Are you a new businessman. Do you want to sell your products and you also want to sell your products on the right platform and in the end, you choose the online method. Hold on! Now what you need when you choose an online platform.

A proper business website, data management, e-commerce store management, proper interaction method with users, etc. Now, I pretty sure that you are thinking about where these things will be possible. Don’t worry, in this article, I will do a BigCommerce review which helps you to establish your online store.

What is BigCommerce

bigcommerce review 2020

BigCommerce is a software developing company for online businesses. BigCommerce is also a strong platform that easily enables the B2B selling along with these things it manages your product’s store, product management, completion of orders, accepting online payments, good-looking designs, and other features.

If you want sleek-less design, the proper interface of your business’s website and another thing that you don’t know the code, then just give this responsibility to BigCommerce.

How BigCommerce Get Started

In 2009, the BigCommerce company was founded and they started with 456 employees. They establish they’re headquartered in Austin, Texas and opened their additional offices in  San Francisco, California, and Sydney, Australia.

BigCommerce Review in Short Glance

From Shopify to Squarespace, there is much company that offers you the best management to your business and this is one of the biggest challenges in business to figure out which of the top e-commerce systems is right for your business.

BigCommerce services are only created to handle your products and orders by providing strong management of every necessary thing. They not only manage and handle your online store but they also ensure the security of your online store. For e.g. to keep you safe from hackers.

The use of SSL makes the whole transaction shield proof from hackers and online stealers.

You are not asked to enter the code just you need to customize the thing to create your business’s website. In short, all you need is to choose BigCommerce to explore your business through an online platform.

The shipping service is also the main part of online business and BigCommerce also has this service, they always try to make you strong in your work.

Whose Business Plan Match BigCommerce

Let’s find out whose it became the right match.

If you want to start your business online, then all the necessary thing which is essential are provided by BigCommerce.

Your knowledge is zero about coding and designing and you want to design and create a website for your business, then this is the right place. Here you just need to customize the things and selecting the right options.

If you have believed that your business will reach the top one day, then BigCommerce helps you to make your every step easy toward success.

If your main vision is customer satisfaction, then the best thing which BigCommerce do is their online customer service. You will receive all the feedback and suggestions from the customers in a proper way.

Service Features Of BigCommerce

#1. Build Your Website

Bigcommerce is not only a software development company, but it is a cloud-hosting service provider company. Here, you can create and style your online business store. These have a great and stunning platform to create a website with no issue of coding knowledge and algorithm and easily.

To make your brand highlighted and more attracting then go for BigCommerce. You have the choice to choose a template for your website out of 80 templates. And these designs also include the free design and some premium design also which are paid.

You just need almost ½ hour to complete your website. In BigCommerce, they use SaaS technology which enables you to do live changes on your website.

You can also preview your website on mobile, desktop and tablet.

Not only you can design your backgrounds, color but you are also able to add filters, sort options too.

According to survey half traffic of sales coming from mobile and here you can create the best mobile store to make your business more vivid.

If you choose this company, then they will not let you alone. I meant to say you can interact with other e-commerce website design experts also. They have a global network of professional e-commerce designers and developers who can help you build the ultimate shopping experience for your business.

#2. Better Experience Shipping and Order Fulfillment

The basics of doing the business of products are shipping and completing the customer’s order and if these things are your best and rated parts their these will be your success booster.

In BigCommerce,  you will be offered all the shipping with you needed. Now you can connect your Bigcommerce store to ShipperHQ, the industry’s most sophisticated shipping rate calculator and rules engine to provide accurate, real-time shipping quotes to your customers.

More What You Will Get is

  • Fully customizable rate management
  • Multiple carrier support
  • Give customers the shipping info they need mostly used carriers are  UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Royal Mail, Canada Post and more. Here you can also print your shipping label and there are many offers regarding this feature.

#3. Variety of Option to Get Payments

In BigCommerce, there are plenty of payment gateways and it’s your choice which option you want to choose and there are no penalties. Mobile wallets are also available which helps the customers to checkout easily and these wallets are PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay.

In short, there are 40+ integrated payments gateways processing in over 100+ countries and along with 250 local payments methods.

There is no issue of different currency, here you can accept payment across all over the world with multiple currencies.

