Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2020 is one of the sales that provides customers the best opportunities to get their hands on desired products at very low prices.

Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal and Discount

Before you dive yourself into the depth of information here are two important points you must remember: Elegant themes are offering 25% instant discount for its new customers and 50% instant discount for its existing customers. When can you avail of this offer? These deals can be availed on 29th November which is Black Friday and then on 2nd December which is Cyber Monday.

How do you avail these offers? No big deal. Just head on to Elegant’s Site during the above mentioned two dates and you will be promoted to these offers. 25% off for new users and 50% off for existing users.

Existing users will have to login before the purchase with their pre-existing login details.

Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal

Elegant Themes Plan & Packages

Elegant Themes offers you two different Divi Layout options: Lifetime access and yearly access.

Both of the two accesses allow you the following features:

  • Access to all themes
  • Access to all plugins
  • Theme updates
  • Premium support
  • Unlimited website usage

The only difference in the two access is, as suggested by the names themselves, the yearly access provides you the access for one year and has to be renewed yearly and the lifetime access allows you access for the lifetime and the fees have to be paid only once.

elegant themes black friday

While the yearly access costs you $89 per year, the lifetime access costs $249 per year. If you are someone who has already used Elegant Themes and has been plenty satisfied, investing for lifetime access makes more sense.

It costs $249 per year, but during the Black Friday Sale 2020, lifetime access will cost you around $187 and the early access will cost you around $67 if you are a new customer.

If you are an existing customer the same will cost you $125 for lifetime access and $45 per year for the yearly access.

Activate Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal

If you only initially want to invest for a yearly plan and upgrade later, the company provides you with the option of upgrading your plan.

If you are wondering that since you only want to use one theme and not want the rest of them, so why pay? Unfortunately, you currently don’t get the option of paying for just a single theme.

However, the price that you pay is more than worth it even if you use just one single theme, especially with all the amazing plugins.

What’s more? Let’s say you decide you want to continue using Divi plugins but want to use a different theme, you can do so! Yes, the Divi builder allows you to use the third-party theme as well.

About Elegant Themes

Anyone who is creating a website, be it for blogging or business or e-commerce, knows that the first thing any website visitor is going to notice is the design of the website.

Content isn’t enough, the way you package the content, the way you present it, and the way you sell your content matter a lot. The presentation is what leaves the most lingering impact on ones’ mind.

When it comes to a website, choosing the theme of your website is tricky. Your website represents you and your brand.

The theme of the website is the first impression of the visitor and it has to leave an impact, it has to show what you think and what you want to show. The cliché “The first impression is the last impression” has become a cliché for a reason.

The first thing any single visitor notices is how visually appealing and vibrant your website is. However, while it is important to keep the design of your website authentic in terms of its representation of you, it also has to be kept user-friendly and appealing.

A website shouldn’t be too complicated or clutter, the user should be able to navigate freely and get to specific space he or she is looking for.

Not only does design give your visitors better experience, but also helps you increase overall visitor traffic on your website, increases engagement and also sales.

While the wordpress plugin provides you with multiple free themes which are both appealing and user-friendly and also allows you to make minor modifications, sometimes these free themes just don’t satisfy your needs.

While one can built a theme for themselves, who has the time? Also, the themes that are available for purchase might just end up burning a hole in your pocket!

Well, since its October and Thanksgiving is approaching, its time for some shopping, especially since all the amazing Black Friday deals around.

This year the deals that are around for Black Friday will simply blow your mind, especially if you’ve been longing to change the look and feel of your website.

For the uninitiated, let us begin with understanding what is Elegant Themes and then we can dive into understanding why one should opt for them, especially at these amazing prices.

Elegant Themes is a company that provides you with the WordPress website builder. The company was started over 11 years ago by its founder and CEO, Nick Roach, and has over 85 team members.

The company has footprints in over 20 different countries with employees supporting its customers worldwide. The company already has over 600 thousand customers who are building their websites using Divi.

elegant themes black friday

This makes Divi one of the most popularly used website builder.

The Divi Web Design Toolkit offers you the following features:

  • Divi Layout Packs- a total of 139 Layout Packs and 1029 total layouts
  • 87 beautiful WordPress themes
  • Over hundreds of prebuild websites
  • Perpetual theme updates
  • Superior technical support
  • Photoshop files and many more
  • Online and social media marketing and lead generation
    • Divi provides you with Bloom and Monarch, which are both plugins. Bloom is an email opt-in and lead generation plugin that provides you with 6 different types of the display with letting you choose the time delay and position. Not only that but Bloom also lets you integrate with 19 different email marketing systems. Monarch is social media sharing plugin, letting you share your content on over 20 social networks with complete ease.

If you are wondering if Divi is for you, here are all the people who can use Divi:

  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Website Owners

Whether you are a website owner yourself or you are a freelance designer or an agency, Divi makes your life simple and easy.

For a website owner, the plugins are a great plus and for the designer or agency, the best part is that all the management is under a single account. You can build unlimited number of websites for your various clients under a single membership.

