When choosing a web host, you’ll find there so many options at your disposal.

However, in addition, to deciding on a company to host your site, you’ll also have to decide which type of hosting package works well for you.

Most of the hosting companies provide different hosting packages to choose from, but shared hosting is by far the most popular option for those just starting out with their first website.

As its name suggests, shared hosting involves the sharing of a server amongst multiple websites.

Best Month to Month Web Hosting

Most of the time, you’ll have no idea which sites you’re sharing a server with, and Each customer is allotted a certain amount of server resources like diskspace and bandwidth.

Since you’re sharing a server with other websites, shared hosting is the most economical and affordable hosting option.

However, not all hosting companies are alike or operate the same way, so it’s important to go with the one you can trust.

Month to Month Web Hosting Plans

Web HostMonthly CostDiscounted Link
HostGator$10.95 Click for Discount
InMotion Hosting$18.99Click for Discount
GoDaddy$7.99Click for Discount
WP Engine$35 Click for Discount
FatCow$5 Click for Discount
iPower$7.95 Click for Discount
InterServer$5 Click for Discount
One and One$4 Click for Discount
KnownHost$12.95 Click for Discount
Ultra Web Hosting$5.95 Click for Discount
CloudWays$7 Click for Discount
Pressidium$42 Click for Discount
Heart Internet$12 Click for Discount
JustHost47.99 Click for Discount
Hosting 24$5.99 Click for Discount
TMDHosting$8.95 Click for Discount
A2 Hosting$9.99 Click for Discount
Glow Host$8.95 Click for Discount

18 Best Month To Month Web Hosting

1.  HostGator

Hostgator month to month hosting

HostGator Hosting Pricing

HostGator’s month-to-month shared hosting costs $10.95 a month, which is right in the middle when it comes to similar shared hosting plans.

With its excellent uptime, support, and all that it offers, this price is more than reasonable and certainly competitive with other web hosts.

HostGator Hosting Features

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free blog tools
  • New domain – $15 with a month-to-month plan
  • 99.9 percent uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, and disc space
  • One-click WordPress installation

HostGator is one of the best-known hosting providers, and for many, it’s the perfect compromise between performance and price.

With its month-to-month hosting plan, you can benefit from 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime, unlimited disc space and bandwidth, unlimited emails, MySQL databases, and easy one-click installation of WordPress and other open-source projects.

On top of all this, HostGator also has a nifty custom website builder with thousands of mobile-friendly, drag-and-drop templates.

With an easy-to-use cPanel as well, it has plenty of features any newbie is sure to appreciate.

Of course, as one of the largest names in the industry with a lengthy track record of success, HostGator offers excellent support as well.

With a comprehensive online knowledge base and 24/7 live support via phone, email, and chat, you’ll never be left blowing in the wind or hung out to dry.

2. InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting month to month hosting

InMotion Hosting has one of the highest-rated services with unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains and even a premium SSL for free.

To get the monthly payment option you must click on the exact web hosting plan. In this, the third plan caller Pro is billed monthly.

InMotion Hosting is a reliable web hosting provider with great customer support, optimized servers, SSD and fast loading time.

So, if you need a fast web hosting for your blog and website, and you need to pay on a monthly basis, then, go with their Pro hosting plan.

3. GoDaddy

go daddy month to month hosting

GoDaddy is the largest web hosting provider with premium quality services and millions of domains.

GoDaddy offers what a small business website needs as tools and options.

For pricing, the web hosting package starts from $7.99 with unmetered monthly bandwidth and the latest PHP version.

GoDaddy is one of the most basic plans, the Economy Linux Hosting with cPanelThis hosting plan is suitable for a single website.

It is really much affordable for a small business website. However, for those who need multiple domains hosting, they can choose the other plan called “Deluxe” or the “Ultimate”.

4. WP Engine

wp engine month to month hosting

The above web hosts in this article work for different applications, but WP Engine is fully built for WordPress.

In reality, WP Engine is one of the fastest and convenient  WordPress hosting providers.

The web host uses the latest hardware technologies from popular cloud hosting providers and deploys servers that are optimized for MySQL and PHP.

The WPEngine monthly plans start from $29, and that’s the plan for a single WordPress installation.

