How to Earn Money From Quora in 2020

Earn money from quora

In the recent few years, quora have become a great tool for people to gather intel on various things and ask their questions and clear their doubts. It is also a great platform for people to share their opinions and knowledge with people who are interested in that.

Not only does it serve as a place for people to ask questions and answers, but it has also become a knowledge hub. Over the years, so many questions have been asked that almost anything that one can think of to ask, would have already been asked.

So, if someone just wants to read up, they can do that just by searching the database by using relevant keywords. However, this doesn’t stop one from asking repeat questions or asking similar questions.

Earn money from quora

One might wonder that the way you can earn from quora is by answering all the questions, but it’s quite the opposite, one earns money from quora by asking a lot of questions. Before we look at ways how you can earn money from Quora, let us understand how the platform itself earns money.

The platform basically earns money by running ads on its pages. These ads turn profitable when there are a lot of visitors on the page, the platform gains visitors by having interesting questions. You must have noticed that when you type in a question on Google, more often than not, you find links to quora questions in the beginning few results itself.

The search engine optimization and ranking high on google is how Quora gains a lot of visitors and these visitors turn into ad impressions and in turn revenue for the company.

Now, moving to your interest, the multiple ways in by which you can earn money from quora are as follows.

Methods to Earn Money From Quora

1. Become a Quora Partner

The quora partner basically pays you to ask questions. So, all the weird questions going around in your head, go ahead and ask them out and also get paid for getting answers to your questions.

The program rewards people for asking questions as it is via these questions that a lot of people show up to answer these doubts and a lot more end up visiting the site to read up the answer as they would have had such similar questions but would not generally ask these questions themselves. However, these questions that you ask have to be interesting and be able to create a lot of views.

The higher the views that a question has, the higher the payout. While it might seem weird that you are paid to ask questions and not answer them, one has to understand that the basic aim of the site is to start conversations and discussions about various topics and thus gain traction amongst people on the internet.

We all know that it is the answer that follows the question and not the vice versa and thus, interesting questions begin interesting conversations and gather more attention and that is why it is the questions that you get paid for and the not the answers.

So, race your brain and start churning out interesting questions to ask on the platform and gain views.
Remember, that the partner program is invitation only and thus before you become a partner, you will have to regularly ask interesting questions and have to be active on the platform.

The reason why this is invite-only and not open to anyone is to maintain the quality and to make the job of the moderators easier and making sure that the program remains sustainable.

What Sort of Questions Should You Ask?

There are basically two types of questions that one can ask:

  • Short-lived questions
  • Questions that attracts organic traffic, or as quora define it, external traffic.

The first type of questions are the type of questions that generate a viral source of traffic, these questions are questions related to real or current world affairs and hot topics. These questions gain traction for a short period which will die in a few days but help you earn some quick money.

The second type of question, however, helps you generate passive income for a long time. These are questions like which are evergreen, on popular series, books, movies or people. However, note that quora pays out money for visitors on questions for only up to a year and will stop paying out for the same question once a year has elapsed.

These questions generate external traffic as they pop up in the google SEO more easily than hot topic questions which are heavily competitive with all the other news platforms churning content on the hot news. It is through the proper use of SEO tools that quora now has over 100 million visitors each month.

2. Sell Your Own Product or Service via Quora

Quora is full of people looking for a lot of products and services and asking for which providers or sellers are the best and how to decide between the many available.

You can use this opportunity by answering these questions with a lot of information about your product or service and basically using the free platform as a marketing and visibility tool for your business.

selling services through quora

Let’s say if you are a content writer, and you come across questions regarding blogging or questions regarding how someone can reach quality good content writers.

You can show off your skills by sharply answering the question and adding that you are available for these services. One should also add their website link in their quora bio and more information about their work in an effective manner.

Thus, quora is basically a platform that allows you to answer questions relating to your goods and services and also describe your business in detail.

3. Earn Money From Quora Using Affiliate Marketing

Since quora are all about answering questions and providing solutions, affiliate marketing works very well for quora.
Affiliate marketing is basically promoting someone else’s product and making money via the commission that you get whenever a product is purchased through your link.

sale affiliate product on quora

Let’s say you are answering a question about your favorite books, how do you earn via affiliate marketing while answering this question?

Once you are done with your answer, you can add the option to let your viewers click to a link and purchase the book via that link. That link can lead them to Amazon, Flipkart or whatever market you’ve selected, directly to the product being talked about.

All you have to do is get registered for the affiliate program with these websites which is a simple process. Similarly when answering your questions about something else and if there is an opportunity to write about some product in that answer, use the opportunity and add your affiliate link in that answer and make money.

Affiliate marketing becomes a great source of income especially when you are someone who writes reviews about various products, especially electronics.

4. Drive Traffic From Quora to Your Website

Quora is followed by a lot of people over the internet and by answering questions you can attract a lot of people to your quora profile. Your quora profile when effectively built can help you get visitors for your website or business and thus, in turn, help you with better outreach and sales.

web traffic from quora

Let’s say you are a fashion designer, how you can use quora to your benefit is you answer a lot of questions in a diligent manner regarding fashion and fashion choices. This will attract people to your quora profile.

Now, your quora profile will have details about your website or web page and also about your work and experience and thus this is how you will be to market your work on quora and thus in turn gain clients and earn more money using this free platform.

5. Win Quora Knowledge Prizes

While one mostly earns from quora by asking questions and not by answering them, there is one way you can earn money from answering on quora.
You can answer questions that offer monetary prizes known as quora knowledge prizes. These questions are sponsored by individuals or companies. Attaching monetary prizes to questions allows the individual or company to get answers for something which is very important to them.

quora knowledge prize

Quora realized that a lot of people look for answers at quora for a lot of important information and thus has allowed sponsored questions to be put up on the medium in order to pass on the message that the questions holds importance to the owner and thus is interested in monetarily rewarding the most helpful answers.

These answers are public to everyone so anyone can benefit from that. The prize is awarded by the sponsor to the winning answer and the winner is also acknowledged with the winning answer badge.

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