Designers have it hard enough with keeping up with the fast deadlines and the changing client demands and Divi makes it much easier to handle all it, with the plugins, customer support, the customization offers, and the multiple beautiful themes.

Divi makes an amazing purchase especially for a beginner for multiple reasons, its cheap, its reliable, its easy to use and manage and it offers a variety of elegant options.

Now since we have established that you are someone who can use or should use Divi, lets move on to the next question.

Activate Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal

Why You Should Buy Elegant Themes Pack this Black Friday Sale?

Elegant Themes Black Friday: Pro

Here are the following reasons:

  • 87 website themes

If you are wondering that you already get a number of themes with WordPress, remember, these themes are very different and are unique.

You get access to better themes and also have the option of a better customization. Also, don’t forget the theme Divi itself, it ranks amongst the most popular themes for a reason.

These themes can be used any number of times, they are, as the name suggests, elegant and easy to install and use. Divi is one of the most popular themes that is being used worldwide.

Now, you might think, with so many users, it makes it incredibly common. No, here is where you are wrong.

The Divi theme in itself provides with you so many customization options that when carefully crafted, two websites, both using the Divi theme, might not look similar at all.

  • Use them on unlimited websites

Once you purchase an access to Elegant Themes portal, this single subscription will allow you to use all the themes and plugins unlimited times, no count kept.

Not only that, but you can also install these themes and plugins not on just one, but an unlimited number of websites.

This makes this subscription-like using the license. This is definitely a steal for website builders and users who have multiple websites. This means you can different beautiful themes for not just once but for multiple websites.

The option of using one membership on multiple websites makes this the most incredible feature for agencies and also for the freelancers.

Also, don’t think that you don’t have multiple websites so its of no use, the subscription and especially the cost that it is available, it is clearly a steal, whether single website user or multiple.

  • 24*7 customer support

Technical glitches can be painful and incredibly difficult to navigate through. The Elegant Theme team provides you support round the clock, each hour of the day, each day of the week.

The team is always available for instant live chat and provides you quality support, whatever your need maybe.

Customer support is incredibly important with plugins and themes. The provider you choose should be reliable and trustworthy, good customer support is one of the sure signs of the provider being reliable.

  • Perpetual theme update

You don’t want to select a theme and let your website get crashed at unfortunate times. This is one of the big flaws with the free themes that you get, however, the team at Elegant Themes is very proactive and always compatible with WordPress.

These theme updates happen automatically, and you will never have to wait for one as the team is on constant look-out for any improvement they can make in any of the available themes,

  • Completely Secure

The security of the website and the content you create is your top priority and it is a top priority with the Elegant Theme team as well.

The company takes security incredibly seriously when it develops its products and makes sure that your website and content is always safe.

It is always advisable to be very safe with your website and never trust any old themes and plugins whose developer you are not aware of.

  • Supports third party plugin

While Elegant Themes offers you multiple plugins by itself, it also supports third party plugins, which ever ones you would like to install.

However, it is understood that the company cannot check and verify each and every plugin will work, but it ensures that the themes have been coded in a manner which plays well with most of the plugins.

Also, if you face any trouble with the plugin, the company’s support team will be ready to help you with it and support you in whatever manner it can.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
elegant themes black friday

If you are unsatisfied, you can ask for your money back within the first 30 days of subscribing to the offer.

This makes this purchase totally risk-free. The 30-day money-back guarantee gives you ample time to decide whether or not you like the themes, which we are sure you will, and in case you don’t, you can just get your money back!

If you are someone who uses multiple plugins, and are not sure it will work with Elegant Themes, you can give it a try, speak to the support team.

If in the rarest of rare cases if the plugin and Elegant Themes doesn’t work out, you can get your money back within 30 days.

Click this special link to activate the deal (to get 60% discount)

This option makes your purchase this Black Friday Sale completely risk free and worth taking the chance.

Elegant Themes: Cons

  • Difficult Coding

While we claim that elegant themes is easy to use and operate and we stand by it, the coding behind all the amazing features that Elegant Themes offers is a little complicated and rightfully so.

The system offers you multiple branches and options and doing so requires coding, lots and lots of it, so the coding is difficult. While, in general use, this will be no problem at all, but once you move from Elegant Themes, there will be numerous codes that will be left behind and a lot of changes that you will have to make and make them carefully.

However, since this is a contingent thing that you might want to move and also that there is no issue in general usage, the con of difficult coding should have a limited impact on your decision to choose Elegant Themes.

Conclusion of Elegant Themes Black Friday

The Elegant Themes plan is something every serious website builder should consider. even without the discounts and with the 25% or the 50% discount offered during the Black Friday sale 2020, the plans are just a steal which you should take complete advantage of!

FAQ of Elegant Theme Black Friday

What is Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal

On black Friday deal, you get 25% on your favorite elegant theme. so don’t forget to grab a good deal. Just Click Here to grab the 25% discount.

Is Divi a Good Theme? It is Worth for Money

Divi is a multi-purpose theme you can use for any kind of website. Absolutely divi is worth it for money that you invest also you get 25% off on black Friday deal.