For those who need more resources and installs, they can choose from other plans that cost more of course.

We recommend this good hosting for your WordPress blog and you can count on their server’s speed and customer support.

With this web host, you can create a WordPress website and copy them to the staging area. Then, you can launch the site with one click.

The company optimizes the servers for faster PHP and MySQL so you don’t need any caching plugin.

5. FatCow

fatcow month to month hosting

FatCow is an easy and simple web hosting. The plan includes unlimited website transfer and storage with unlimited mailboxes and thousands of templates.

You can easily manage your site files like a pro if WebHost offers an easy to use control panel.

FatCow: $5 includes downloading files using FTP, File manager, moving folders and uploading, etc.

With FatCow hosting plan, you can build a blog, a website or even an eCommerce store in minutes.

6. iPower

i power month to month hosting

iPower has the second hosting plan called “PRO” that can be paid every 30 days.

The package costs $7.95 and the company accepts Credit cards and also PayPal payments.

With such an easy and convenient web hosting plan, you can even build any other type of website fast or start a blog, a website.

It’s not the cheapest option in this list, but a good service that you can signup for, and use.

7. InterServer

inter server month to month hosting

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient web hosting plan, then, InterServer will be the best option.

InterServer is a trusted web hosting with Lightspeed and cPanel servers. InterServer has one of the affordable SITE hosting plans that cost a minimum which is $5.

The package includes unlimited website bandwidth,  unlimited SSD storage and over 450 free open source apps which are to install with only one single click. 

It offers so many features like in servers database hosting, hosting saves the databases of their clients’ websites In reality, instead of the traditional, they host the MySQL database on separate SSD servers for performances and better faster site loading time. So suggesting a faster web hosting that cost is minimum.

8. One and One

one & one monthly web hosting

For so many years, the 1and1 web hosting provider has been offering reliable and affordable services.

So, there is a choice of the website hosting location. They have data centers in the USA and also in Europe.

The basic hosting plan costs $8.99 and it comes with 24/7 support and free SSL certificate.

Also, with scalable resources, you can add more disk space, the time or bandwidth your website needs.

In the control panel, you’ll find tools like the website GZIP compressor, the FTP and of course the one-click installer software for hundreds of applications like  Drupal,WordPress, Joomla, and others.

In addition, all the plans come with good customer support, easy payment with a credit card and Paypal payments, and also secure web servers.

9. KnownHost

known host month to month web hosting

With so many features and optimizations, KnownHost is a suggested managed WordPress hosting.

They don’t offer old web hosting and what they focus on is dedicated servers, WordPress and VPS. These backups keep 3 versions of your website to restore them anytime you want.

On the other side, the high level of server protection helps a lot to prevent DDoS attacks and online threats.

The first plan comes with one WP installation, 50 GB of disk storage and unlimited premium bandwidth.

10. Ultra Web Hosting

ultra web hosting

Ultra Web Hosting was a powerful option with good support and features. With UltraWebHosting, you can get the best quality at a low cost.

The company has a fast SSD enhanced web server with lots of good features and free SSL .

The hosting offer cost $5.95 and that’s cheap compared to other popular web hosts like HostGator and more.

This web host uses ultra-fast server caching technology that will make your site loads faster.

In addition, the Cloudlinux with varnish optimizations takes the speed to the next level. With this green web hosting, you get unlimited disk space and you can build any kind of website and.

Also, there is a good quality of service and unlimited monthly bandwidth that a few companies offer.

For account access and website management, the company provides cPanel with all the great options.

So, you can see the configure DNS, FTP, and monthly hosting usage, etc. Additionally, the file manager also comes with easy access to the site files and that’s best.

11. CloudWays

cloud ways month to month web hosting

For the advanced cloud computing companies, we usually prefer a well-optimized cloud web hosting infrastructure.

That includes Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud, Amazon web services and many more. This hosting was basically built for speed and performance.

In addition, their infrastructure includes the following optimization tools and software.

  • PHP 7 for faster hosting
  • Redis cache
  • Varnish Cache
  • NGINX web servers that are super fast
  • The popular Apache web servers
  • Memcached
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB

For various applications like eCommerce, WordPress we choose SSH access. The cloud hosting plans start at $7. 

