Some dentists would rather get their teeth pulled than write about it. However, if finding new customers is giving you a toothache, a dentist blog might provide you with the novocaine you need. When it comes to digital marketing for dentists, a blog can help you:

  • Stand out among competitors
  • Highlight new services and treatments
  • Showcare your personality
  • Think beyond the chair
  • Create a traffic cycle

Stand Out Amongst Competitors

When a potential customer queries a search engine for dentists in their area, that search engine is going to respond with a plethora of available dentist’s offices. The top deciding factors search engines use to answer this query include proximity, rating (usually via Yelp), and website content quality. 

Where people live and your Yelp rating – outside of the quality of your services – aren’t usually in your control. What you can control, however, is the quality of your website. The more relevant and helpful your information is, the more valuable search engines perceive it to be. A fully functional blog with a ton of indexed pages all highlighting you as a thought leader in specialized areas of dentistry will go a long way. You’ll find practice at the top of queried searches, leaving your competitors wondering where they faltered.

Highlight New Services and Treatments

If you use state-of-the-art equipment, specialize in root canals and bridgework, or offer virtual screenings, you can greatly benefit from a blog post or series highlighting your practice’s unique qualities. For example, Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry’s blog, they claim they can create and successfully fit a dental crown in a single visit. Many of their customers will find this service helpful, since crowns usually require multiple visits. 

Writing posts like these will make you uniquely different from other dentist offices in your area. Each post also presents an additional opportunity for you to solidify yourself as a thought leader in your specific niche and lets you explain why you do what you do.

Showcase Your Personality

Speaking of why you do what you do, having a dentist blog lets your audience get to know you. You can fill your blog with pop culture references, history lessons, self-deprecating jokes, or whatever else befits who you are. As long as your posts are consistent, optimized, and with purpose, you have free reign to be as creative as you’d like. 

A Dentist Blog Lets You Think Beyond the Chair

Maintaining a dentist blog help you stay customer-focused. It’s very easy for us to think about our professions in terms of out work, but when you’re providing a service, the people receiving that service should be front and center. To create engaging, shareable content, dentist blog writers will have to think beyond the office to determine what will draw people into it. Once you get into this practice, you’ll likely begin to notice results. 

Create a Traffic Cycle

As Patient News points out, once your blog picks up speed, it will play a key role in your digital marketing efforts. Your search engine ranking increases, your blog drives more traffic to your website, and then your website attracts more customers. Assuming your services are as high-quality as you’ve showcased them to be, those customers will then recommend you to others and the cycle continues. 

Dentist blogs can be very profitable, if done well. If you yourself are not a writer, or can’t commit the time to properly structure and maintain a blog, we recommend finding content writers who can. If you need digital marketing help for other services, such and website design, SEO, or marketing automation, companies like Toothity can help.

Digital marketing for dentists doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. With the right plan in place, you’ll enjoy a new influx of customers in no time.