#4. Customer Friendly Environment

The use CRO tool reduces the all the hassles from the customer’s side, give more support to complete their checkout and try to bring them back to your website. There is something for a new customer, some kind of rewards points, built-in coupons, discounts, and other offers.

Give more emphasis on PayPal one-touch checkout by securely storing login details in a desktop or mobile browser.

Sometimes, with more products, it creates difficulty for the user to find the right one, so in this problem, you can enable the user-friendly filter for quick search of the right product.

It’s a fact that if you provide a review of product your 18% of the sale will be increased and in BigCommerce, you can email buyers to get their feedback and also ask them for their review.

BigCommerce Pricing Plans

big commerce pricing

First Plan $29.95/Month: The Standard Plan

Main highlights of including features in this plan

  1. You will get unlimited file storage, products, and bandwidth.
  2. Sales platform are Branded online store, eBay,  Amazon, Point of sale, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Shopping.
  3. you can accept credit cards and PayPal,
  4. More features are a Responsive website, Coupons, discounts and gift cards, Shipping label discounts, Real-time shipping quotes, Product ratings, and reviews.

Second Plan $79.95/Month: Most Popular Plan

But more you will get in this plan as compared to the first plan:

  1. Customer groups and segmentation.
  2. Abandoned cart saver.
  3. The online sale is up to $150k per year which is $100k more than the first plan.

Third Plan $249.95/Month: The Pro Plan

More feature as compare to above two plans:

  1. Google customer reviews.
  2. Faceted search (product filtering).
  3. Custom SSL.
  4. The online sale is up to $4000k per year.

Apart from these plans, you can call BigCommerce to customize your own plan with more features and explore your business more.

Get a 15-day free trial now

What Will Make You More Confident to Choose BigCommerce:

More than 95000 live sites are currently selling their products and service using BigCommerce platform which itself a great booster. Your online store will be opened almost all the time even in the cyber week also. The average uptime is 99.9%.

According to research, businessman increases the profit rate with 28% per year and this average is double from industry profit. You need any help there is 24×7 customer service from an e-mail, phone, chat.

BigCommerce is awarded many awards which rise up your trust. With $8 billion in total sales, they crossed a big milestone of achievement.

More the 150 countries, BigCommerce helps the merchant to explore and grow their business through online medium. They have risk free 15-day trial plan also.


In BigCommerce, you have also enabled blogging also. This is an essential element of online marketing.

Through blogging, you can start your products campaign, establish its SEO and bring more and more traffic which eventually results in the increment in your sale.

Here they use WordPress which is a good option to do blogging, but there is one limitation of a missing RSS feed which helps your blog to spread more.

So, your good blogging really helps in your online marketing.

Pros and Cons of BigCommerce:


  1. In BigCommerce you will not get a single thing, in their package, you will get all the required things and tools which you needed most to set up your business online. You don’t need to go other company for rest of the tools and services.
  2. For those who don’t know how to code their website, then here you just need to select the right option to set up your website and this whole process is hassle-free.
  3. With many sales channels, they will promote your product almost everywhere which eventually leads to an increase your sales rate with minimal efforts.
  4. A lot of tutorials are available to help you with your every problem which is the best thing for user’s sides.
  5. They will ensure your data’s security from hackers and online attacker.
  6. Here you will get 7 free templates.
  7. It’s really easy to create custom fields.


  1. The first point in cons is their pricing after the new update from 2016, it seems that their prices are now higher as compared to their competitors and along with your plan you have to pay others fees also i.e. transaction fees.
  2. This is US-based company and according to their many users, they reported that some of these features are only for US-based merchants.
  3. There is no mobile app, so you can’t manage your store through mobile.
  4. If your online sale will exceed the sales limit you need to upgrade your plan to the utmost expensive plan.
  5. There is built-in blog present in BigCommerce but no RSS feed support is available.


The feature which BigCommerce offers you is really helpful to set up your business on the internet. Their other best thing which I like most that there is proper customer support and their promote your product on many sales channel which makes your product to spread more.

You need a minimal effort to run your business, you just need to plan correctly your business idea and the remaining gaps will be filled by BigCommerce.

So, I hope this BigCommerce review will help you in setting your business.