That is basically a small plan that normally used for small websites or blogs.Not only this there are various cloud hosting packages that come with up to dedicated resources and 64 GB RAM.

12. Pressidium

Pressidium month to month web hosting

Like WP Engine, Pressidium is another advanced and dedicated fully managed web hosting.

They have data centers in the Pacific, Europe, and America. For the “Micro” plan hosting plans, the cost starts at $21. The package comes with a single WP install.

You can also choose the personal plan for most installs. All the hosting plans include expert support, enterprise SSD storage, dynamic load balancing, SSL and advanced server caching.

13. Heart Internet

month to month web hosting

Heart Internet provides good services for small websites that need enough server resources at a low cost.

As the prices are listed in Pound, the equivalent in the US dollar will be $12 for the smallest hosting package.

For that, we strongly recommend buying their hosting services if your business gets visits from that location.

14. JustHost

just host month to month web hosting

JustHost is a simple web hosting solution that you can use to build your own website and have an instant setup with unmetered bandwidth and enough disk space.

All that costs $7.99/monthly with a free setup fee. So, you only pay for your blog hosting and not the account activation as other web hosts do.

15. Hosting 24

hosting 24  month to month web hosting

Hosting 24 is another tool that provides automated easy options and weekly backups. If you have Cpanel with unlimited resources, the blog hosting plan costs $5.99.

No doubt Hosting 24 is a very good web hosting but we strongly prefer to install a caching plugin to have faster site loading time.

You can install any free tool or backup plugin and save an effort and a lot of time. Hosting 24 offers three different website building tools.

So, you have so many web templates to choose from and use. Furthermore, there is a great choice to select a data center in the USA or in the EU and server security options.

16. TMDHosting

tmd hosting month to month web hosting

Unlike the other web hosts in this list, TMDHosting is great, but with some activation fees. So, the hosting package costs $8.95 and the activation fee cost $9.95 and the other billing cycles have no activation fees.

The web host uses advanced and most powerful Intel CPU processors and fast SSD drives that make the speed amazing.

TMDHosting owns data centers on different continents and that way, there are more server location choices.

It uses NGINX web servers with faster optimization and Memcache. In addition, the first plan comes with free let’s Encrypt SSL, the 2nd  hosting package comes with Standard SSL, and the last monthly package comes with free Wildcard SSL.

All the hosting plans include unlimited disk storage, unlimited websites to host and also bandwidth.

Of course, there is a panel given which is free cPanel. It helps the l accounts to manage everything from one place.

For those who know nothing about the website verification and Google webmaster tools, the company offers a service.

So, if you prefer having a good website hosting service with Google Search Console verification and account setup, then you greatly prefer this. You can find that service extra on the checkout page.

17. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting month to month web hosting

The web servers use fast turbo boost and SSD drives that work 20 to 30 times faster than a regular web hosting solution.

The” Lite” web hosting plan includes unlimited disk space, unlimited web traffic, and cPanel access. That costs $9.99 per month and you can add extra services if you like.

The shared hosting is one of their other products, A2 Hosting offers c dedicated servers.,heap shared hosting and  VPS.

A2 Hosting offers Linux and Windows hosting, so, you can choose the solution that works best.

Please remember, what you’ll see on their homepage is the yearly hosting plans, but when you choose a plan, you’ll get the monthly payment option.

18. Glow Host

glow host month

Glow host is one of the best and mostly used Web Hosting. They offer unlimited storage and monthly transfer.

All that includes private CloudLinux servers,  SSL certificates, and the cost is $8.95/month. It offers SEO tools,  cPanel, and an instant setup and activation.

With this convenient and useful web hosting package, you get $75 in Google advertising credits and website management tools like DNS, FTP, file manager and more.

It is a much affordable website hosting plan. These are the best month to month web hosting providers we suggest.


It’s difficult to beat $2.95 a month from Bluehost, but not if you have to pay for three years forthright. Unfortunately, this is how most hosting providers work. As should be obvious, however, there are several web hosts with month-to-month hosting plans too. They simply need to secure your business. Now, it’s up to you to pick the right provider for your budget and website needs. These flexible month-to-month hosting plans can permit you to do the same – only on your terms!