazing income prospect and I would absolutely suggest it to somebody who is looking to make extra money online. To be very true, I will admit that this is not an ideal program as there are a couple of minor blemishes in the training such as the back linking strategies. I would definitely avoid from back linking. Another thing I would avoid is private label rights articles. Don’t upload those to your website. Moreover, you will certainly learn and have guidance to making money on the Internet probably within a few months if you take consistent action and put effort.